Arthur and Me chapter one

Description: 2P! USUK HUMAN NAMES

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(Alfred's POV)

I was never like all the other kids, for one they all had parents. And even in the orphanage i was always the odd man out. I liked to fight and break things, i was too " violent" for my own good. Heck even the nuns, who were oh-so-loving were scared of me, calling me demon child and devil. It's not like i gave a rat's ass about what they said. I didn't give a damn when my old woman was choked to death by the guy who was suppose to be my father,nor did i shed a tear when i decided to finish my dad off when he came after me. They never loved me, and to be frank i didn't care either way. Dad would beat the fuck out of mom and me, course mom would tear that guy's skin off. It was a never ending cycle, until of course i ended it. It felt good, i couldn't even explain it, the feeling of having complete control, watching the blood gush, and hearing his screams. It felt good. i can't remember anything after that, just the color red. Apparently the neighbors called the cops, which was completely unexpected since they never did before. The cops found me just sitting in the blood bath, they probably thought that i was the victim, they still do, or at least that's what they want to believe. Then they dumped me in a orphanage the second the investigation was done, I don't care tho because i don't need anybody.

Two years later~

Alfred sat in the darkness of his room, listening to the chipper voices of the other children outside. It had been two years since he was first admitted into the orphanage. Now he was 14, and bored. He never got to play outside, or with the other kids, the nuns had outright forbid him to do so. He didn't hate it, he welcomed seclusion but he was so bored. Everyday was the same crap. He could've dealt with the boredom if wasn't for the fact that he would probably have to live in the orphanage for 5 more years. He knew nobody wanted to adopt him. Heck he probably wouldn't even want to adopt himself! There had been some offers at first; some goody two shoes trying to "help" him by giving him a loving home, but one good look at him and all of a sudden they had decided that maybe they should help some other poor kid. He really did look like a demon. *Born in greed raised in hate*. Alfred for the most part looked handsome for someone his age. He had sun kissed skin and auburn hair, he was tall too and had a good build. But his eyes they were something else, they looked demonic ,blood red. He knew everyone hated them, personally he liked them. He sighed," Five years"

Somewhere else...~

The day started like any other but soon took a new path as a man by the name of Arthur KIrkland stood in front of "Flower Child" orphanage. The 23 year old man stood at only 5'4" but there was a certain aura about him that served as a warning sign to any one who got near him, of course no one usually paid much heed when it came to their instincts. After all Arthur always looked cheerful, a bright smile on his face and his voice always pitched with excitement, he was the perfect Samaritan in their eyes. Arthur entered the orphanage having already made an appointment with the head mistress of the establishment. The head mistress on her part had already decided that she knew which child he would take, or at least she hoped he would take. The man was so caring and warm she knew just knew Alfred would benefit from it. That and she really had had enough of that boy. She had already arranged for Alfred to meet Arthur and so with a hand signal the boy entered the office, usually she would never let someone of Arthur's age adopt but she knew that it was probably the boy's final chance to get out of the orphanage and out of her hair. As soon as Arthur took one look at Alfred his grin grew wider, yup this was the one he thought. He could sense it just by looking at him they were the same. He quickly stood up and extended his hand.

" Hello name is Arthur Kirkland, i'd like to adopt you" His eyes sparkled in expectation.

Alfred on the other hand was shocked shitless, he didn't expect to see someone today much less someone who wanted to adopted him. He smirked to himself as he took a closer look at the bastard who wanted to adopt him. Arthur Kirkland was only about an inch taller then him, he had strawberry blond hair that seemed unkept, his eyes were baby blue and seemed to have the oddest pink swirls in them, not to mention the huge eyebrows that seem to have sprouted out of her face, basically it stupidest face Alfred had ever seen. I mean really, the man would not stop ... He was probably the only way he was every getting out of the orphanage any time soon. God how he hated the boredom and right now the only thing that stood between him and his freedom was was the smiling bastard.

He took another look at the man.

The man looked so gullible , breakable...Alfred thought darkly before he finally introduced himself. He wanted out.

" I'm Alfred F. Jones"

Meet your nightmare ...

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