Arthur and me

Chapter 4 part 1

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Cleaning up afterwards was always such a chore. Then again if he didn't clean, things would begin to fester. Still he was in such a hurry, Alfred had promised he'd be back by nine, it was 8:05 pm at the moment. Less than an hour and he still hadn't made dinner. His cupcakes were in the oven and smelled absolutely scrumptious, he honestly could've waited until tomorrow to bake them, but... then again ingredients tasted so much better when fresh. In the days before Alfie he could've easily made his own supper at the same time as his cupcakes. Now a days he waited till everything was sanitized, Alfie was a dead set vegetarian, he refused to even accompany his friends into a fastfood restaurant. If he cooked meat at the same time as a vegetarian meal it felt as if he were cheating, so he didn't. Instead he cooked his cupcakes separately. Alfie had his own beliefs, just like he had his own and he respected them. Sometimes he wondered what Alfie would think of his unique appetite. Would he call him a cannibal?, he hope not, in all honestly he hated that word. He'd rather describe himself as a person with a rare appetite. Cannibal seemed like such a harsh word.

As he hurried along with his cleaning, he couldn't help but remember the words of the man he had just butchered up. The thought of Alfie, his Alfie touching himself in such a way, made him beet red down to his tippy toes. Dare he say it, it made him hot. Still despite his reaction he really hoped Alfie was washing his hands thoroughly after such activities. Then again this could all be speculations. Was he really to believe the words of a man who had molested children all throughout his adult life. No. Definitely not.

But... Then what?

Perhaps he should ask for help from a more experienced fellow.

Hmm.. But whom?

Francis seemed to know all about such matters, since he continually spoke about his various love affairs. He was an expert when it came to sex and such things, that was for sure.

Not that Francis was a tramp or anything like that , just experienced. Francis really wasn't, many thought he was a Philanderer but that wasn't true, he was just unlucky when it came to relationships.

"Hmm I'll ask him at work tomorrow." Artie thought out loud.

As he began dinner his thoughts continued to swirl. He really hadn't expected this from Alfie, he himself never bothered with sex. As a teen Artie was far more preoccupied with perfecting his " skills" and had begun to go on " hunting" trips, sex really wasn't his first priority, or his second or his last.

If you asked him it was a waste of time and energy, unless of course you were planning to procreate.

Being that they were both cut from the same cloth he had hoped Alfie would be the same.

Somewhere else:

Alfred at the moment was in some serious shit. He was halfway across town and it was 10 to 8.


Arthur wasn't a complete prick when it came to getting home on time, but if he got home any later than 8:30 there was going to be hell to pay. If he knew Arthur, and he DID, then he would probably start calling soon afterward. He wouldn't just call him, no, he would call every single person on his contact list ( which in truth wasn't a lot, but still), how he got into his phone was still a mystery to him. Reaching for his phone he knew he was going to have to do something he really wasn't going to his teeth he spoke onto his phone.

" Matthew!.Get your ass down here and pick me up!"

On the other side of the line, a long haired blonde was awoken from his nap by his ringing phone, upon answering however he was met with the unpleasant screaming of Alfred's in return caused him to practically pop a vein.

" HuH! Alfred! You fucktard ! you woke me up you bitch!"

At his words an exasperated sigh was heard from the other line, followed by a stream of cursing.

" Are you deaf as well as dumb? I told you to pick me up!"

Matthew popped a vein, " Who says I'm picking You up! HuH!"

Alfred was running out of time, he didn't have time for this crap.

" Look man it'll take me an hour to go home on foot, meaning i'll be late, meaning Arthur 's going to question me! MEANING HE'S GOING TO BE A BIG PAIN IN THE ASS! SO GET YOUR MOOSE LOVING-HOCKEY PLAYING-PONYTAIL WEARING- CANADIAN ASS DOWN HERE AND PICK ME UP!"

Matthew was thrown back by the volume of his voice, his ears had started to ring. Pushing his fingers through his hair he reluctantly got up, hating the feeling of the cold wooden floor. He was in a dark mood to say the least.

" FINE! i'll pick up your sorry ass but you owe me"

" Alright! Okay! just get down here"

" Where are you anyway?" Matthew grabbed his keys and began to shuffle around for his shoes.

There was a long pause and a sigh before Alfred finally spoke.

" I'm in front of the Summer Rose hotel"

Matthew smirked to himself as he walked out his door. " Again? , It's like the third time this week."

" Shut the Fuck up Matt and pick me up." he could hear the smirk in his voice, and it made him want to kick something.

" Yeah, yeah i going, just answer me this Alfred. Was the girl you fucked, blonde, green eyed and small? If so you got some serious daddy issues." with that he hung up though ALfred heard a faint chuckle. Gosh how wanted to punch something right Matthew and his stupid face. And fuck him for guessing his problem.