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TiPo Fairy Tale

Chapter 1: Po's Sad Beginning

Once Upon a Time, at the Bau Yu Orphanage lived a monster by the name of Tigress. She was feared for her claws and strength and was kept hidden in the shadows. Until one day a kind goose named Mr. Ping and his son Po, a panda came to the orphanage. They came to bring joy to the children but the other children teased Po for his size and clumsiness. He ventured away from the children and found Tigress. At first he like so many before him was scared but not of her just the dark room she was in. When Po looked into Tigress's golden eyes he did not see a monster but a little girl who just wanted someone to love her. And Po was more than happy to oblige. They soon became friends and Po made Tigress feel so happy and accepted. But the kids at the orphanage hated the fact that Tigress had a friend and picked on her and Po as much as they could. One day something terrible happened. While trying to avoid conflict Po led Tigress to her room to finish a game of checkers. A duck boy by the name of Danny was furious Po told him off about Tigress. Saying she was a sweet kind and gentle tiger. Danny got so angry he threw a chair at Tigress but Po being her protector pushed Tigress out of the way. That is how Tigress met Shifu, a Kung Fu Master. He had come to the orphanage to train her to control her strength and he promised to teach her Kung Fu so Po would never be put in danger again. Po was Tigress's only friend and she vowed to always protect him. But Po sensing the vengeance leaking through her made her promise not let it control her. His gentle words calmed her fiery temper and then they vowed to protect each other. Soon with Po's help and Shifu's training Tigress was able to control her strength. Yet, that was not all that happened for Shifu grew to care for her and adopted her as his daughter. Po knowing only Kung Fu Masters were allowed at the Jade Palace feared this would be the last time he would see his friend. But his love and loyalty to her was strong so he kept his sadness hidden and told Tigress he was happy for her. Shifu sensing the panda's distress assured Po since he was Tigress's friend he could come and visit her as much as possible. This is where our story begins.

A twelve year old panda was walking through the meadows picking berries for his dad's famous Triple Berry Pies. His jade orbs sparkled as he found a good bush full of ripe berries. Unbeknown to him lurking in the shadows was a pair of golden eyes. The eyes locked on their prey as a purr escaped the creature's lips. Quick as lightening the creature pounced and Po fell flat on his back looking up at the eyes. "Tigress, get off!" he cried as he gasped for breath.

"Hey Po, you busy?" a young Tigress asked smiling down at him.

"Get off," he repeated. Giggling she got off and helped him to his feet. Rubbing his now sore head he looked at her and said," Mind telling me why you pounced on me again?"

"Simple Master Shifu told me to practice stealth and since you promised to help me train I figured you were the perfect choice to practice on," Tigress explained.

"You sure know how to make me feel special Ti," Po said smiling.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" Tigress asked frowning. She remembered she was stronger than Po and feared her little pounce could have caused Po some harm.

"No I am fine just a little surprised," Po assured her. He picked up his basket and continued picking berries.

"So, what are you up too?" Tigress asked again.

"I have to pick berries so my dad can make his Triple Berry Pie. I can make it myself along with most of his recipes but I still like to gather ingredients," Po said with a smile.

"Can I help?" Tigress asked.

"Sure," Po said and they spent most of the morning picking berries. Soon Tigress had to return to the Jade Palace and Po had to hurry home. Later that night Po's dad Mr. Ping was going on a trip. To sell some more noodles and would be gone for a while. Po stayed behind to take care of the shop and waved goodbye to his dad. "Bye dad I love you," Po told his father.

"Good bye Po, behave and I love you too," Mr. Ping called waving goodbye. That was the last time Po saw his father alive. Two days later Tigress and Po were chasing each other in the garden when Shifu and a messenger came to the palace.

"Po could you please come here," Shifu said trying to hide his sadness for the panda's sake.

"What is it Master Shifu?" Po asked as he bowed in respect. The messenger looked at Shifu and Shifu nodded saying he would deliver the message. The messenger looked at Po and shed a tear as he quietly left. Tigress walked over to Po to see what was going on.

"Po, I don't know how to tell you this but your father has well um Po your father is dead. He went to a valley on a boat and the ship sank they didn't find any survivors. I am so sorry Po," Shifu said frowning. Po's eyes widened with fear as his body shook.

"My father is dead," Po said in disbelief as tears flooded from his face. Tigress grabbed Po into a hug as he held onto her. Po sobbed until he stopped and realized he was alone and had to be grown up about this. "If what you say is true then I guess I better pack for the orphanage," Po said sadly. Tigress's eyes widened knowing that Po was planning on going to the Bau Yu Orphanage and she couldn't have that.

"Po no you can't go!" she cried.

"Tigress I have no choice I am an orphan now and orphans go to orphanages don't worry I will be okay," Po assured her. Just then Oogway a wise old turtle came and stood before Po.

"I heard of your recent misfortune my boy I am truly sorry," he said softly as he placed a hand on Po's shoulder. "Young Tigress tells me you are quite a chef my boy and good with cleaning. Shifu don't you think Po could stay here and be our new chef and groundskeeper?" Oogway asked. Shifu sensed where Oogway was going with this. Po wasn't the type to be a charity case he earned everything he got so Oogway knew by doing this Po would have a place to stay and Tigress would not lose her friend.

"Yes Master a fine idea. Po will you accept our job offer?" Shifu asked. Po looked at them with shocked eyes.

"You will let me stay here Masters?" Po asked.

"Of course Po, you will work for us but you are part of our family if you wish to be. You won't have to call me father but Master or Shifu will do," Shifu explained.

"Thank you Masters I humbly accept your offer," Po said bowing.

"It is settled then, go and get your things young Po and we will get you settled," Oogway said softly. Po nodded and Tigress came with him to get his stuff. Later that night Po thought he would sleep in the servants or staff's quarters instead Shifu led him to the room across from Tigress.

"Po, you should know by now that I do see Tigress as my daughter and I want to keep her safe. And I trust you with her more than I would anyone else so because of this I will allow you to stay in this room across from her. I hope you find the Palace as your second home and again I am sorry for your loss," Shifu said as he left Po to his room. Po placed what little belongings he had and sat on his bed and cried softly to himself. Tigress heard this and went to his room and held him like he did her so many times for her.

"It is okay Po, it will be okay. I am here for you and you will always have me," she promised softly as she held him. Eventually Po fell asleep as did Tigress and on that day their lives were never the same.

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