Chapter 6: Fairy Tale Ending

Tigress jumped on the stage and looked at Po. He stood there looking scared wondering if he made the biggest mistake of his life. Or the best decision of his life. Po couldn't read her expression and hoped she would still be his friend. Please don't be mad at me Ti, I didn't mean to embarrass you. I just had to tell you, Po thought to himself. Tigress gazed into his jade orbs and touched his face. Leaned closer to his ear and whispered," You didn't need the disguise Po because I love you for who you are". Then she pulled him closer and kissed his lips. Po's eyes widened as he pulled her closer and kissed her back. The crowd cheered as Shifu and the rest of the Five looked on with happy faces. Their planned worked Po admitted that he loved Tigress and Tigress admitted that she loved Po. Yet, the moment was broken by two rude and cold voices.

"You got to be kidding me!" Tai-Lung growled.

"You rather have a disgusting panda than one of us?" Shen asked in disbelief. "Man you must be either stupid or just have a lot of pity to want him," he added with a cruel smile. Tigress let out a growl and was about to teach that peacock some manners. Yet, Po gave her a gentle look and stepped in front of her. His gentle gaze disappearing as he glared angrily at Shen and Tai-Lung. He was about to jump off the stage to face them when Tigress grabbed onto his paw.

"Please Po don't you don't have to prove anything to them," Tigress told him giving him a pleading look.

"It will be okay Ti, I promise," Po said as he kissed her cheek. He slipped away and jumped off the stage. Tigress watched with a fearful look in her eyes. Po wasn't a fighter and Tai-Lung and Shen were they could seriously hurt Po and Tigress couldn't bear to see this.

"You two heard her. She loves me and I love her now if you two wouldn't mind leaving but first apologize to Miss Tigress. You both were being very rude to her," Po said as calmly as he could.

"Why should we that little whore teasing us with her looks only to choose a filthy panda over us?" Tai-Lung cried with a cold smile. Shen just laughed along with Tai-Lung.

"I will give you one last chance to apologize to Miss Tigress or else face the consequences," Po said still with that same calm tone.

"What are you going to do to make us tubby?" Tai-Lung asked poking a finger into Po's stomach. Po looked at them with cold eyes and in a blink of an eye grabbed Tai-Lung by the finger and snapped it. Tai-Lung roared out in pain as Po lunged at him. Throwing punch after punch as Shen ran into Po to get him off Tai-Lung. Po fell back squashing Shen and grabbed him by the neck and threw him into a wall. He did a quick back kick for Tai-Lung was trying to sneak up on him. But hit him square in the chest as he punched Shen in the face. Everyone looked on with awe as they saw this panda beat the crap out of two of the greatest Kung Fu Fighters. Tigress was beyond amazed at what she was seeing. The same kind and gentle Po she knew was beating the holy hell out of Tai-Lung and Shen. Soon the peacock and the snow leopard were moaning in pain. Po grabbed them by the scruff of their necks and dragged them over to Tigress.

"Now apologize," Po barked.

"We are sorry Miss Tigress," Tai-Lung moaned.

"Extremely sorry," Shen groaned. Once they apologized they stumbled out the door and were never heard from again. Po jumped back on the stage and into Tigress arms.

"I guess I forgot to mention Master Oogway taught me a few defense and attack moves," Po said with a smile.

"You are just full of surprises tonight my panda," Tigress purred.

"Well Ti I do have one more surprise for you," Po said in a nervous tone. He held Tigress's paw and got down on one knee. Tigress was in shock as was everyone else as they waited to hear what Po would say. "I know this is sudden but Ti I have been in love with you ever since the first time we met at the orphanage all those years ago. You made me feel happy and safe. I could be myself around you and I never had to do anything to impress you. Even at times when I thought I wasn't good enough for you as a friend or mate. You always made me feel like I was your equal and kept me safe. I may not be very rich, or strong, or be a Kung Fu Master. But I do know is that is you say yes I will make your everyday be happy. I will love you, protect you, and always keep that pretty smile on your face. For I love you Tigress and all I have to say is. Will you marry me?" Po asked as he held up a silver ring with a small diamond in the center.

Tigress's eyes filled with tears as she said", Yes I will marry you". Po smiled and slipped the ring on her finger. Then spun her around and they kissed each other passionately on the lips. Everyone clapped and cheered as the two lovers got their fairy tale ending.


Tigress and Po were married within a few months after the ball. At their wedding an uninvited guest arrived. It was Mr. Ping, Po's father. He didn't die but washed up on shore on a faraway island. He was slowly nursed back to health and had to earn enough money to get back to his son. He was delighted beyond belief to see his son had married Tigress but was happy to know that they were happy. Po was happy that his father was alive and reopened Mr. Ping's Noodle Shop. Po and Tigress still live at the Jade Palace where Po still cooks and takes care of the grounds. While Tigress and the rest of the Five protect the Valley, her and Po are still in love and still watch each other's backs. To this day they still remember that magical night when they professed their love for each other. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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