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"Diana, watch out!"

Clark punched at a monster, sending it crashing through numerous buildings. "Diana, you must be more careful," he said. "That thing almost crushed you just now!"

Diana glared at him. "I don't need saving," she growled, flying off to an oncoming group of the hideous things that were attacking them.

Clark sighed. He understood why she was angry. The battle they were fighting had been going on for hours, and they had already taken down Donna, who was currently unconscious and lying underneath a pile of rubble. Whenever Diana tried to save her they'd intervene, making sure that she didn't get to her sister.

That wasn't even the half of it, either. Just a few days before the sisters found out of their nonhuman heritage. Their father was the Greek King of the Gods, Zeus, and that made both of them enraged. Yesterday, Diana and Donna went to reconcile with Hippolyta, only to find out that the entire Amazon population and Hippolyta were "dead", the Amazons turned into snakes and Hippolyta turned into a mockery of Diana's "origin", which was that she was created from clay and brought to life by the gods.

And now her entire life was a lie.

He watched as she plowed through the monsters, her fury fueling her drive to fight. He understood, but this was getting too dangerous; whenever people get highly angry they tend to stop thinking rationally. Diana was inching closer and closer to that plane with each kick, punch, and energy blast that she was hit with.

This is starting to become too much, he thought as he fought off more of the demons. Why of all days they could've chosen to try to attack us they try today? She's unstable right now…

Hearing Diana's battle cry clarified that. Usually it was pure and full of determination, but now it sounded dark and corrupted. Watching her take them down ruthlessly made him decide to take her out of the mission. He flew to her side, grabbing her arm. "Di, you need to…"

He didn't expect the kick he got from her.

Clark flew into a building, barely stopping himself. When he looked up he saw Diana standing over him. "You are not going to take me off of this mission," she hissed, glaring at him. "I know you were thinking it. I saw you watching me the entire time I was fighting. Don't even try to."

"You're clearly not fit for this," Clark argued, standing up. "Di, it's fine. We understand."

"No! You are not going to make me sit out on this!" Diana screamed. "The city is at stake, and you think that getting rid of me will make it better?"

"I'm not saying that. I'm saying that you're going through things, and you're not able to think clearly right now. You should stop now before someone gets hurt."

Diana glared at him for a long, long moment before flying away…into a wall of beasts. Clark sighed, going back to his own battle. I knew she would've ignored me, he mentally scolded himself. When it comes to a fight, she'll stop at nothing if it means getting into a good battle.

They continued to fight, and before long they had defeated the last of the fiends. Hal flew up beside Clark. "To be honest, that was kind of easy," he said.

Bruce spoke up next. "That was too easy. I have a feeling that things are about to get worse…"


The Leaguers turned around, noticing a portal sitting a few dozen feet away from them. A foot stepped out, shaking the ground underneath. An arm appeared next, and then another foot, and then another arm…

Clark gasped. "Darkseid!"

Darkseid cackled as he glowered at them. "Ah, another attempt to stop me. You know you will not win this time."

Diana clenched her fists together. "We will win, just like we always do!"

Darkseid turned his gaze to the Amazon. "Foolish human, your pride and stubbornness gets in the way of you finding out the truth. Face it, today is the day you die!"

Cark noticed her fists shaking. Human…oh, that was basically a trigger word for her at this point.

They all charged at him, preparing to attack. Without warning, Darkseid suddenly unleashed a powerful energy wave, knocking all of them away. The streets of the city were now mere rubble, and the superheroes were buried underneath it all.

Darkseid laughed darkly as he walked to a certain spot of debris. Trusting his hand through it, he pulled it back up, bringing Diana up with him. She gave him a growl of anger. "You monster," she spat. "What makes you think you'll win this time?"

He sneered at her. "Oh, I do not wish to take over the world today, Amazon. Believe me when I say I will, but I know that the next time you see me, it will make my work a lot, lot easier."

"And how is that, you brute?"

Clark got to his feet just as he heard a scream pierce the air. He whipped around, only to see Darkseid holding Diana in his iron grip. He had her entire body crushed between his hands, and his eyes were glowing a deep red.

"Put her down!" he screamed, flying towards them. He threw a punch at Darkseid, but the warlord grabbed his fists and tossed him aside as if he were nothing. Multiple times he tried to land a hit on the monster, but they bounced off of him as if they were nothing. Damn, he's even stronger than before, he thought as he closed his eyes. Seconds later, twin beams shot out of his eyes and struck the tyrant on his back.

Darkseid shouted in pain, nearly dropping Diana. He shot his own eyelazers at Clark, who dodged them with ease. He then held the Amazon up in his hand, smirking at Clark. "One more move and I will crush her to death," he threatened.

Clark froze, fearing Diana's life. What did Darkseid want with her? Usually he went up against the New God, hardly ever Diana. But now apparently he was her main target, as his eyes continued to glow whenever she was near. And whatever it was it caused her pain, for she screamed bloody murder.

Suddenly, a giant green hand wrapped itself around Darkseid, shaking him violently so he'd let go of Diana. He had a grip of steel, for when he did finally let her go she flew at a building at full force, hitting it so hard that it collapsed on top of her.

Hal turned to Victor. "Cyborg, now! Open the portal now!"


Hal quickly tossed Darkseid in there after letting Clark get in a few hits, making sure that he didn't return for a while. "Wow, that was close," he sighed as Victor closed the portal.

Clark didn't say anything, flying over to the spot where Diana had landed. He quickly pushed away the rubble to find her, taking her in his arms. After ridding majority of her body of debris, he shook her gently. "Hey, wake up," he called softly. "Di, it's over. We won."

After a few more shakes, her eyes fluttered open, revealing her crystal blue eyes. The rest of the League flew over, Hal carrying an unconscious Diana in his arms. "Darkseid got you good," he joked.

Diana stared at him blankly, her head tilted to one side as if she were a confused puppy. Worry started to seep into Clark. "What's wrong?" he asked.

Diana slowly turned to him, looking even more confused. "…Who are you?"

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