Zeus sighed. He saw that there was something off with one of his daughters, particularly the oldest one he had with the (deceased?) Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira. He could always tell who his children were after meeting them once: Apollo had a deep, controlling aura, Hermes' was careful and cautious, Atermis was wild and dangerous, Athena's was wise and motherly, and all of his others had their own distinctive auras. Diana, however, had intrigued him long before she was even aware of her parentage. Hers was determined and pure since she was young, and nothing changed since then. He also detected tenseness within it as well, as if she was always expecting something and was on the lookout for anything to happen.

Days ago that all disappeared.

The pureness was still there, but the tenseness and determination had dwindled to nothing and was replaced with a childlike innocence. This worried him greatly; had something happened to Diana? She was obviously still alive, for if she wasn't he would've not been able to know all of this.

Was she under some sort of spell? It seemed possible, but then again he could find no corruption within her, which indicated that she was not under a magical influence.

So what was it?

Zeus transported himself to Hera's lair, which had a dark pool in the middle of it. With a wave of his hand he created saw in the water what Diana was doing…

Barry never thought he'd imagine this day. He was watching Diana and Hal talk to each other as if it were nothing. Ever since the Justice League was created Diana usually steered clear of him, knowing he was a self-professed womanizer. Now that her memory was wiped clean, she had no restraints.

To add to his surprise, Hal kept it completely clean. He didn't try once to hit on the Amazon, which was impressive considering the first words that had left his mouth upon seeing her was "Dibs". Ever since then he'd use every change he got to try to get her to go out with him, but she'd turn him down every time. But of course he never stopped trying.

"So you're really the first human Green Lantern from Earth?" Diana asked.

Hal wasn't bragging. They had started a conservation on the superheroes of the world, and Diana got curious on what Hal's specialty was. When he told her that he had a ring that could do anything, she instantly got curious. "I am," he answered. "The ring chose me, and I became Earth's Green Lantern."

"That must be a pretty big job," Diana said. "You have to protect Earth from anything and everything. Isn't that a little too much pressure to take on all at once?"

Barry almost laughed at her words. If only she remembered her exact position. She had to protect Earth and her gods' realm, which was, to his understanding, as big as the universe. "It was at first, but back then I was not used to it," Hal said. "Besides, now I'm on a team that helps ease the burden, so it's not as bad."

"Is Clark on the team as well?"

Barry chuckled. Ever since they talked she had a fixation with the Kryptonian. They all assumed it was because he was so different from the rest of them, and although she had lost her memory she didn't completely forget their similarities. For one thing, they both were outsiders, they thought, she a naïve princess from an island of all women that had Zeus as her father, and he an alien that had superpowers because of a yellow sun. They were both not completely human, one half-human and the other an advanced form of a human. They had so many similarities that it surprised all of them.

"Yes, he is," Hal said. "You are as well."

Diana looked confused. "I am? Since when?"

"Since the day we created the League. You've been second-in-command ever since we became a team, right alongside Clark."

"He's the leader?" She looked even more impressed.

Hal nodded. "He is. Bruce of course is angry about this, that the quite one is the leader while the only female is his second-in-command, but he just broods to himself, thankfully."

Diana tilted her head cutely. "Why did he choose me? I don't see how I'm capable of being one to take over should anything ever happen to him."

"You are. In fact, some people argue that you'd do a better job at being the leader if you were actually given a chance. You were raised as a warrior, and you know how to lead when it's needed. Everyone's proud of you. I'm sure your mother would've been as well." The moment the words left Hal's mouth he cursed under his breath.

Barry did the same, sprinting next to Diana. She had her head tilted again and was staring at Hal strangely. "My…mother? I have a mother?"

Before either one of the men could say anything, she groaned, putting a hand to her forehead. "My…my mother…royalty…leader…Hi…Hap…Hippo…Harpol…"

She fainted. Barry caught her, carrying her to a chair. "I think she's starting to remember," he said to Hal. "This is a good sign. We should tell Clark…"

"Oh, no you don't!"

A loud screech was heard before the two friends found themselves surrounded by darkness. In front of them floated a bright light that slowly formed a body. The body had blonde hair and golden eyes, and a turquoise dress covered her.

Neither Barry nor Hal knew much about Greek Gods, but they knew who this one was. "Hera," they whispered in unison.

Hera nodded, a sneer on her face. "Well, it seems like I'm more popular than I thought. Whenever I do this they automatically whisper my name. Anyway, you two have something I want, and I intend to get it."

Barry took a step back. "And just what that might be?"

The goddess pointed to the unconscious Amazon, who was now lying on the blackness of the ground. "You have her, and I want her."

Hal glared at Hera, his ring glowing on his finger. "Well, you can't have her," he said, raising his fist. "She belongs with us, not with you. Besides, she's in no condition to deal with you right now."

"Oh, believe me, I know," Hera smirked. "That's why I'm going to take her with me. I know she has no recollection of anything that happened before her memory was wiped clean, which makes my job a whole lot easier than it would have been before. So I'm just going to take her now…"

"No!" Hal created a giant hand with his ring and wrapped it around Hera, but it was futile. The goddess simply glowed brighter and brighter until both she and Diana were gone. Before they knew it, Barry and Hal were back in the room.

They glanced at each other, thinking the same thing, What is she going to do with Diana?

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