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by Wayfarer
(closetwayfarer at yahoo dot com)

Rambling Amblings

29 DEC 05 Happy new year! Here's an ITDA update at last. I apologise for the rather short chapter - it has been foreshortened due to problems with my webmail server: it flatlined for a few months, and only got resuscitated a few days ago. The grind is that my ideas and updates were all stored there and everything was wiped during its comatosis - everything! Now, not only have I lost all those remnants of my memory,I can't send update notices to the patient people who are waiting on ITDA to move along, because the address book was destroyed too.

The most devastating bit is that I can't even re-read the kind encouraging personal emails from readers who liked ITDA and other stories... which is what I habitually do when I need some pick-me-up.

Chapter 4 was originally conceptualised as you-know-who's coming out party, but I had to take out the action since most of the lost bits of stuff are about this part. All that's left of 4 is the travellers' first visit to Thranduil. I do hope that readers find Under Shadow Eaves worth the wait. Thank you for your patience.


Standard disclaimers apply. I write for self-amusement and am no Tolkien scholar, so any questions, comments, please send email to closet or simply leave a review here. I will gladly respond and correct errors that crop up. Thank you.


Gap-Filler: At Gandalf's behest, the relentless Aragorn finds Gollum and brings him to the Elvenking's Halls after a long search. Left in the Mirkwood Elves' care after Gandalf's 'interview', Gollum is restive … while the shadows stir.

A story that tells of the pre-LotR events surrounding the hunt for Gollum: from the meeting which began Aragorn's hunt to Gollum's eventual capture and 'inquisition', and his stay with the Elves and subsequent escape from Mirkwood. Specific focus is on events that bear direct relation to the hunt and imprisonment of Gollum. Referenced canon in order: LotR, Hobbit, Silmarillion.

(Constructive criticism most welcome.)

Note: Contains minor original characters, as dictated by storyline and plot flow.

The "Unwritten Tales" is Wayfarer's attempt at a canon-conscientious series to fill in the gaps of the epic tale of LotR.

RATING: PG13 for action/skirmishes and some graphic imagery. (Non-slash, non-language).
GENRE: Action/Adventure/Drama.

(This story was first published on 14 Apr 2002 here on as 'The Journey Begins' (story id 720121) under the pen-name feverdream).


It feels like the Valar are smiling on my nervous forays into writing, because I don't know how else to explain the wonderful help I've received:
Avallon : My first and original beta and fellow closet writer, and the one who gave me that nudge out the door. From answering questions (some really ridiculous) to providing elvish phrases and names, she's been wonderful! And much thanks to her for the unflagging support, from cheering on the sidelines to rolling up her sleeves to wade through my drafts, and especially for never balking from the nth mutations of musie' fickle and haphazard scribbles. May the Vala bless communal perving with unflagging enthusiasm

Windfola (also published here): Hats off to an awesome writer with the language abilities to match, for the wonderful edits and advice, especially for the prologue and the chapters "Shadows In The Mirk" and "In Bree Long-Ago, A Meeting Called In Haste" (formerly, "Of A Long-Ago Meeting") in particular– this amateur has learnt much. I am indebted to the software crisis of Jun 2002 ;P because without it, I would not have gotten to know such a fantastic writer. Well, better late than never!

Vana (also published here as Vana Tuivana): Amazing is dismally inadequate to describe Vana's patience while I wander around the lands of ME finding my pace and getting musie up to scratch with canon, but it's the best I can do and I'm sure she view this minuscule shortfall with her usual fortitude. Alas for her, now in addition to cheering, I've got her helping with Elvish phrases and names as well.

Rosa : For her interest and, not least, enthusiastic encouragement when this piece was still in its VERY juvenile stage was and whose support is much cherished. I hope you are well.

Eledhwen : A short piece that suggested Bilbo and Estel would have crossed paths when the hobbit went adventuring with the Dwarves by her sent me down the path of in-depth details for that feature Gandalf-Aragorn conversation in "A Meeting Called In Haste".

Lyllyn : A most helpful lady, I am thankful for her prompt response to a distress call and her generous donation of possible Beorning names.

Antoinette : Appreciate the help she readily provided with some questions about seasonal settings for "Shadows In The Mirk".

Errors and omissions remain utterly faults of mine.


Elvish Translations

Aaye Hail
Diola lle Thank you
Elen sila lumenn omentilmo A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting
Lle desiel Are you ready
Mae govannen Well met
Quel esta Good night
Quel fara Good hunting
Quel re Good day
Tenna' ento lye omenta Until next we meet
Yis Yes

Books: 1) The Lord of the Rings; 2) The Hobbit; 3) The Unfinished Tales (Thanks to Windfola and Singe Aliene for sending the priceless nuggets my way).

Online: 1) Encyclopedia of Arda; 2) Merriam-Webster Online


List of Main Characters
Gollum/Smeagol, Aragorn, Gandalf, Thranduil (Everything flawed and fair belongs to Avallon, this guy's based on her exclusive Thranduil!Template afterall), Legolas

List of Minor Canon Characters
Barliman Butterbur, Nob,Halbarad (Thanks to Windfola for allowing me to referenceher personal Halbarad!Template), Ferny, Galion

List of Original Characters
: Baran and Bereg (name suggestions source courtesy of Lyllyn), Belen
Elves (names courtesy of Avallon and Vana) : Calendring, Dinhorn, Egalmoth
Orcs (names plucked from thin air and from an onlinerandom name generator) : Grusluk, Orskash, Snoga (one whimper). None-speaking parts: Snikdúsh, Bog, Ogluk,Sguk.