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Chapter one

"Turn your phone off, da," Russia growled at America. The two of them were currently in the middle of a world meeting in D.C., and Russia was giving is speech until a certain American's phone began to play an annoying ringtone.

America rolled his eyes at this, but instead of turning the phone off he checked the caller ID and said to give him a minute. With this done, America rushed out of the room and answered the caller. The rest of the nations became relatively quiet as they tried to hear what America was saying from the hallway. This was not too hard, since America was shouting in a concerned manner, yet they still could not understand what it was about. At last he returned, slightly pale, and announced, "Early lunch break," before leaving the room again.

Almost fourteen years had passed since the incident where America turned into a girl, and since then things had been up and down for the American's relationship with England. As England promised, he tried to be there for the younger nation as he tried to get over everything that happened, but after two years they ended up having a falling out. England blamed it on the fact that America had refused to fully let him in while America said it was because England refused to let things die down. Despite this, England was still curious as to what was going on with America.

America was late coming back from the sudden lunch break, which only caused more people to wonder what was up, but the youth acted as if nothing was wrong and promptly pushed off the questions. America was definitely hiding something and England wanted to know what. The last straw to this came when the meeting ended and America rushed out of the conference room with Canada following at his heels.

England got to his feet to follow the two nations, only to be stopped when France asked, "Where are you off to in such a hurry?"

"To see where they're hurrying to. You have to admit that America has been acting odd all day," England answered, earning a thoughtful nod from France. After some more talking, the two of them sped to the parking lot in time to see America and Canada turn and leave. Finding out where the two of them were going would certainly be interesting; or at least that was what France was thinking.

The two older nations hopped into a rental and followed the others several blocks until they stopped at a bookstore. They were surprised to watch America walk into the bookstore, imagining it to be the last place they'd see him willingly go to, and parked their own car in order to enter. Once in the store, they tried to blend in with the other shoppers while keeping an eye out for what America and Canada were buying. As soon as they entered the store, France noticed the two younger nations head to the kids section.

"Would have thought that with America they would go straight to the comic book section, but kid's books also sound like him," England commented, pretending to look over a travel book to India.

"I suppose, but I would have thought that Canada would be past kid's books," France replied, replacing a cookbook he found. He then looked slightly shocked when Canada and America left the area for the check-out, America holding a book and Canada holding a large, plushy, light blue rabbit. After watching the two of them get in line France whispered, "The book simply surprises me, but I'm not sure what to think with the rabbit."

"We should wait in the car for them to get out, easier to follow them that way," England whispered back, not wanting to touch the subject France may have been getting to with the rabbit. France shrugged to this and followed England to the rental as America and Canada finished their purchases.

After the stop at the bookstore, England and France followed America and Canada to the hospital; which only confused the elders more. Keeping a safe distance away, they followed America and Canada through corridor after corridor until they opened a door and walked into a patient's room. The older two stopped outside the room and looked inside through a glass pane at the sight.

Inside, America and Canada walked up to a bed where a little girl was laying down dozing. It was hard to tell how old the girl was since she was covered in a blanket to her chin, only showing a long mop of sandy blond hair. Softly, America woke the girl up and said something to her, causing her to look around and reach happily with one arm for the stuffed rabbit Canada was still holding; her other arm in a sling. She then noticed the book America was holding out to her and also took the gift, smiling sweetly to America.

"Excuse me, can I help you two with something," a nurse asked upon noticing France and England stare into the room.

"Oh, well, perhaps. Can you tell us who the girl is?" England asked.

The nurse looked at a notepad on the wall and answered, "The patient appears to be a miss Julie Jones."

The two nations looked as if about to comment on this when America opened the door to see what was happening outside the room. Once spotting France and England, the youth began to glare and ask what they were doing there.

"We could ask you the same thing, America. And what is with this girl?" France asked.

"That is none of your business," America answered slowly, desperately trying to control himself which sent the other two on edge.

France and England shared a glance, both of them considering if their curiosity was worth whatever might happen if America became angry with them. Before either of them could voice anything, they heard the little girl call out, "Daddy is something wrong?"

"Daddy?" the older nations asked in unison.

America glanced into the room, smiling casually at the girl as he happily said, "You bet Sweety. I need to leave for a couple minutes but I'll be back soon. Why don't you relax with Mattie, okay?"

The girl nodded, causing America to happily nod back only to return to glaring at the others when he brought his attention back to them. He then asked, "You guys really want to know?"

England and France nodded once, causing America to sigh and continue, "Fine, I'll tell you if it makes you go away. But I swear that if you tell anyone about what I tell you I will make sure you regret it. Understand?"

Again, France and England nodded their heads before following America to a different area. They could tell by how aggressive America was acting that whatever was up with the girl it was very important to him; which meant that he would most likely keep this promise at all costs.

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