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Chapter 19

"Congratulations, Julie, I couldn't be more proud of you," America said with a large smile, watching his daughter walk into the living room in her cap and mortar. Almost four years had passed since she first met the nations, and it was a rocky four years, but now that was all behind her along with her high school career. Tonight she was going to walk across the stage and receive the diploma saying that she graduated.

Normally a student would feel like they had a lot of growth in those four years, and for Julie that meant literally and metaphorically. She had sprung up from looking roughly seven to almost ten, and thanks to the nations she had learned a lot more about herself and how to handle different situations. Sure, most of the school still did not understand her, and she still had some issues understanding the more adult parts of her classmates' lives now, but to her she had gone leaps and bounds in the right direction.

"It's just high school, Dad. I don't know why you're making a big deal about it," Julie answered coyly.

"It is a big deal! Technically, I never got a chance to graduate high school; they did not really exist the way they are today back when I was your age. And I bet most of the others don't have a diploma in their house either," America explained.

"If you want one so badly then why not just get one for yourself?" Julie asked while rolling her eyes.

"The life of a superpower and father is full of sacrifices," America casually said before continuing, "And we should get going or you'll be late."

With this said the two of them headed for the car and drove to the high school. Once there, Julie went to meet with the rest of her class to wait and chatter about everything that was going to be different now while America searched for the England, Canada, Germany and Italy and then for seats for everyone. Soon the ceremony began and went on like any other, and when Julie's name was called the group applauded louder than for any of the other kids.

After the ceremony Julie rushed up to the group and was soon dragged into a hug by America and Italy while Germany and England congratulated her. After releasing her from the hug Italy said, "Vee, you really are growing up! It seems like just yesterday you were that little girl walking into the meeting room tailing after America."

"Ya, and in a couple months I'll be at college. It's going to be really different," Julie commented.

"And you know that if things get too rough at school you can always call home and I'll be there for you, right," America said, giving his daughter a look as if to say "please call."

"I know, and it's not like I'll be that far away. Just an hour or so by car," Julie answered with a big smile.

"That's still a long ways away from home for me," America said with a pout. He had been taking care of her for eight-teen years, and they had been there for eachother for every moment of that time. It was going to be lonely at home without her there, and he was still not sure that it was the best thing to send her straight to college like the rest of her friends. Part of him wished that she would simply stay home where he could make sure that she was alright, but he knew that she would be upset about that. No, she had a bit of a free spirit like him, and as much as she cared about his input she would like the chance to make her own life.

"And just think. In a couple of semesters she might even want to study abroad," Canada commented, causing America to give his brother the 'don't give her any idea's' look.

"Well you know that if you choose to study in Germany you are welcome to stay at my house," Germany said as the girl seemed to think the idea over.

"It could be fun," Julie began slowly, "But at the moment I think I should stay close to home, even if it is just for Dad's sake."

The group talked for some more time, constantly having the conversations stopped when her friends wanted to take pictures with both her and on occasion one of the nations. Her friends had been good to her for the rest of high school, forgiving her for the first few months of freshman year and the ones who knew the truth about the nations partially trying to make friends with them. Some of them had to admit, however, that it was a little awkward having the young girls flirt with them.

After some time, Julie went off with her friends to get ready for the senior lock-in. The adults waved good-bye to them at this point before Germany, Italy, and Canada left leaving America and England alone. The two of them stood there in silence for several minutes before heading to the parking lot and their cars. After several minutes of this, America finally said, "It's going to be really different without her around as much."

"I understand America, but you know that it's not like she's going to die or anything," England answered.

"How do you know?" America asked.

"Because I feel more comfortable with letting her lose on the world than I did when you left me," England answered bluntly, causing America to start laughing. England then continued, "She has a good head on her shoulders, and more importantly she knows how to ask us for help when she needs it."

"Ya, but that's because she knows she has people who care about her," America commented.

"That's right, along with a parent who cares enough about her to worry. You did good with her, surprisingly. I honestly at times find it hard to think that you raised that little girl mostly by yourself. You should be very proud," England said, giving America a smile.

America smiled back and said, "I know. And I couldn't be happier about her."

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