Disclaimer: I don't own any fictional characters except OCs, everything related belong to their respectful owners.

I figure I want to write a story in summer vacation. Let's talk about Kaiser Ghidorah. An OC villain from YuYuGiDigiMoon's Invasion of the Rajita, which is an expy of the name taken from that kaiju from Godzilla Final Wars. Well he's dead, but I wonder if I will make him return?

Before I go on, this story is NON-CANON, something I'm doing for fun with crossover ideas getting together.

Any who, enjoy!


Deep within outer space is quiet. Too quiet. It has been years since the first Rajita invasion and Kaiser Ghidorah's defeat at the hands of Yami Houou. That will not last.

Even in defeat, Ghidorah's soul is nowhere nor heard in the afterlife. The flames of the Houou might have trapped it to a state of limbo. In fact, a slight burst of sudden energy appears and a voice booms.

"They think they can defeat me? ME, the would-be ruler of the universe? I will not be. My powers will be split across the dimensions, and the petty fools will make a scavenger hunt to find them."

Afterwards, the energy is on fire, similar to the Yami Houou's, and is split in scattering to four places.

"My return will commence!" the voice said before fading in black.


(Haruka Kanata – Unlimits)


The Dawn of Ghidorah

Act I


(Digimon Adventure PSP – Map Theme 1)

It has been peaceful times. In an unfortunate event, the various dimensions somehow fuse into one. Now the world has cross characters interact with one another. Much have gotten their acquaintances. Alliances of both good and evil are formed.

Blackfire is seen robbing jewelry, but she encounters the Kuiper Belt Senshi: Sedna, Varuna, Orcus, Quaoar, Eris, and Ixion. Despite her attempts to defend, the combine strength of the Kuipers overwhelms the Tameranian. Blackfire is then sent to jail, while the new Sailor Senshis are praise for stopping the robbery.

Yes, everything seems normal to say the least.

At a sunny beach, a group of defenders take the summer off. Those are Tai & Agumon, Takato & Guilmon, Rika & Renamon, Henry & Terriermon, Himura & Inumon, Kotori Ayami & Seadramon, and Phillipe Sagara. The leader of the Kai Digidestined, which is Tai, is bringing along his friends of YYGDM-01 for sight seeing.

"Ah. It's good to have some relaxation." Smiled Himura.

"Yeah! I'm poop of kicking random baddies in our schedule." Said Inumon to his partner.

Henry & Terriermon, and Phillipe are playing in the sand. Rika & Renamon are sunbathing. Kotori is riding Seadramon in an underwater adventure, going to the surface up and down.

"Woohoo!" said Kotori. "Its so good to be alive again!"

"I'm happy that you like it, Kotori." Said the former Dark Master.

Meanwhile, Tai is talking to Takato.

"From this day forward, your going to be my personal protégé." Amicably said Taichi.

"Really!? That's so cool!" said Takato with a big smile. "When do I get to learn all these Ascendant stuff?"

"Well it's not like learning to be an Ascendant to say the least." Chuckled Tai. "I'm helping you increase your power by doing kinds of fighting experiences."

"It will be a great start for you!" said Agumon.

Takato smiled, "I'm so glad to accept your offer, Tai!"

(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue – Gardevoir)

Just then, Tai notices a presence. He turns to see two people, make that one boy and a humanoid pokemon. The boy is Thai that wears glasses, a white grayish shirt with yellow green and purple thin stripes, and blue jeans. The amorphous pokemon is a Gardevoir, but this one is slightly taller than the typical species that's close to the boy's height.

"Who are you two?" questioned Tai.

"We're here for assistance." Greeted the boy. "My name is Ford, and this is my girlfriend, Gardevoir."

"That thing is your girlfriend?" said Guilmon in curiosity.

"Never mind what my buddy said." Takato sweatdrop.

"Do not worry." Gardevoir directly speaks to Takato & Guilmon, which again, she is different unlike most typically speak telepathically. "I am fine the way I am."

"But anywho, about the assistance thing." Said Tai.

Ford answered, "You see, we're gathering heroes for a special mission, in whom we're going to our headquarters."

"Really?" asked Tai.

"Yeah. You'll see." Said Ford. "Tell the others about it."

Tai and Takato do so afterwards; most of their friends have mixed to positive response about it.

"Wow. Another adventure." Said Phillipe sarcastically.

"Tell me about it." Respond Himura to his close friend.

Tai talks to Ford, "I could use the Instant Movement if you want to."

"No need." Said Ford. "Gardevoir can teleport all of us."

And with that, Gardevoir uses her powers to teleport the group to another location.

(End Theme)


The heroes are teleported to a celestial-like palace that looks similar to the Hall of Justice.

"Whoa." Surprised Henry. "This place is huge just like the Justice League!"

As the Kai and YYGDM heroes look around, a voice of a girl called out.

"Hello! I'm glad we have new friends!"

The Kai/YYGDM heroes, and Ford & Gardevoir see a preteen girl running to meet them. She has pink hair with rose bows, a dark pink collar bow, a white dress decorated with pink along with pink bows, white socks, and rose shoes.

"Well you finally showed up, Madoka Kaname." Said Ford in a positive attitude.

"So that's your leader, huh?" said Tai.

"Yep!" said Madoka. "That's my name!"

"But she's just a little girl." Questioned Himura.

"Hey, remember to not judge a book by its cover!" said Rika.

"Yes, she does have magical powers." Said Renamon.

"We're here, now what?" questioned Takato.

Ford then responds, "To the conference room."

The heroes went to that special room for a special meeting. There are three other people who are close protectors to Madoka attending as well. One is a female soldier with a valkyrie armor and pink hair named Lightning. Another is a bearded man with a black hat, jacket, white shirt, red tie, and blue jeans named the Nostalgia Critic. Last is a nerdy man with a white button shirt with pens who calls himself the Angry Video Game Nerd.

"Wow. Those are our new recruits?" asked the Critic. "They look much like something from anime fanfiction!"

"Hey! You better watch your mouth!" offended Himura before Phillipe restrain him.

"Dude chill!"

Rika nodded in disbelief. "When do these two ever learn..?"

Lightning ask Madoka, "Now that we're here. You can tell them the news."

(Iron Man 3 – Stark)

The magical girl begins to announce, "We have gather here today for something bad."

Tai and the YYGDM heroes listen to her words.

"An evil force is threatening our world, and has split itself to four parts in awaiting his arrival. That name…is Kaiser Ghidorah."

As soon as Madoka said that, the YuYuGiDigiMoon heroes are completely astounded by the villain's name.

"You mean-!? That monster who unleash the Rajita invasion!?" shouted Rika.

"And got himself killed by the Yami Houou!?" said Takato in surprise.

"I am afraid so." Answered Madoka.

"Seriously, that asshole fucking rips off King Ghidorah." Said the Nerd. "It's been a while since I watch Godzilla movies and played those lousy old games. Hell they are going to do a Godzilla reboot next year."

"I've heard about Kaiser Ghidorah of you guys told me." Said Tai to the YYGDM folks. "He sounds just as bad as Virus."

"Yeah. This guy nearly dominated all of us." Said Takato. "It took Sailor Mars of all people, with her dark side, to finish him off."

"But not before we once fought Yami Houou after that." Added Guilmon.

"I remember.." said Takato sadly, as he does not want to talk about the full details.

"So how can we stop him?" questioned Tai to his new acquaintances.

"Well.." said Lightning. "We can assign four groups to receive the pieces. Madoka has talked to Sailor Cosmos in using the Silver Crystal, in which we can destroy those parts, ending Ghidorah's existence for good."

"Let's say we are somewhat a new generation to Cosmos' YuYuGiDigiMoon forces." Gardevoir added out.

"And we have more friends to help us!" cheered Madoka.

(Final Fantasy 6 – Locke)

As soon as the girl said that, Madoka showed Tai and the YYGDM gang the rest of the recruiting heroes: Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope, Optimus Prime (Transformers Prime), Terra (Final Fantasy 6), Locke (Final Fantasy 6), Celes (Final Fantasy 6), Zidane (Final Fantasy 9), and Shotaro & Phillip (Kamen Rider W).

"No way.." Takato muttered.

"Indeed." Suzaku said in Takato's mind.

"Well it's not a 'huge' group of heroes we have in mind." Said Inumon. "But that will do."

Go!Robin humorously said, "Where do we start kicking butt!?" Robin looks and nods at his chibi counterpart with disbelief.

"It is an honor to meet you, comrades." Said the Autobot leader.

"Looks like everyone is been invited." Smiled Locke.

Afterwards, Ford then speaks out.

"We can start assigning the groups now."

He looks at Henry & Terriermon, Optimus Prime, Wreck it Ralph, and Vanellope. "You guys are going for the northern piece."

"Awesome!" squeal Vanellope. "We're going on another adventure, stinkbrain!"

"You sure are excited for things." Replied Ralph.

Ford then turn towards Himura & Inumon, Phillipe Sagara, and Shotaro & Phillip. "Your going to get the western piece."

"Heh. Ready to team up again, partner." Shotaro said to Phillip.

"I'm ready as always." Replied Phillip.

Himura said to Phillipe. "That's one coincidence we had for our friendship."

"Whatever you say." Said Phillipe Sagara.

Then he looks at Rika & Renamon, Celes, Zidane, and Kotori Ayami & Seadramon. "Your getting the eastern piece."

"Talk about girl power." Said Celes.

Zidane then flirts, "Oh yeah, I have all the ladies."

The ladies glared at the monkey tailed thief, in which he sweatdrops. Seadramon just simply ignores the charade.

Lastly, Ford turns to Tai & Agumon, Takato & Guilmon, Terra, Locke, Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go! "And finally, you dudes are going to get the southern piece."

"Sweet!" said Tai.

"Really?" Go!Raven said. Raven looks at her chibi counterpart.

"Looks like we'll be teaming up in getting to know you counterparts more." Robin said to the Go! versions.

"It will be most delighted to talk one another." Starfire said to Go!Starfire while the latter giggles in response.

"Sounds like you look shiny." Said Go!Cyborg to Cyborg.

"Yeah, but you look more blocky to me." Cyborg sarcastically joked.

"Dude! You look tall!" Go!Beastboy cried out to Beastboy.

"Haha." Beastboy replied. "And your attitude is like mines."

Ford & Gardevoir, Madoka, Lightning, The Critic, and The Nerd watch their heroes ready to go.

"It's been settled." Said Ford.

"This will be a special mission to all, but hazardous so stay put." Said Lightning.

"Make sure you kick some ass!" the Critic cried out. "Oh and you all look ridiculous!"

"Be careful and stay safe!" said Madoka.

(End Theme)

"So, you ready my protégé?" Tai smiled to Takato.

"I'm totally am!" the Tamer happily responded.


The Legion of Doom, a group consists of the most infamous villains. Their headquarters is a huge dome at a swamp, as they are plotting their next move.

Burizalor, a knockoff of Frieza and enemy of the Ascendants, is drinking wine and talks to his cohorts: Virus, a knockoff of Cell. Slade, arch nemesis of the Teen Titans. The Brain, leader of The Brotherhood of Evil. And of course Megatron (Transformers Prime), leader of the Decepticons.

"I prefer working independently, but teaming up seems to reduce my boredom." Said Slade.

"Yes yes, but we have never heard of such power from Kaiser Ghidorah." Said Burizalor. "Once we get all four parts, I will have my revenge at Taichi and his band of fools."

"It would be a matter of time before we can control him for world conquest." Added Megatron.

"That too." Agreed Burizalor before laughing. "Let us have our forces split like our oppositions do."


(Kingdom Hearts 2 – Organization XIII)

In another dimension, an infamous duo is watching the recent events. They are the ones that instigate the seven-day Dawn of Chaos. The names are Sailor Charon and The Prophet, leaders of Paradias.

Sailor Charon evilly chuckled, "A glorious idea in reviving Kaiser Ghidorah. This shall be good."

"Indeed, my love." Said The Prophet. "His coming will bring more chaos throughout the universe."

Just then, a long, demonic cobra digimon slithers to meet his commanders. His name is KingBasiliskmon, longtime enemy of Himura Tsubasa.

Then an armored horned knight named Garland appear as well. Apparently, he feel that Sailor Charon is more chaotic than Chaos of the Dissidia verse.

"Yes.." KingBasiliskmon hissed. "Although I'm the only 'old member', I can still put to use of your..aggendda."

"It appears we are all set." Said Garland.

"Along the fact we have new allies." Replied Charon as she showed Prophet, Garland, and King Basiliskmon silhouette figures of these said allies.

A demon hellhound with sextuple legs, a shadowy black panther, a demented race car driver, a tall red skin demon with long white hair and horns, a long haired legendary ninja, a fiendish magical jester, a long haired young man with girlish clothing, a green multi-headed dragon, a multi-armed woman with a snake's body below the waist, a blue squid fiend, an earthly undead lord, and a group of woodland animals.

"It begins now." Sailor Charon giggled like a girl trapped in an adult's body.

(End Theme)


(Utada Hikaru – COLORS)


First chapter done, it's just another crossover quest and so.

Tai (Digimon Fusion Kai) and Takato (YuYuGiDigiMoon) here is that the former will see the later as a new protégé like the original D-Fusion stories (the actual stories don't have that kind of relationship, even though they are friends).

I have some fun fleshing out Himura and Phillipe's friendship, and the Teen Titans and their Go! counterparts interact.

For YuYuGiDigiMoon reference; I can see that Ford (which is my OC Avatar) & Gardevoir are like the Ryo & Cyberdramon, the Critic & Nerd are like Omegamon & Imperialdramon, Lightning might be like Buster Blader, and Madoka to Sailor Cosmos.

Now another adventure waits of three groups: Good, Evil, and Chaotic Evil; set out to find the four pieces. Desire to destroy them, or reviving the Rajita warlord.

Might take some time to have more chaps due to my other summer plans.