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(Haruka Kanata – Unlimits)


The Dawn of Ghidorah

Act IV


Murky Swamp

(Pokepark 2 Wonders Beyond – Wish Park (Power Zone) )

Rika & Renamon, Celes, Zidane, and Kotori Ayami & Seadramon are in a foggy swamp like area with lots of grove trees. They were searching for hours since the near fog loses their sightings.

"Man I can't see anything!" Zidane complained.

"Yeah right, this reminds the fact that I was blinded." Seadramon said sarcastically.

Renamon warned, "We better find the piece before the fog envelopes us."

As soon as they continue to search, they saw a serpentine like figure in a tree branch, with asian dragon features. It slithers and gliding one tree to another.

"That must be it. I sense its energy." Renamon said.

Suddenly, a dragon's roar is heard, which alerts the heroes.

"Wh-What is that?" Celes cried out.

Kotori look up in the sky, noticing a black wyvern alongside an evil warrior. It turns out to be MizuSeiryumon riding Alduindramon. "I think we have company."

(Music Ends)

Alduindramon notices the heroes below and deeply growls, "Ah, a battle waits. I, Alduindramon, will smite you all to the ground!"

The evil dramon then breathes fire at the heroes.

"INCOMING!" Kotori shouted that she and her comrades dodge the flames. The fire clears out the fogs a little, and also set the trees on fire. Which of course, the dragon piece attempts to escape.

"You think we can take him?" Celes questioned that she draws her sword.

"Of course we can!" Zidane smirked as he brandished his daggers. "

(Elder Scrolls Skyrim – Boss Theme 2)

Rika becomes Seirika, while Renamon warp digivolves to Sakuyamon straight away. Both armed with a trident and priest staff respectively.

Kotori becomes the Valkyrie Brunhilde, while Seadramon digivolves to MetalSeadramon.

Alduindramon flies down and cast a windstorm at the heroes, while MizuSeiryumon fires ice shards at them. However, the heroes tried their best to block the attacks. MizuSeiryumon then lunge at Seirika, who the later blocks his attack.

"Rika!" Sakuyamon shouted to her partner.

"Don't worry about me!" Seirika cried out. "Fight that dragon!"

As she said that; Brunhilde, Sakuyamon, MetalSeadramon, Celes, and Zidane turn their attention to Alduindramon with determination.

"River of Power!" MetalSeadramon fires an energy cannon from his snout at the dragon. Alduindramon breaths ice to instantly freezes the incoming attack, and then swipes MetalSeadramon hard with his tail.

Brunhile flies towards the dragon, "You'll pay for hurting my friend!" She then strikes Alduindramon with her holy blade.

"GAH!" Alduindramon hurts a little. Then the evil beast notice Sakuyamon above doing a 'Thunder Kick' at him, but the dragon evades in the last second and flies up.

Celes fires a Blizzaga at Alduindramon, knowing that dragons are usually weak to ice.

"You think a mere ice attack can stop me!?" Alduindramon shouted as he does a shout to repel the ice.

"Oh god, it won't work!" worried Celes.

"Leave it to me!" Zidane said as he rushed and jumps to slash the dragon with his daggers. Alduindramon attacks with his foot claws, but Zidane swiftly evades.

"Hold still you monkey!" the evil dragon growled in anger.

Zidane continues to dodge from Alduindramon's claws till he lands a blow on the dragon. Angered, Alduindramon fires a fireball that hit Zidane to the ground.

As soon as Alduindramon strikes again, Brunhilde stands aside to duel the beast.

"It's just you and me, asshole." Brunhilde hardened.

(Music Ends)

Meanwhile in distance, there are four Paradais members observing the battle ahead. A legendary ninja with long black hair, and crimson armor named Madara Uchiha. Another is a humanoid blue squid, which is the Water Fiend named Kraken. Next is a sinister jester with a colorful dress, purple lipstick, and blond hair named Kefka. And finally is a girlish white hair, young man with feminine clothing named Kuja.

"Oh! I think we seen some fireworks today!" Kefka happily said with a tint of wickedness.

"Two villains confronting females, my brother, and a sea dragon?" Kuja questioned. "That's what the odds are."

"Come on, we are doing some destruction right now!" Kefka cried out.

"Let them have the fun." Madara ordered. "Then we'll strike when the time comes."

Back in the battlefield, Seirika continues to fight MizuSeiryumon. Sakuyamon and company watches Brunhilde dueling Alduindramon himself.

(Fairy Tale – Erza's Theme)

"I never knew a valkyrie can go head to head with a dragon like myself." Alduindramon said.

"My friend, Himura Tsubasa has an ancestor in Norse times named Siegfried." Brunhilde retorted. "He is the one that slays the dragon, Fafnir. If he can do it, so can I."

After she said that, Brunhilde transforms into Dai-Valkyrie by a power boost. Outrage, Alduindramon flies and attempts to crunch the warrior. Dai-Valkyrie Brunhilde blocks his mouth, then hits the dragon many times, causing Alduindramon to back away. Brunhilde fires holy rays at Alduindramon, but the dragon fires molten fireballs at them, causing small explosions.

"So this is what the power of the Valkyrie feels like." Celes said in awe.

"Indeed." Sakuyamon said. "For what I can observe in power length, Madoka and other magic girls acquainted with her are actually weaker than the Senshi and the Valkyies. However, the Valkyries' might is even greater, because the Senshi once get their power ups traced from them."

"Then these descendants came from these mystical angels are indeed legendary." MetalSeadramon said since he recovers from Alduindramon's attack.

Sakuyamon nodded. Seirika is seen defeating MizuSeiryumon and walks towards the watchful heroes. "What did I miss?"

The valkyrie and the dragon continue their duel in the skies. Eventually, Alduindramon has enough of this. Roaring loudly, Alduindramon flies up and conjures a meteor storm, which five meteors attempt to crash down to Brunhilde. Then the dai-valkyrie flies to slash down each meteor with her sword clean, which shocks Alduindramon. She strikes the dragon to the ground. Brunhilde glides down to confront her defeated opponent.

(Music Ends)

"Had enough, dragon?" Brunhilde said.

Alduindramon gazed at the valkyrie with sheer ferocity, "Never, this is just the begi-."

(Castlevania Portrait of Ruin – Thirst For Blood)

Just then, Alduindramon's words are interrupted by a spell controlling his mind. The dragon roars as he attempts to resist. The heroes wonder what cause this.

They sense an evil power behind the source, and saw Paradais approaching.

"It's Paradais!" Sakuyamon shouted.

"Kefka must have join them!" Celes cried out as she remembers the mad clown well.

"And so does my brother, Kuja!" Zidane shouted.

"Oh Zidane, it's nice to see you again." Kuja said as he's the one that's brainwashing Alduindramon, reminding that he once controlled Bahamut. "I'm afraid the Ghidorah piece belongs to us."

"Yeah, and you won't even have any!" Kefka laughed.

Alduindramon is fully under Paradais' control and growls, MizuSeiryumon slowly watches in horror as he teleports away by the ground bridge.

"Madara, you do the honors and I'll have this dragon for you." Kuja said.

"Hmph. If you insist." Madara calmly said as he unleashes a powerful jutsu that fires huge wood branches which ensnares the heroes.

"AH! We're trapped!" Brunhilde struggles to free.

"Let us go you bastards!" Zidane ordered.

The wood branches spread like a wildfire till it reaches the dragon piece, instantly trapping it.

"NO!" Sakuyamon shouted.

"YES! It's ours for the taking!" Kefka said.

"The jester is right." Kuja said. "We must be leaving now."

"TATA!" Kefka insults them.

Kuja, Madara, Alduindramon, Kefka, and Kraken disappear to headquarters along with the Ghidorah piece.

(Music Ends)

The heroes eventually break free from Madara's wood jutsu and are saddened by the loss.

"No.." Kotori muttered as she's back to normal. "We failed."

"Not quite." Sakuyamon said as he reverts to Renamon. "The others might found the pieces, but if it goes to Paradais will have dire consequences."

"Besides, it's awesome that you handled that dragon, Kotori!" Zidane said with a big smile.

"Thanks." Kotori said. "I think."


Unknown Dimension

Madara, Kefka, Kuja, Kraken, and the controlled Alduindramon return to headquarters where Charon and the Prophet are waiting. They handed over the dragon Ghidorah piece to them.

"What has taken you so long?" demanded Charon. "Our southern forces lost the piece to the heroes."

"We have that artifact as you suggested." Said Kuja. "Along with controlling a dragon for Madara in good use."

Madara remains stoic despite this action, "Why am I part of this?" he asks to Charon.

"Because I recruited you for a greater purpose besides your legacy." She answered. "We could have chosen Tobi, but you are more special instead.

"Chaos. Hmph." Madara said, "Certain you brag that word make you a lousy fool."

As the ninja along with Alduindramon walks away, Charon seethes at his defiance and thinks.

"Damn him! Who does he think he is!?"

"Do not waste your anger on him, my love. We still need the pieces for our goal." The Prophet said.

The dark senshi calms down, "Your right."


(Utada Hikaru – COLORS)


Man, Alduindramon is a tough opponent for the girls, Zidane, and Seadramon, though Kotori stands out all the way.

This confirms it; the Sailor Senshi and Valkyries are stronger than the Puella Magical Girls. However, the valkyries have some potential, and we will eventually see it in the upcoming Valkyrie's Advent fic of Kanius' YYGDM.

Paradais has won this round, and the next chapter will see Tai and company getting the final piece.

Okay, so about Madara controlling Alduindramon, I was inspired of a fanart in deviantart with the ninja and Alduin together.

It's nice to see someone (Madara) flipping off Charon and care less about her mightiness. Why, because he's one of the most badass ninjas in history.