The Rajita lord revives, more battles, what else is new?


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

(Final Fantasy 9 – Summoning Bahamut)

The day is here, Kaiser Ghidorah returns in a new form. His draconic three heads roar to the skies. Ghidorah flies around which causes a wildfire to South Park, and breathes electrical fire at the buildings, causing mass destruction. Heroes, villains, and civilians scatter in avoiding the firestorm. Levitating, the monster gives sheer pleasure to his actions.


South Park, Colorado/Neighborhoods

The energy in distance even inflicts Sailor Charon, which she feels a little blood coming out of her lips, but she smirks without concern.

"Yes Ghidorah, you even affect the avatar of chaos herself."

(End Theme)

As soon as Charon & Prophet decides to teleport to the town, the four South Park boys continue their witness Ghidorah's rampage. They saw Butters still trapped in the bubble.

"Butters!" Kyle worried. "Good lord what happen to you?!"

"Some lady just traps me here!" Butters explained.

"Whoa! That reminds me of the time with Mecha Striestein!" Stan recalled in witnessing Ghidorah's carnage.

"Well that bitch is going to pay for this!" Cartman proclaimed. "I have found the solution to help those heroes."

"And that is?" Kyle said.

"Using those weapons from that anime episode." Cartman answered.

"How the hell are they supposing to work?" Kyle demands the fat boy.

"Well just recently, some voice appears in my dreams about Four Beasts and whatnot. That's all I have." Cartman explained. "But it also states that I should bring you guys together for something cool to happen."

"Oh that figures." Kyle scoffed.

"Well we have no choice." Stan stated. "Let's go to Cartman's house if what he said is true."

The four boys walk away to Cartman's House, leaving poor Butters behind.

"Hey! What about me?"


(Haruka Kanata – Unlimits)


The Dawn of Ghidorah



South Park, Colorado/Town Hall

Charon & Prophet shows up in front of Burizalor & Virus, much to the villains' dismay. Omega X, BlazeGallantmon, Kaiba and his team are surprised. GalacticNova X just seethes in fury in looking at more cockroaches.

"It's the Paradais duo!" Kaiba shouts in surprise. "They cause this mess!"

"As if things couldn't get any worse!" Omega X said.

Burizalor defiantly shouts at Charon and Prophet, "You fools took away my opportunity by cheating!"

Charon insults the tyrant, "Oh boo hoo, Burizalor. We are always one step ahead."

"That was my line!" Kaiba shouted.

Ignoring the CEO's words, Charon said to Burizalor, "And besides, we are taking over the show."

With that, Sailor Charon and Prophet combine their powers in conjuring a black hole in the sky; which sucks Burizalor, Virus, GalacticNova X, and the remaining Daleks in.

"NO!" Virus bellowed.

GalacticNova X tries to resist, but unfortunately is succumb to the black hole's effects.


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

The black hole manage to suck Megatron, Slade, The Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Madame Rouge, General Immortus, ShenPeacockmon, HiSuzakumon, Red DD Girl, KazeByakkomon, MizuSeiryumon, ChiGenbumon, Starscream, Alduindramon, Weather Dopant, and the remaining Vehicons as well.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING!?" Megatron shouts before pulling in.

"Master!" Starscream said. "We are being removed!"

"Well, that is unexpected." Slade's only words before being sucked in. Robin and Go!Robin are dumbfounded.

HiSuzakumon and DD Girl hold each other before they are sucked in.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" KingBasiliskmon laughs at ShenPeacockmon sucking to the black hole. "Looks like I get the last laugh!"

Brunhilde watched as the injured Alduindramon is being removed from battle. The rest of the YYGDM-01 heroes sense that Paradais is behind all this.

"So they did it, Charon and Prophet have show up." Henbu muttered.

"What the heck is that about?" Vanellope questioned.

"It means we are in big trouble." Henbu ask the glitch girl.

Ford and Gardevoir watch the chaotic result.

"This is bad news." Ford said. "We have to get back to headquarters in asking Madoka's assistance."

"Agreed." Gardevoir stated.

The couple teleport away without anyone noticing.


Outside of Legion of Doom Headquarters

The black hole warps all the villains by falling to the swamps real hard. Everyone is being piled up and are totally injured.

Burizalor seethes in anger, "Damn them. DAMN THEM ALL!"


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

As soon as it's been settled, while Kaiser Ghidorah continues his rampage, Garland rallies the Paradais forces (KingBasiliskmon, DexInumon, Black Panther, Turbo, Trigon, Kefka, Kuja, Tiamat, Marilis, Kraken, and Lich) together for another round.

The heroes (Seirika & Sakuyamon, Henbu & MegaGargomon, Himmako & YoukaiInumon, Valkyrie Brunhilde & MetalSeadramon, Light Jaguar, Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, Wreck it Ralph, Vanellope, Optimus Prime, Terra, Celes, Locke, Zidane, and Kamen Rider Double Xtreme) regroup themselves.

"Now that we accomplish the mission, Paradais will be proud to see my full power!" Garland bellowed. "Behold the combine force of the Four Fiends!"

As soon as the corrupted knight said that, the bodies of Tiamat, Marilish, Kraken, and Lich (which they stop their fight against Sakuyamon & MegaGargomon) have been convert to energy (the colors are green, red, blue, and yellow respectively) that is send to Garland. He felt the immense power and starts to transform into a huge winged demon. He is the original Chaos (Final Fantasy 1), and it's not the same one from the Dissidia verse. The heroes are aghast of what they are up against.

"As Chaos! I will destroy you all insects!" the demon proudly shouted.

"GOD! You are such a coward in waiting for the perfect time!" Himmako retorts to the demon.

KingBasiliskmon steps in, Himmako and YoukaiInumon stare in anger at the snake.

"I hope your satisfied, Himura along your mangy mutt!" KingBasiliskmon hissed. "Because I have a new ability to show just for you, DIGI XROS!"

"WHAT!?" Himmako yelled in big surprised. "You can do that!?"

As soon as the snake said that, the gem on his forehead glows. DexInumon is fusing with him to become a monstrosity of both Himura and Inumon's nightmares. The cobra hood is replaced by red and black spikes, the scaly body becomes blackish purple, and his forehead is armored up by Death-X metal chrome. Plus, he now has four eyes like DexInumon.

"I am now called DexBasiliskmon!" the deathly serpent shouts.

"You fucking snake ass…" That is all what Himmako proclaimed to his old enemy.

"Not if we can Beast BioMerge, Himura!" YoukaiInumon said to his partner. "I don't care if my past continues to haunt me!"

"Right, let's do it!"

Himmako and YoukaiInumon BioMerge into the tiger warrior, AuroraInumon. He and DexBasiliskmon stare at each other for a personal battle.

"You're going down, because I had it with these motherfucking basilisks in this motherfucking plane!" AuroraInumon proclaims and rips of a movie quote.

"Err, wrong movie Himura." Byakko said in his mind.

"Hey it's just a figure of speech." Himura's voice said.

Seirika & Sakuyamon fused to become StormSakuyamon, Henbu & MegaGargomon become QuakeGargomon. MetalSeadramon side evolves into Leviamon, which he once absorbed the Mao King's data back in the Dawn of Chaos event. StormSakuyamon, QuakeGargomon, Brunhilde, Leviamon, Optimus Prime, and Kamen Rider Xtreme are up against Chaos.

"We're going up against one boss, you guys all equipped?" StormSakuyamon said as the leader of the mini-group.

They nodded at the Beast BioMerger in going to fight.

"Here for one more round, lugnut?" Turbo taunts to Wreck-it Ralph.

"You ask for it the last time!" Ralph shouts to the demented racer. Vanellope has gotten the giant's back.

The Light Jaguar and Black Panther stare at each other, as if big cats are ready to rip each others throats.

"Looks like we are getting serious here, Zidane." Kuja said, as he transforms into Trance mode, which his body is covered in crimson fur.

"I was going to say that here." Zidane replies back as he went to Trance, which his fur becomes pinkish purple. He brandishes his daggers in going against Trance Kuja.

"I will have a chance in destroying all life and dreams!" Kefka shouts, as he transforms into the God of Magic, which he's a half angel and demon deity.

"Kefka, with our combine powers. We will put an end to your madness." Terra proclaims with determined hope as she transforms into her Esper form. Celes and Locke back her up.

The Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! are facing Trigon once more.

Trigon states, "Kaiser Ghidorah has been revived. Nothing can stop him."

Robin retorts back, "Not if we can stop you first!"

Trigon then laughs, "You may recall that experience, where you will face your worst enemies!"

Trigon then spawns eight energies, forming the dark halves of the Teen Titans (the same ones of The End episodes), but with the additions of the Teen Titans Go! alongside the Robins except the Ravens for obvious reasons. Yes; they are NegaStarfire, NegaBeastboy, NegaCyborg, and NegaRobin. NegaGo!Robin, NegaGo!Starfire, NegaGo!Beastboy, and NegaGo!Cyborg.

"Aww not again!" Cyborg cried out.

"And they added us in a notch!" Go!Cyborg reacts the same as his mainstream counterpart.

"Guess he now added me on his list." Robin said sarcastically. NegaRobin smirks at his good counterpart evilly.

"Why didn't he created an evil me?" Go!Raven inquired. "Oh just because I'm his daughter."

"You mean 'we'." Raven said to her chibi counterpart.


South Park, Colorado/Town Hall

(GMK – King Ghidorah God of the Sky Theme)

Back with the Paradais duo facing Omega X, BlazeGallantmon, and Kaiba Corp.

"How does it feel?" Charon taunted, "Seeing you all fail in vain."

The Prophet takes off his hood, revealing the face of a blond hair man named Jeremiah Grand. However, he still speaks in his Prophet tone by adding, "What are you all going to do now?"

"Simple." Omega X proclaims. "We'll take down your asses."

"But Tai!" BlazeGallantmon said. "We fought them, and it took ALL OF US alongside Sailor Cosmos to subdue them."

"I know. But we have no choice." Omega X replied to his protégé.

"Takato! We'll hold down Ghidorah while you deal with these assholes!" Kaiba shouted.

"Are you sure about that?" BlazeGallantmon worried.

"I'm positive." Kaiba said with a smirk formed with his Blue Eyes body. "Because screw their rules!"

Kaiba (Blue Eyes White Dragon), Lyn (Blue Eyes Toon Dragon), Max (Black Luster Soldier), and Sam (Chaos Emperor Dragon) left in facing Kaiser Ghidorah. Omega X and BlazeGallantmon face off with Charon and Prophet. In fact, this is the first time that Omega X will fight these villains.

Omega X and BlazeGallantmon powers up and rush in trying to land a blow on the Paradais duo. The evil couple teleports behind and fires a dark beam at them. The Ascendant and Beast BioMerger sees this and fires Terra Beam and Shield Beam respectively, which causes both blasts to explode and destroys many windows.

Omega X stares at Charon and Prophet and thinks, "These guys are powerful. Way out their league."

Charon replied as a mind reader, "I heard that. Knowing you Ascendants are nothing but brute warriors. Especially I once controlled Dimitri!"

The Ascendant recalled Angemon X telling him about this and seethes, "Playing with his heart and mind games on Karin is sickening."

Omega X charges at Sailor Charon and tries to land in many punches and kicks; the dark senshi evades and smiles evilly. Finally, Omega X lands a ferocious punch on Charon's face, but it did little effect, much to the Ascendant's surprise.

"Nice try." Charon said before using her staff to nearly pierce Omega X's stomach. The Ascendant has gasp in pain.

"TAI!" BlazeGallantmon cried out before The Prophet blocks his path. "Get out of the way!" BlazeGallantmon lands a blow on him with his lance. The Prophet took little damage and fires a chain of lightning at the knight.


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

Kaiser Ghidorah fires electric beams at the buildings, and then he notices Seto and his team coming to challenge the Rajita's authority.


Kaiba and Lyn fire their Burst Streams of Destruction. Chaos Emperor Dragon fires a dark beam, while Black Luster Soldier fires a sonic shockwave. The blasts explode on Ghidorah upon impact. As the smoke clear, the heroes are shocked that Kaiser Ghidorah take no damage! Ghidorah fires electric beams at them, sending them flying to the ground! Kaiba and company turn back to normal upon being knock out real hard.

(Theme Ends)

(Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – Knives and Shadows)

Cyborg and NegaCyborg blast their sonic cannons, and proceed to heavily punch each other in the face.

Beastboy and NegaBeastboy transform into a T-Rex and Spinosaurus respectively and clash one another, making their attempts in biting each other's throats.

Robin and NegaRobin clash with their weapons. They put up an equal fight that they land in martial blows by punching and blocking.

"I always knew I'm facing my worse enemy." Robin seethes.

"Yeah, like the fact that you cried at your parents' death." NegaRobin taunted. "Oh you Dick, they fell down like loser acrobats while you did nothing!"

Growling in rage, Robin fights back with ferocity.

Go!Robin and NegaGo!Robin stare at each other, only that they hilariously slap each other in the face.

NegaStarfire chases Starfire as both fire their starbolts at each other. Go!Starfire fires her starbolts at NegaGo!Starfire. Getting hurt, NegaGo!Starfire flies in delivering a punch to Go!Starfire. Go!Starfire retaliates back by delivering a punch and fires her eye beams.

Raven, Go!Raven faces off against Trigon.

"AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!" Raven and Go!Raven cried out by combining their powers in firing at Trigon. The demon backs off and fires energy blasts at them, only the Azarath girls have dodge.

"You seem quite impressive for a pair of roaches." Trigon stated.

Raven replied, "You're not staying on this plane any longer, father."

Go!Cyborg fights off NegaGo!Cyborg.

"Come on! You gotta do better than that!" NegaGo!Cyborg taunted.

"JESUS your worse than my mom!" Go!Cyborg insults back before attacking.

Then, Beastboy and NegaBeastboy became Werebeasts and launch their claws at each other. NegaBeastboy bites Beastboy on the right shoulder, but Beastboy pulls him out with a slash on his evil counterpart's face.

"Hang on!" Go!Beastboy cried out before NegaGo!Beastboy step in. Smirking, the chibi evil counterpart transforms into an elephant and chase down Go!Beastboy who turns into a cheetah.

(Final Fantasy 1 – Chaos (Final Boss Theme) )

Chaos (Final Fantasy) tries to take down the heroes with a tornado, only they evade in a first to last second phase. Kamen Rider Xtreme strikes first with his Prism blade, critically hit Chaos. The demon swipes him away, only he's saved by Optimus Prime. Optimus fires his cannons at Chaos, but the demon fires a flare attack which hit the autobot. QuakeGargomon and StormSakuyamon launch an earthquake waterfall combo on Chaos.

"Impudent insects!" Chaos bellowed, as he launches a tsunami at both Beast BioMergers.

Next its Brunhilde riding Leviamon, which the good Mao King uses Rostrum in crunching Chaos, while Brunhilde fires a holy combination of fire and ice attacks on Chaos. Chaos retaliates with another huge flare attack, sending them flying a little.

AuroraInumon faces off against DexBasiliskmon. The Dex-Digimon repeatedly bites down AuroraInumon with his fangs, only that the Beast BioMerger keeps blocking them in return.

"DEX MAELSTORM!" DexBasiliskmon shouted, as he summons purple lasers above the clouds in firing at AuroraInumon like raindrops. The hero dodges each one until one of them hits him directly. Injured and angered, AuroraInumon looks to see DexInumon sneers as the snake headbutts him with support from his armored hide to do extra damage.

Light Jaguar and Black Panther continued their acrobat battle as usual.

The Trance genomes: Zidane and Kuja fought valiantly and ferociously. Trance Zidane fires Free Energy on Trance Kuja.

Trance Kuja counters, "Here comes the finale, Zidane!" He fires Ultima at Trance Zidane, that the monkey tailed thief evades every magic missile.

Esper Terra, Celes, and Locke fire Ultima, Blizzaga, and Flare at God Kefka. Taking damage, Kefka returns the favor by casting Forsaken, doing heavy damage to his foes. Kefka laughs like a hyena.

"Grr..Damn him!" Locke retorted.

"We still won't give up!" Terra said with determination.

Ralph and Vanellope resume their feud against Turbo, which the racer keeps dodging many of Ralph's smashes. Vanellope backs up Ralph by distracting Turbo again with her glitches.

As the fight against Chaos wages on, QuakeGargomon speaks to himself, "Wait a minute, where's Ford and Gardevoir?"

(Theme Ends)


Heroes Unlimited Headquarters

(Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core – The Water's Surface)

Gardevoir & Ford teleport to headquarters in meet up with Madoka, Lightning, Nostalgia Critic, and Angry Video Game Nerd.

"Guys we need our help!" Ford asked.

"Okay so you come all this way, just because an evil couple revives that Ghidorah ripoff by cheating." The Critic states, and then yells. "You know that doesn't make sense! IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE!"

"But we're worried about what is happening out there." Lightning said. "Something must be done."

While they were debating, they saw the monitor of Omega X and BlazeGallantmon getting their asses' kick by Sailor Charon and Prophet. They look especially worried indeed.

"If we're going to fight these Paradais fucks, then we need a fucking secret weapon." The Nerd said.

Ford then recalls, "And we've got one."

Ford & Gardevoir and the Heroes Unlimited leaders head to a huge secret basement by elevator. Inside stores a giant robot called a Jaeger.

"This huge mecha is designed by the military across the world in facing Kaijus. We kinda borrowed one, due to the movie coming out next month. Pacific Rim I mean." Ford explained.

"That looks so big.." Madoka widens at the witness of the Jaeger.

"Oh please. Another monster movie with giant robots?" The Critic scoffs.

Ford then asked Madoka, "Say I have a suggestion, we can use the Silver Crystal on the mecha as a new power source and could be effective against Ghidorah."

Madoka answered, "That's a great idea!"

Lightning added, "Hope this better work. While you and your girlfriend piloted the Jaeger, WE are facing Charon and Prophet."

"I get dips on facing the hooded freak!" Critic stated.

"And you're going to bring criticism to him with your words." The Nerd joked.

"NERD!" The Critic humorously offends in anger.

"Stop lashing your asses on one another and concentrate on what's going on!" Lightning scorns at Critic and Nerd.

"Yes mam!" Critic and Nerd said to Lightning.

Ford turns to Gardevoir, "Ready?"

Gardevoir replied, "I am sure showing my protection no matter what."

Afterwards, the Silver Crystal is added inside the Jaeger's energy source. Ford & Gardevoir are inside the cockpit, as their minds are connected in having the mecha activate. The Jaeger stands in full power. Madoka and the rest are awed.

Ford & Gardevoir piloting the Jaeger, Madoka, Lightning, Critic, and Nerd are prepared for battle.

(Theme Ends)


South Park, Colorado/Cartman's House

Meanwhile, the boys find the weapons in Cartman's room at the closet.

"Okay you have the weapons, now what?" Kyle asked.

Then they hear a sudden voice which surprises the boys except Cartman.

"Welcome my young friends. I brought you four in reinforcing the good forces by facing the great threat."

"Hey, he sounded like Morpheus from The Matrix movies." Stan said.

"Well my dream did come true do you Kyle!" Cartman said.

"Shut up!" Kyle shouts at Cartman.

"As I was saying, taking the red or blue pill. But you are only going to use these powers temporary."

"Sounds like a good deal to us." Stan said.

"Very well. I will deputize you all!"

The voice has the weapons transforms the boys into their manly anime versions in that anime parody episode, but there are sudden differences.

Stan's clothing has Seirika's color scheme. "I am called Stanryu!"

Cartman has Henbu's color scheme. "I call myself Genman!"

Kenny's appearance has Suzakato's color scheme and muffed, "I am Kenzaku!"

Finally, Kyle has Himmako's color scheme up to the attitude. "And I'm Byakyle!"

"Thanks for the powers, dude!" Genman said. "Now let's roll!"

The four flew off while destroying the roof. Cartman's Mom is heard.

"Eric hon! Are you okay up there?"


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

(Yugioh – Egyptian God Monsters 0:58 – 2:03)

"Time to show you my full power!" Raven said, that she has her robe become pure white, showing that her emotions are unlocked to the fullest potential.

Go!Raven is somehow connected to this power, as her robe changes to white as well, much to his impression, "Cool."

"ENOUGH! This ends now!" Trigon angrily bellowed at the sight of his daughter's full power.

"Let's finish this, father!" White Raven shouts back at her archnemesis.

White Raven charges her energy with the help from the Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! Go!White Raven supports her.

Trigon does the same with the energy feed from the Nega Teen Titans and Nega Teen Titans Go!

"AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!" White Raven shouted as she blast a white beam at Trigon. The giant demon roars as he fires a red beam. Both energies clash one another and are locking in a huge beam struggle. Raven's allies supported her in giving a push, while Trigon's minions do the same.

After a brief struggle, White Raven pushes back onto Trigon and the Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go! evil counterparts.

"NOOOOOOO!" Trigon bellowed.

(Theme Ends)

And with that, Trigon and his minions are destroyed. White Raven and Go!White Raven turns back to normal.

"You did it Rae!" Cyborg congratulates. Beastboy gives a big smile.

"Yeah." Raven smiles. "I beat Trigon once again."

"Sooo…" Go!Beastboy questioned. "How did you do that?"

"Don't ask." Go!Raven simply states.

(GMK – King Ghidorah God of the Sky Theme)

As Ghidorah continues his rampage, he saws more oppositions coming by: The Deputized Beast Tamers! Kaiser Ghidorah roars angrily because these four remind him of the Beast Tamers back in the first Rajita invasion.

"We got his attention all right." Byakyle said sarcastically.

"Yeah because he's gonna respect my authority!" Genman said that he spoke authority in his different tone.

The Deputized Boys launch their parry attacks on Ghidorah. Kaiser Ghidorah fires his beams at them, but they evade every time.

Stanryu fires his Hadouken that shapes like a blue Chinese dragon in hitting Kaiser Ghidorah.

Kenzaku throws fire shurikens at the Rajita Kaiju.

Genman summons large boulders and telekinesis moves them in hitting Ghidorah's heads.

Byakyle then sprints and does crushing claw combos at Ghidorah's body, which cause him to back off a little.

"Had enough!?" Genman taunted.

The Four Boys continue to launch their mystic attacks with everything they got, until Kaiser Ghidorah got pissed and sends a huge fiery explosion wave at them, brutally knocking them to buildings and into the ground in defeat. Even their new deputized powers are proven no match for the revived Rajita.


South Park, Colorado/Town Hall

Omega X and BlazeGallantmon are lying on the ground injured. They look above to see Sailor Charon and Prophet staring at them like helpless creatures.

"It can't end like this…!" Omega X said.

"I believe it's the end for you." Sailor Charon said. "It's been nice knowing you, Omega X."

As Charon and Prophet are about to launch a blast at the defeated opponents, a portal opens…

(Theme Ends)

(Final Fantasy 6 – Locke)

…revealing Madoka, Lightning, Nostalgia Critic, and Angry Video Game Nerd. Alongside the giant Jaeger piloted by Ford & Gardevoir, towering over Charon & Prophet.

"Just in time!" Omega X smiled.

"Are you guys okay!?" Madoka said while she heals Omega X and BlazeGallantmon.

"Better than never thanks to you guys." Omega X replied.

Charon and Prophet could care less about the mecha intimidating them. However, Sailor Charon looks at Madoka Kaname.

"Oh so you showed up." Charon said before bursting in laughter like the haughty bitch she is.

"What's so funny!?" Omega X demanded.

Charon continues to laugh, "I mean, we encounter the strengths of the Sailor Senshi and the awakened Valkyrie Brunhilde. But this? She and her band of girly girls are not even the level of ME and Sailor Cosmos!"

Madoka becomes ashamed of Charon's sheer insult. Omega X and BlazeGallantmon are disgusted.

"Don't listen to her." Lightning said to Madoka in lightening her up.

"We'll take things from here." The Critic said.

"You go on with that mech and kick Ghidorah's fucking ass." The Nerd said.

"Thanks guys!" BlazeGallantmon said.

Sailor Charon and Prophet look at the Jaeger, doubting it would work against Kaiser Ghidorah.

Omega X and BlazeGallantmon fly to the shoulders of the Jaeger, and are impressed by its appearance.

"I take your piloting this thing, Ford?" Omega X said.

"Yep." Ford said inside the cockpit with Gardevoir. "It's a pretty neat robot if you ask me. Can't wait for that movie."

"I bet, but let's save it for later." Omega X said. "Right now.."

The Jaeger, Omega X, and BlazeGallantmon are heading to the direction where Kaiser Ghidorah was. All that remains are the heroes unlimited facing the Paradais duo, outside of the city hall.

(Theme Ends)


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

(Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy – Main Theme 2:52 – 5:27)

The heroes are turning the tide here.

Brunhilde unleashes her holy fire and ice attacks on Chaos; Leviamon fires a river of stream, Optimus fires his Ion Cannon which directly hits the demon, StormSakuyamon and QuakeGargomon conjoured their earthquake/waterfall combo once more on Chaos. Finally the demon being weakened by the heroes' combined might, Kamen Rider Xtreme finishes Chaos off by unleashing a tornado kick at Chaos' chest, destroying him.

DexBasiliskmon is towering the injured AuroraInumon and is about to finish him.

"This ends here, INUMON!"

AuroraInumon stares with pure determination, "Not for long!"

With that, he unleashes his tiger powers in striking down the serpent many times. DexBasiliskmon tries to turn him to stone, which the petrification effects the buildings in radius, turning them to statues. But the Beast BioMerger evades at ease, which he instantly destroys DexBasiliskmon's gem, rendering him weak.


AuroraInumon has enough of that, and fires an aurora razor wind which slices DexBasiliskmon apart, deleting him. Being defeated now three times has become a humiliating record for Basiliskmon.

After sharing many equal blows, Light Jaguar gains the upper hand, and defeats Black Panther in their personal battle.

The Black Panther begins to fade away, but not before saying, "You haven't seen the last of me. My shadow will always be part of you."

The Panther totally disappears, Light Jaguar turns back to Phillipe and sighs in relief.

After a fierce battle, Trance Zidane eventually defeats Kuja with Grand Lethal, which does 9,999 damage by a kanji firestorm at him. Both turn back to normal, signifying Kuja losing the battle and disappear.

"It doesn't have to end this way, brother." Kuja stated.

"Yeah." Zidane said with pity. "Sometimes life goes on you know."

Kuja then totally disappears.

Terra, Celes, Locke combine their powers in creating an energy ray, which vaporizes Kefka to oblivion. Esper Terra turns back to normal.

"It's all over!" Celes said.

Ralph and Vanellope have weakened Turbo long enough for Ralph to deliver a huge finishing blow on Turbo's racecar and himself. Turbo is deleted while he screams.

"WE DID IT, STINKBRAIN!" Vanellope cheered like a happy child.

(Theme Ends)

StormSakuyamon turns back to Rika & Renamon. QuakeGargomon turns back to Henry & Terriermon. AuroraInumon turns back to Himura & Inumon. Leviamon devolves back to Seadramon, and Brunhile reverts to Kotori.

"Oh not now!" Inumon cried out.

"We're not going to reach Ghidorah in time!" Rika said.

But then, they sense Omega X and BlazeGallantmon coming, along with the Jaeger.

Henry smiles, "It's up to them now."

Meanwhile, Kaiser Ghidorah is about to finish off the Beast South Park Boys.

"NOOO!" Genman cried out in defeat. "I don't wanna die here!"

"Good for you, because I died all the time!" Kenzaku muffed to Genman, even though the phoenix can revive itself.

(Ninja Tracks – Passages)

Just then Kaiser Ghidorah turn to see the Jaeger approaching. The monster growls at the sight of the huge mecha. Furthermore, he remembers BlazeGallantmon as that Beast Tamer who's his old opposition, alongside Omega X. Ghidorah smirks of going to face the Ascendant for the first time.

"This is it." Ford said. "No turning back now."


South Park, Colorado/Town Hall

Lightning, Madoka, Critic and Nerd are confronting Sailor Charon and Prophet.

"Hmm. How about we divide and set the battlegrounds elsewhere?" Charon asked before nodding to her lover. She and the Prophet created two hive dimensions which ensnares the four heroes in.

"What the hell!?" Nostalgia Critic cries out.

"What's going on!?" Lightning said.


Sailor Chaos Battlefield

The white clears out, which Madoka and Lightning are in a hive dimension, that they encounter Sailor Charon alone.

"Let's see how you face the powers of Chaos!" Sailor Charon cackled before her clothing becomes inverted, and her long hair is eternal black.

Lightning and Madoka felt the incredible strength of Sailor Chaos in her full power.


The Prophet Battlefield

Then, there's the stand off with the Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd vs The Prophet/Jeremiah, it feels like Sora and Riku vs Xemnas.

"I will not use the full extent of showing my true form. But in this stage, I alone would still destroy you both."

"Oh cut the crap and do this Kingdom Hearts thing!" the Critic interrupted as he's reminded of that familiar event.

"We're both going to kick your ass all the way down." The Nerd said before flipping the bird at The Prophet.

The Prophet brandishes two energy blades.

"Seriously, why is it have to rip-off Star Wars?" the Critic said.

Nevertheless, the Critic and Nerd brandish their lightsabers and stand against their powerful foe.


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

Pacific Rim, Omega X and BlazeGallantmon have come face to face with Kaiser Ghidorah. A final battle between a mecha with the help of an Ascendant and Beast BioMerger, and a kaiju Rajita is at hand.

The Jaeger cracks its metallic fists and does a fighting stance.

Kaiser Ghidorah's three heads screech loudly at the sight of a worth opponent.

"We will end your rampage." BlazeGallantmon stated.

"We will end your destruction." Omega X added.

Finally, Ford and Gardevoir both shouted, "AND WE WILL CANCEL YOUR APOCALYPSE!"

(End Theme)


(Utada Hikaru – COLORS)


More battles commence and it looks like I put more twists.

The four South Park boys have temporary given the powers of the Four Beasts like the Beast Tamers. It's all thanks to the mysterious source coming from the weapons that they bought back in the 'Good Times with Weapons' episode. Pretty cool huh? I choose the phoenix to Kenny because he dies and comes back to life all the time.

-Oh and the source revealer's name, he is Ouryu. Which in fact, he will be the leader of the Beast Card spirits, and is voice by Laurence Fishburne. Yes, he will appear at the climax of Dawn of Chaos, and being Ryo & Cyberdramon's spirit partner.

Big surprise, I put the concept of Pacific Rim in anticipating that movie, for giant robots fighting kaijus! Glad that Ford and Gardevoir control one of these Jaegers, while Omega X and BlazeGallantmon help them out. The concept of that movie also reminds me of Sym Bionic Titan.

Besides the main event, there are the gender battles here: Madoka and Lightning vs Sailor Chaos, and Critic and Nerd vs The Prophet.

This is it, the final battles has come!