Tomorrow is July. This is it, the final battle. Yah ready?


(Haruka Kanata – Unlimits)


The Dawn of Ghidorah

Final Act


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

The heroes, Kaiba's Team, and Deputized Beast Wielders do nothing but watch the final battle commencing. The citizens of South Park and the infamous adults inside the Town Hall witness as well; hoping that something akin to God, Jesus, or whatever can save them.

The Jaeger controlled by Ford & Gardevoir starts off by landing a direct punch on Kaiser Ghidorah's middle head, injuring him. Backing off a little, the kaiju Rajita fires electric beams at the Jaeger, but the mecha shields itself and take little damage.

The Jaeger then fires missiles, with the help of Omega X and BlazeGallantmon firing energy blasts at Ghidorah. Kaiser Ghidorah takes literal damage, and flies upward to avoid the attacks. The Rajita spread black/yellow wildfire that devastates the area, the Jaeger quickly defends itself.

Then the kaiju lunges towards the Jaeger, and has the left and right heads constrict the mecha's arms with his necks. Ghidorah's burning body starts to overheat the mecha, while the middle head attempts to bite down the Jaeger's head.

"Oh no!" Ford cried out.

The Jaeger's head moves in opposite directions in avoiding the Rajita's bite, but it can't hold much longer. Sensing the danger, Omega X flies off in knocking back Ghidorah's left head, while BlazeGallantmon fends off the right head. Ghidorah lets go of the Jaeger and growls. The Kaiju fires fireballs at them, only for Omega X and BlazeGallantmon to deflect them.

"Are you guys okay!?" BlazeGallantmon exclaimed.

"Yeah, we're fine!" Ford said. "The systems are back in function!"

"Good, because we're going to kick it up a notch." Omega X proclaims, as he powers up. His golden hair suddenly becomes long like a hedgehog. Yes, he has transformed into Level 3.

"Holy cow.." BlazeGallantmon said. Even Ford & Gardevoir are surprised.

Kaiser Ghidorah sees the Ascendant becoming stronger, and roars fiercely.

"I take it your up against Level 3. Fire against fire." Omega X calmly smirked that his tone slightly deepens.


Sailor Chaos Battlefield

Lightning and Madoka fight of Chaos despite the odds. Lightning and Sailor Chaos' weapons clash and block each other's hits. Grunted, Chaos blows Lightning away only for Madoka to save her footing, and then fires holy arrows at Chaos. Sailor Chaos counters by shielding herself with her staff with nullifies the arrows.

"You have to do better than that, Cosmos' inferior." Chaos taunts to Madoka.

Not letting their enemy teasing Madoka, Lightning then summons a mechanical horse named Odin, as she rides him to battle.

"Oh you got a horse like the valkyries, even yourself." Sailor Charon muttered.

Odin gallops around while Lightning casts Thundaga at Chaos; Madoka continues to supports her friend by shooting more arrows. Sailor Chaos took little damage, but shrugs them off only she saw Odin rushing towards her. Throwing and levitating her staff, Sailor Chaos uses her bare hands in holding down Odin!

"What the-!?" Lightning cries out a little.

Smirking evilly and using her dark magic, Chaos throws Odin and Lightning to the ground. Odin disappears, while Lightning gets up in glaring at Sailor Chaos (which she retrieves her staff).

"Perhaps this will even up the odds." Sailor Chaos said, as she instantly traps Madoka in a lavender bubble, the same move she did on Butters.

"HELP!" Madoka cried out, as she can't breakout the trap.

"MADOKA!" Lightning shouts in shock to see the pink haired girl immobilized. She swiftly turns to Sailor Chaos in sheer determination.

"Now it's just you and me, cute little kitty."

Seething in anger, Lightning charge at Sailor Chaos for this heinous act.


The Prophet Battlefield

(Kingdom Hearts 2 – Darkness of the Unknown (Final Part) )

The lightsaber duel clashes. Nostalgia Critic and Angry Video Game Nerd uses their weapons to attempt to hit Prophet, yet the cloaked man blocks and counters every move.

What seems to be a never-ending equal fight, turns the tide as Critic and Nerd uses their wits to make the Prophet back off with a combined strike. Putting away their lightsabers, the Critic and Nerd charge with their battle cry in landing punches at the Prophet.

The Prophet defends himself by creating mental barriers for each attack.

"Goddammit, fight like a man for pete's sake!" The Critic shouts at the hooded figure.

"For that matter, you two are indeed the buffoons doing nothing but criticizing video games and movies." The Prophet said.

"OH SHUT UP!" The Critic hilariously yells in anger while brandishes his pistol in firing the Prophet.

"FUCK YOU!" The Nerd rushes in delivering more punches.

Prophet took some damage, yet retaliates by evading and countering. The Nerd and Critic do the same and launch fierce kicks at the Prophet. The Prophet uses the force in backing off both of them.

"Can you spare yourselves?"

Then the Prophet launches a chain of lightning like Palpatine in electrocuting The Nostalgia Critic that he screams in pain.

"CRITIC!" The Nerd cries out, as a copy of the Prophet tries to stop him. The Nerd, however, takes it out at ease, and rushes to save the Critic by punching the Prophet real hard.

Both reviewers and Prophet recover and charge each other once again.

(End Theme)


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

The battle continues as the Jaeger and Ghidorah's heads clashes with their fists/heads. The Jaeger manages to directly land a hit on Ghidorah's left head. BlazeGallantmon leaps upward and pierces Ghidorah's middle head with his lance. The monster shrieks in pain, as he stomps and brushes the knight and weapon off.

Omega X then launches a barrage of punches at Ghidorah's fiery chest, withstanding its heat at the same time. Ghidorah cries out that he uses its wings to back off Omega X, and then he grabs a building in throwing at the Jaeger. However, the mecha smashes the building into pieces everywhere.

Cain Bearer witness the big battle in distance, yet is unimpressed. Just then, a piece of debris humorously hits his car, destroying it.

"You superheroes are going to pay for this!"

The Jaeger fires laser cannon, while Omega X fires his Terra Beam at Kaiser Ghidorah. The kaiju fires his beams in doing yet another beam struggle. It goes back and forth until the effects exploded, destroying the road and more buildings. That leaves the Heroes and Ghidorah stare briefly at each other with determination to win.


Sailor Chaos Battlefield

Lightning and Chaos clash that Lightning hits her foe with her gunblade, and then casts Ultima which directly hits her. Madoka watches on while trapped.

The black haired goddess recovers and hits Lightning with a dark ball, Lightning barely defends herself.

(Yugioh – Seal of Orichalcos)

Sailor Chaos then teleport behind and grab Lightning. She puts her right hand on her enemy's breastplate (which she's grabbing her breast), and the other hand in touching her chest.

"What's wrong? Afraid of your womanhood violated?" Chaos sneered as she whispers Lightning's left ear. "Soon you will be my slave when this is over."

Sailor Chaos then licks her ear afterwards, enjoying the inside taste of the warmth skin. Lightning however, has enough of her torture.

"STOP!" Lightning free herself and counters, "I won't LET YOU torture me and the goddess!"

Lightning continues to strike at Chaos, but finds herself weaken due to her focus being hampered by Chaos' actions.

Chaos smirks and thoughts, "Yes, my words must have drilled to your focus just like that determined Sedna."


The Prophet Battlefield

The Critic and Nerd continue their relenting assault on Prophet, to the point they are nearly close. However, the cloaked man floats upward and bellows.

"You have no chance to escape."

Prophet conjures thousands and thousands of lasers surrounding both reviewers.

"Oh great." The Critic muttered.

The lasers fire at them.

With no choice, Nerd and Critic use their lightsabers to deflect every one of them. But then, they are starting to become fatigue, and are brutally being hit by them. The lasers keep going and going till the screen fades white…

When it is all cleared, the Critic and Nerd are critically injured; blood and bruises are smeared in their bodies. They watch helplessly as the Prophet walks closer to them with his lightsabers, about to execute them..


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

The Jaeger charges at Kaiser Ghidorah, only that the Rajita lord fires a huge explosion wave that critically damages the mecha. Omega X and BlazeGallantmon are being hit as well.

"AAAHHHH!" both Ford and Gardevoir screamed.

Omega X attempts to block it, but even Level 3 proves to be useless as he is caught by the energy.

The heroes are being knocking down to the ground. Struggling to get up, they saw Kaiser Ghidorah roaring and is marching to finish them off.

"This...It can't end like this!" BlazeGallantmon cried out.


Sailor Chaos Battlefield

Things are going badly as Chaos beats up Lightning with her telekinesis movements, and then she delivers fierce slaps to her face till she blows a wave of black energy to send Lightning to the ground. Madoka watches in horror. Whereas Lightning look up to see Chaos floating above her, smiling at her defeated foe.

"Face it, Lightning." Taunted Sailor Chaos. "Your demi-god powers are no match for mines."

(Theme Ends)

Seeing enough suffering, a glimmering power has envelope in the preteen girl.

"No..Stop this! STOP THIS NOW!" Madoka shouts.

(Dragonball Z Fusion Reborn – SSJ3 Goku/Gogeta)

Suddenly, surge of white light envelopes the pink haired girl that it frees her from Chaos' bubble, levitating above, as a miracle is coming to save the day. Lightning and Chaos turn to see Madoka's appearance in full surprise. The preteen girl's hair becomes long and wears a magnificent white dress. Madoka has temporary ascend into a goddess when great danger occur to her friends, this was the one that recreate her home universe after a simple wish, wanting to destroy every witch in existence.

"You.." Sailor Chaos said in shocked.

That's not all, Goddess Madoka's powers are influencing the other battles nearby, and it's continued to grow.


Billsmon's Temple

The Digi-God of Destruction and his master, Whismon has sense powerful forces going on.

"What on earth? Powers that surpasses the Ascendant God?" Billsmon muttered.


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

As Kaiser Ghidorah is about to vaporize his opponents, surges of white energy heal the heroes' wounds and are powering up. The Jaeger, Omega X, and BlazeGallantmon get up.

"Wha..Our power levels has become skyrocketing!" Omega X feels amazed.

"That must be Madoka." Gardevoir stated. "I sense the light has come to save us."

The Silver Crystal inside the Jaeger is glowing. Ford's pilot skills are increasing, and Gardevoir has given intangible transparent fairy wings since she's recently a Fairy-type Pokemon. Both partners have their mecha reach full capacity.

"We're transforming!" BlazeGallantmon said as he is powering up automatically, same goes to Omega X.

Kaiser Ghidorah roars in shock at the sight of Omega X and BlazeGallantmon's new transformations.

Omega X's hair become wild red, yellow eyes, his body has GeoGreymon features alongside a prehensile tail, and yellow pants with blue toppings. He has reach..

"You're looking at Level 4 now."

In place of BlazeGallantmon is a young man with long golden hair, a red biker jacket with Guilmon's hazard sign on the back, black pants, black shirt under the jacket, red and black sneakers, and black fingerless gloves. His eyes are brown with a golden trim.

"They call me, Guilkatomon." He calmly smirks. Like Omega X, his tone becomes deeper.


The Prophet Battlefield

As The Prophet is about to strike down the reviewers, the same white energy heals the Critic and Nerd as their power increases.

The Prophet's eyes slightly widen that the Nostalgia Critic and the Angry Video Game Nerd are getting serious to unleash the possessed powers of hell and heaven respectively. An image of a demon, the aspect of Satan, appears behind the Critic. Where as the image of Super Mecha Death Christ appear behind the Nerd.



An African-American man who wears a red/black tuxedo and a black hat, who is actually Satan, watches alongside his daughter wearing a cute dress named, Evilina.

"I bestow the Critic my powers for this once." Said Satan.

"Go beat him up guys!" shouted Evilina.


The Prophet Battlefield

"What are you?" The Prophet demanded.

"I'm the Nostalgia Critic, and remember it so you don't have to." The Critic said in a stoic tone.

"And I'm the fucking Angry Video Game Nerd." The nerd stated as he gives Prophet the finger.

Both rush in delivering devastating blows to the Prophet like the Matrix, the cloaked figure has little time defending himself due to the unexpected move. Then the reviewers hit The Prophet sky high. Finally, the Critic and Nerd combine their attacks to launch a chain of lighting (cause by Satan) fireball (created by Mecha Death Christ) at Prophet, injuring him.

The Prophet then falls to the ground signifying his defeat. Unconcern about his wounds and pride, he opens a portal to escape in the last second.

"Scram, GET OUT OF HERE!" The Critic yells at the escaped Prophet.

The Critic and Nerd sigh in relief and victory that their powers resume back to normal.


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

The battle is now turning the tide to the highest degree. Both Omega X and Guilkatomon tag team in delivering a barrage of punches at Ghidorah, injuring the blazed kaiju at ease. The Jaeger backs up by delivering a glowing energy fist at the Rajita, and then does another. Kaiser Ghidorah fires a wildfire at them, only for Guilkatomon to easily absorb it and reflect back at Ghidorah to injure him more.

Working together in body and mind, Ford & Gardevoir had the Silver Crystal charging their Jaeger to full power by surrounding in white light. Then the mech creates a super laser in about to fire.

Both Ascendant and Advanced BioMerger power up in charging their attacks. However, Omega X's Terra Beam and Guilkatomon's powers then fused into a blazing Tyrannosaurus-Rex with phoenix features like the wings, similar to Sailor Mars and Hiei's combine powers into a dragon phoenix that injured Valmarmon and GranDracmon.

Kaiser Ghidorah's six eyes widened, as both devastating techniques fire and impacts towards Ghidorah. It sends the Rajita lord upward until it reaches outer space. Finally, the attack explodes and engulfs Kaiser Ghidorah completely. Screaming loudly across the galaxies, the Rajita Lord's existence is no more. Once the Yami Houou destroys him, now a bunch of heroes with the help of a young goddess and Silver Crystal vaporizes him for good.

(End Theme)


Sailor Chaos Battlefield

(Yugioh the Movie – Arise! Blue Eyes Shining Dragon! 2:08 – 4:40)

"Wha-What are you doing!?" fiercely shouted Chaos to Madoka.

In the last phase, Goddess Madoka's holy powers then summons the four Puella Magis, her closest friends throughout time.

The first magical girl is long raven haired, white dress with gray features, dark gray stockings, and has the abilities of time. That is Homura Akemi.

The second is a close friend of Madoka in her school years; an aqua haired, with a white dress and blue skirt, white cape, and wields the essence of a mermaid. Brandishes her sword, her name is Sayaka Miki.

The third is a blond haired curly girl with a brunette hat, white dress with bronze yellow skirt, and has the powers of firearms. She is the girl that wishes to have friends, Mami Tomoe.

Lastly, is a feisty ponytail, redhead girl with a red battle dress and holds a spear. Her name is Kyoko Sakura, daughter of a priest. She smirks and bites an apple.

"Incredible.." muttered Lightning as she witnessed the summoned warriors. Chaos as regret one thing, never tick off Madoka.

Sailor Chaos grimaced, "So you summon your cohorts just like Sailor Moon to the Senshi, and Brunhilde to those valkyrie whores. Big deal!"

Homura retorted, "Do not underestimate us, for you have distorted the universe for so long."

"We may be weaker than the Senshi and the Valkyries.." said Madoka. "But! Hope can withstand anything that can get us."

"So in other words. Come get some, bitch!" Kyoko taunted.

Ticked, Sailor Chaos attempts to fire dark purple balls at the four Puellas, but they swifly evade and begin their delta attack formation. Mami fires his shotgun, only for Chaos to block the bullet with her staff, but Mami summons more firearms that shoot the dark woman in the back.

"Why you-!"

However, Chaos turns to see Sayaka rushing and strikes her with her blade. Sailor Chaos tries to evade every strike, but she's starting to lose focus, and is hit by another slash.

Next, Kyoko uses her spear to conjure chains in grabbing Chaos' staff!

"MY STAFF!" Sailor Chaos cried out in surprise.

"Sorry, but you wouldn't need this." Kyoko smirk before breaking it with her bare hands.

Eyes widen in anger, his caused Sailor Chaos to scream loudly like a banshee and powers up. She randomly fires many barrage of dark balls scatter against the Puellas. Goddess Madoka defends them with holy magic, causing Chaos to be more ticked.

Just then, Kyoko's spear chains immobilized Sailor Charon.


Ignoring her insults, Kyoko nodded to Homura for the finishing blow. Homura summons LOTS of artilleries, and commands them to fire at the evil goddess. Chaos cannot help but being blasted by the weapons. Mami joins her by firing her firearms, Sayaka fires water magic, and Madoka herself fires a holy arrow to directly hit Chaos. It continues till the smoke is cleared.

Sailor Chaos regresses back into a tired Sailor Charon, signifying her defeat.

(4:42 – 4:59)

The depowered goddess angrily stares at Madoka and her cohorts. Before retreating, Sailor Charon muttered, "You are not as pathetic as I thought, Madoka." And thus, the malicious goddess fades away.

(End Theme)

Goddess Madoka depowers herself to normal as she is relieved of the victory.

"Everybody! Thank you!"

Madoka appreciates her friends support. They nodded, especially for Homura, before fading to the light.

Lightning recovers and walks towards Madoka, "Sailor Cosmos will be proud of your confidence."

"She sure will." Madoka smiled at her older comrade.


South Park, Colorado/Town Area

The colossal battle is over; Kaiser Ghidorah is gone for good. Level 4 Omega X and Guilkatomon revert to Tai & Agumon and Takato & Guilmon.

"Oh boy Tai, we just save the world again!" Agumon said.

"I can't believe it; I'm actually become like an Ascendant after all. Sorta." Takato stated.

"Well at least we're going to enjoy the rest of the summer guys!" Taichi smiled.

They laugh at their victory until Taichi and Agumon's stomachs growling.

"Ehehehe..I guess eating lunch won't be so bad." Taichi stated.

"Me too, I'm feeling hungry." Ford said. "Wanna join in Garde?"

"If you insist, I love to join the company." the amorphous pokemon smiled.

The Jaeger along with Tai, Takato and their digimon standing on the mech's shoulders, walk away from South Park to the sunset. Its reminded how Robert Smith as Mothra walks away over the mountains.

Meanwhile with the deputized South Park boys.

"It sure is to have that monster wipe out." Byakyle said.

Just then, the voice of Ouryu bellowed to their minds.

"The threat of the Rajita Overlord has passed. Now I will return back the Beast powers."

"Aww, I just get used to them!" Genman cried out.

"Stop being selfish Cartman and just let it go!" Byakyle said.

"Again, we have our thanks." Stanryu said.

You're welcome. I appreciate the compliment.

With that, the South Park boys are reverting back to normal while Ouryu's presence disappears.

"Man this stinks!" Cartman said.

"Well wanna do something guys?" Stan questioned.

"I don't know, you lead on bro." Cartman said.

The four boys walk away from all the recent trouble.

Back with Seto Kaiba, Lyn Stromberg, Max Stromberg, and Sam Stromberg.

"Well at least things are back to normal." Lyn said in relief.

"It couldn't get any worse, right?" Sam humorously questioned.

Just then, a portal appears revealing the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future. Kaiba and company are a little surprised.

"Kaiba! We meet again." The Cybernetic Ghost said.

"Umm, who the hell are you?" Kaiba questioned to the robot.

"Remember me? I am the one that tells you about your past 5,000 years ago!"

"What!? You just ask the wrong person!" Kaiba protested.

"You are YOU, you are maybe a robot created by Frieza, or perhaps I'M your real father!" the robot said. "Plus you don't have a penis and Mokuba's real father is Ghost Nappa!"

"Say what!? That's not true!"

Lyn, Max, and Sam however laugh at the cybernetic ghost's compliment.

"Are you believing in this piece of junk!?" Kaiba defended.

"Gee. No wonder you are THAT famous elsewhere." Max said.

"You know. Sometimes you just have to be easy on yourself." Lyn stated.

Kaiba just simply feeling annoyed at the unexpected twist.

With that, South Park is rebuilding itself. The heroes went back to their usual lives. Of course, Kaiba just got the approval of South Park to have his theme park going.


(Utada Hikaru – COLORS)


The end


Paradais Dimension

"You two manage to fail a recycled plan against your foes. Why am I not surprise?"

A mysterious, yet sardonic voice bellows to the slightly shuddered Charon (with a new replace staff) and Prophet, though the latter remains calm to these situations.

The Prophet responds, "We didn't take into account they'd persevere through their unity. The heroes are just as versatile as Cosmos' forces…Ghidorah's defeat is one step of failure."

Charon added, "Indeed, and no matter what we tried, it wasn't enough."

"Whatever you say. However, it will not take likely for even intelligent minds like you two. Try again, now be gone."

Afterwards, the anomalous force banishes Sailor Charon and The Prophet to their posts. Paradais continues their business, but Sailor Chaos' inspirer remains hidden in the pages of fiction and last spoke..

"Once again, the story continues."


Voice Cast

Kai/YYGDM Heroes

-Tai Kamiya/Omega X – Sean Schemmel

-Agumon – Tom Fahn

-Takato Matsuda (Suzakato)/BlazeGallantmon/Guilkatomon – Gabe Khouth

-Guilmon/Gallantmon/BlazeGallantmon/Guilkatomon – Steven Blum

-Suzaku – James Earl Jones

-Rika Nonaka (Seirika)/StormSakuyamon – Melissa Fahn

-Renamon/Sakuyamon/ – Mari Devon

-Seiryuu – Oprah Winfrey

-Henry Wong (Henbu)/QuakeGargomon – Dave Wittenberg

-Terriermon/MegaGargomon/QuakeGargomon – Mona Marshall

-Genbu – Morgan Freeman

-Himura Tsubasa (Himmako)/AuroraInumon – Johnny Yong Bosch

-Inumon/YoukaiInumon/AuroraInumon – Travis Willingham

-Byakko – Kevin Michael Richardson

-Kotori Ayami/Valkyrie Brunhilde – Erika Fong

-Seadramon/MetalSeadramon – Doug Erholtz

-Phillipe Sagara/Light Jaguar – Todd Haberkorn

Heroes Unlimited

Ford – Johnny Yong Bosch

Gardevoir – Kari Wahlgren

Madoka Kaname – Christine Marie Cabanos

Nostalgia Critic – Doug Walker

Angry Video Game Nerd – James Rolfe

Lightning – Ali Hillis

Robin/Go!Robin – Scott Menville

Raven/Go!Raven – Tara Strong

Cyborg/Go!Cyborg – Kharthy Parton

Starfire/Go! Starfire – Hynden Walch

Beastboy/Go!Beastboy – Greg Cipes

Wreck-It Ralph – John C. Reilly

Vanellope von Schweetz – Sarah Silverman

Optimus Prime – Peter Cullen

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Celes (Final Fantasy 6) - ?

Locke (Final Fantasy 6) - ?

Zidane (Final Fantasy 9) – Bryce Papenbrook

Shotaro Hidari/Kamen Rider W – Renn Kiriyama

Phillip/Kamen Rider W – Masaki Suda


-Burizalor – Chris Ayres

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-Isaka Shinkuro/Weather Dopant – Tomoyuki Dan

-Alduindramon – Daniel Riordan

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-HiSuzakumon - ?

-Red DD Girl - ?

-Monsieur Mallah – Glenn Shadix

-Daleks – Nicholas Briggs

-GalacticNova X – Vic Mignogna

-Predaking - Peter Mensah

-Shockwave - David Sobolov


-Sailor Charon/Sailor Chaos - ?

-Jeremiah Grand/The Prophet – Paul St. Peter

-KingBasiliskmon/DexBasiliskmon – ?

-Garland/Chaos (Final Fantasy) – Chris Sabat

-DexInumon - Keith Szarabajka

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-Woodland Critters – Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Adrien Beard, April Stewart, Mona Marshall


-Kaiser Ghidorah – Michael Ironside

-Seto Kaiba/Blue Eyes White Dragon – Eric Stuart

-Lyn Stromberg/Blue Eyes Toon Dragon – Wendee Lee

-Max Stromberg/Black Luster Soldier – Derek Stephen Prince

-Sam Stromberg/Chaos Emperor Dragon – Kyle Herbert

-Eric Cartman/Genman – Trey Parker

-Kyle Broflovski/Byakyle – Matt Stone

-Stan Marsh/Stanryu – Trey Parker

-Kenny McCormick/Kenzaku – Matt Stone

-Butters Stotch – Matt Stone

-Randy Marsh – Trey Parker

-Gerald Broflovski – Matt Stone

-Sheila Broflovski – Mona Marshall

-Mayor McDaniels – Eliza Schneider

-Ouryu – Laurence Fishburne

-Cain Bearer – ?

-Billsmon - ?

-Satan (Nostalgia Critic) – Malcolm Ray

-Evilina (Nostalgia Critic) – Rachel Tietz

-Homura Akemi – Cristina Valenzuela

-Sayaka Miki – Sarah Williams

-Mami Tomoe – Carrie Keranen

-Kyoko Sakura – Lauren Landa

-Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future (Kaiba's 'real' dad) – Matt Maiellaro

-'Sailor Chaos' inspirer' – Michael Emerson


And that's a wrap! Doing these types of non-canon stories are enjoyable, especially of the many what if?s to deviate canon stories, trying out new crossover ideas, etc.

-I have considered doing a sequel entitled Rise of the Predabeasts in focusing on my OC Avatar. Not until like I see the final episode of Transformers Prime in the coming weeks (and hearing they might do a TV Movie in truly wrapping up the series)…Seeing how the show goes, I'm hoping to make my fanfic a better adaptation of the source (I can imagine the story having 5 chapters).

We see Omega X transforms into Level 3, which will appear in Season 3.

-This is also the non-canon appearances of Guilkatomon and Omega X's Level 4 form. Guilkatomon is an Advance BioMerger that will appear at the climax of Season 3, while Level 4 will make its kickass appearance in Cross Generations.

These two characters making cameos: Billsmon and Whismon, are my parody OCs of Bills and Whis in DBZ Battle of Gods. They will appear in Digimon Fusion Kai's Battle of Gods in the future, taking place between the D-Reaper conflicts and the ending of DFK.

Isn't it surprising for me to add the other Puellas in kicking Sailor Chaos' ass? They can hold their own because Puella Magi is one of the best animes in history. Sorry I did not put Kalafina – Magia for the battle theme, I feel it did not fit for an epic finishing blow.

I can totally remind you of comparing the crossover characters to the YYGDM-01 verse. :D

-Madoka – Sailor Cosmos

-Puella Girls – Senshi/Valkyries

-Lightning – Athenamon (The heart)

-Nostalgia Critic – Omegamon (The body)

-Angry Video Game Nerd – Imperialdramon (The mind)

-Ford & Gardevoir – Ryo & Cyberdramon

-Stan/Cartman/Kyle/Kenny - Beast Tamers (Takato/Rika/Henry/Himura)

For those who are wonder who's the being that Charon and Prophet so inspired, I am NOT telling. There are a few hints though such as the VA if you look at Taito's Ascension, but it will not be fully revealed until canonically in the final stages of Cross Generations. We have not seen the last of him.

Will we see Kaiser Ghidorah canonically again? We are not sure, even in the Super Jax arc in Cross Generations, a chance it'll be unlikely since being killed by the Yami Houou causes his soul to go limbo and not being mentioned in the afterlife. If he does return (which me and K talked about on email secretly), his new appearance will be much more devastating than this non-canon appearance. Close to the series finale of YYGDM might do as a hint. We shall see though because its to early.

If you guys want to do a survey, here it is.

Fave Characters:

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Here are mines

Fave Characters: Tai & Agumon/Omega X, Takato & Guilmon/BlazeGallantmon/Guilkatomon, Lightning, Madoka Kaname, Nostalgia Critic, Ford & Gardevoir, Himura Tsubasa/AuroraInumon, Phillipe Sagara/Light Jaguar, Kotori Ayami/Brunhilde, Seto Kaiba/Blue Eyes White Dragon, Stan/Stanryu, Kenny/Kenzaku, Butters, Kyoko Sakura

Fave Villains: Sailor Charon/Sailor Chaos & Prophet, Kaiser Ghidorah, Megatron, Garland/Chaos, KingBasiliskmon/DexBasiliskmon, DexInumon, Black Panther, Madara Uchiha, Woodland Critters, GalacticNova X, Predaking, Daimaomon (DF-616/YYGDM-01)

Fave New Characters: Much of the characters above.

Fave Comical Moments: The Critic criticizing the heroes, Kaiba and company meets South Park, Charon's brief interaction with Professor Chaos (Butters), Himura saying about motherfucking basilisks, Cain Bearer's cameo, Kaiba meets the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future

Fave Awesome/Heartwarming Moments: Takato being Tai's protégé, Himura & Phillipe's bromance, Madara piss off Charon, Madoka summoning her friends against Sailor Chaos, The world is saved

Fave Darkest Moments: Ghidorah's revival, Sailor Chaos' actions on Lightning

Fave Battles: Brunhilde vs Alduindramon, Teen Titans Go! vs Woodland Critters, Omega X & BlazeGallantmon vs Burizalor & Virus, Ford vs Predaking, AuroraInumon vs DexBasiliskmon, Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go! vs Trigon/NegaTeen Titans/NegaTeen Titans Go!, Madoka/Lightning/(later)Homura/Kyouko/Sayaka/Mami vs Sailor Chaos, Critic & Nerd vs The Prophet, Omega X/BlazeGallantmon (Guilkatomon)/Ford & Gardevoir vs Kaiser Ghidorah

Fave Unexpected Twists: Madara controlling Alduindramon (for a while), The battle for all the pieces takes place in South Park, GalacticNova X and Predaking's appearances, DexBasiliskmon, South Park boys being deputized, Pacific Rim, Goddess Madoka's wrath, the post ending

See yah!