Background story: Stephanie Skye has been a diva for five years. She has been mentored by John Cena. Stephanie's wrestling attire consists of a black crop top, black leather pants, purple kick pads, a purple wristband with her name on it on her forearm, and purple and black fingerless gloves with stars on the back of the hands. Her hair is brown with wavy curls and purple highlights. She is also a high-flyer.

Raw: Stephanie vs. Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella: Winner is the #1 Contender to the Divas Championship

In the middle of the match, Stephanie slams Brie on the ground. She attempts to apply the inverted STF but Brie clenches onto the bottom ropes. The referee has no choice to pull Stephanie back. Nikki pulls Brie out of the ring to take her place as they perform Twin Magic. Stephanie walks passed the referee to Nikki who manages to hit the Bella Buster on Stephanie for the pin count.

"You can look but you can't touch" The Bella Twins music begin to play as they celebrate and laugh at Stephanie's loss.

Stephanie sits in the ring in disappointment but eventually walks it off as he walks backstage.


Stephanie is removing her gloves but is stopped by AJ Lee alongside Big E Langston.

AJ laughs, "Oh vintage Stephanie, always the loser."

"Well at least I compete in matches and not just follow others around."

"Keep your chin up, Steph. I'm sure you'll make it somehow." AJ smiles and walks away with Big E leaving Stephanie alone with her own thoughts of whether or not she can ever make it passed the number one contender match.