Hey guys, its the author. This isn't a chapter. I just wanted to let you know that I am not currently working on any of the stories on this account. I've just been noticing that a lot of you guys have been adding some of my old stories to your subscription alerts and while I'm not working on them now, who knows about the future. I have a new FanFiction account now. It's called: Oo Adorable Piglet oO. Not the best name, lol. I have one story up that I will NOT be giving up on if any of you want to check it out. You don't have to, just giving you options. It's called Everything and it's a PJO Percabeth fanfiction. I'm sorry I gave up on these stories but I guess I grew out of them. I hope you'll give my new one a chance but you don't have to, its cool. Thanks for all of your support on these stories, and who knows, maybe I'll continue these ones one day. Anyways, I won't take these ones down but don't expect anything to go up least not for a while. Thank you for supporting this account over the years.


- TheBookWorm3