"Jim," the insistent voice helped bring the man round, the hard flooring upon which he was lying enforcing the reality. The captain opened his eyes to the face of his first officer as he lifted his head minimally. Groaning he straiten to a sitting position, Spock moved with him, hand lightly supporting his shoulder.

"I'm fine Spock," Kirk spoke, moving a hand to rub the back of his neck. Spock nodded, face softening ever so slightly, before standing. He moved to where Bones lay, repeating the checking over process, before trying to wake the other man. Despite their, as yet understood, predicament, Kirk had to smile as Bones came to and Spock's face relaxed fully back to non-emotion.

But the smile faded a bit as he thought of all the times this scene had played out. They would be attacked or somehow incapacitated, and one would inevitably awaken before the others. He would have to go through that heart stopping moment that something had gone wrong, horribly wrong. That it had finally happened, that their luck had worn out and someone was not going to open their eyes again…Followed by the hurry to find the truth, even when it almost felt better to let the maybe hang there, incase worst fears were realized.

Kirk didn't know if he could describe a worst feeling than being the first to awaken. But he also could think of one better than finding his friends alive and well.

"You just gonna to sit there?" Bones snapped good naturedly, bringing Kirk to push his darker thoughts aside with a grin, finding his footing quickly.

"Everyone alright?" he couldn't help but ask, looking from one man to the other.

"Affirmative, Captain," Spock answered, tipping his head down in a single dignified nod.

"Right as rain! What about you Jim?" Bones bounced on his toes before taking a step closer; looking for visible signs of damage Spock might have somehow missed.

Kirk waved him off, but good naturedly. "Medically sound, correct Mr. Spock?"


"Well, time to get to work then gentlemen," Kirk gestured to the alien room they were in, prompting Bones to sigh with an eye role as Spock raised an eyebrow before turning to explore the room. Just another day's adventure, and who better to share it with.