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1.24 Robin and Luffy

Robin smiled a bit as she watched one of her favorite students (Luffy) mumble a bit in his sleep. She giggled when Luffy muttered something about thousand suns which made her think about the unique ship that often appeared in her dreams, along with the smaller ship that had unfortunately been broken beyond repair. She turned a page in her book while she mused over what had happened earlier.

She had found Luffy crouched in front of a mirror after dinner, which surprisingly, he had not turned up to and Ace and Sabo were freaking out over it. Harry and Ron also looked worried and scared while the Headmaster looked thoughtful.

So while everybody was in panic mode (because after all, if Luffy wasn't there eating, that means something very wrong is happening to the boy) the History professor snuck out of the Great Hall and closed her eyes.

Now see here, Robin Nico, since she was very young, had a strange magic that helped her a lot throughout the years. Or rather, a magic she had gained and perfected over the years. She never told anybody about this strange magic she had except her deceased mother and best friend. She hadn't even told Dumbledore, knowing that no matter how kind he is and no matter how much he looked out for everybody, she knew that he held a scheming side that she didn't trust.

Her magic held roots from her dreams...or perhaps she should call them memories? Robin doubted that they were simply just dreams, considering how Luffy mentioned a few times about a dream where he was a pirate in a world that was practically covered by oceans. A dream that she herself had dreamed about...where she was a pirate who was saved by her beloved straw hat wearing captain.

"Ojos Fluer." Her eyes opened and looked around the castle. She could see a curious house elf stare before it cried out in shock. Elsewhere, she saw a ghost yawning as it floated through a wall. Up on the third floor, she stared at the three-head dog who was snoring. After a dozen other places that she couldn't really care much about, she found Luffy sitting in front of a mirror, his eyes dazed and saddening that contrasted with the happy smile that played on his lips.

A small smile came to her lips, though she was rather confused about what Luffy was doing and how it was so important, important enough to make the boy miss his precious meal time. Within nearly every inch of the castle (except the Great Hall, she really did not want anybody to know about this magic) her eyes closed before they opened again and she saw the entrance of the Great Hall to the side. And then she went on her way to get Luffy.

But when she found him, he had not even noticed her. He was still staring at the mirror. It was no wonder Robin immediately distrusted it and she made extra care to made sure that she did not look into the mirror and she went up to Luffy.


Either the boy didn't hear her or he just simply didn't care for he made no movements. He just sat there.

Robin sighed before reach over and rested a hand on his shoulder, snapping the boy out of his daze and looked up, doe-eyed at Robin. "...R-Robin...?" His voice was small, smaller than she ever heard and before she could say anything, the boy smiled. "Hey...you're here on this side too..." He muttered before he looked back to the mirror. "You're in there too..."

The young woman didn't know what to make of that. "Luffy, you're missing dinner."

"I'm not hungry."

Now that was interesting. And a bit terrifying. The boy was always hungry. She knew that he often snuck out of class to go to the kitchen with his two brothers. So hearing that he wasn't hungry...it was rather...shocking.

Robin knelt down. "Why not?"

"...I don't know...I just don't." The boy muttered. "Ne...Robin...where do you think everybody is...? Some are still missing. I miss them. I want to see them." The young boy closed his eyes. "I wonder if they miss us. I wonder if they're looking for us." He muttered before he sprawled on the floor, now looking up at the ceiling. "Will I ever find them?" He whispered.

The older woman was silent before she was brought out of her confused state of mind when a small snore was heard. She looked at Luffy to see that the boy had somehow fell asleep. A small smile once again graced her lips before she took out her wand and muttered a spell. A large clothe, like blankets, covered the mirror and she watched as the glass disappeared under the covers. Then she turned back to Luffy and reached over. She propped him on his butt and placed his legs over her right arm before holding on his back securely with her left.

Standing up, she carried the young boy in what many would call a princess hold.

Thank goodness the boy was asleep. He wouldn't really like to look weak.

Then she took the boy to her small office/bedroom that she had been given as she was a professor. There was another office next door to her that was occupied by the new hospital wing intern.

There, she sat on her bed and rested the boy there. His head was on her lap and he clutched on her clothes, much like a child would do with his mother. She smiled warmly at Luffy who only mumbled again before his own small smile appeared.

...Now that she thought of it...perhaps she should tell Ace and Sabo where Luffy is now...

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