I sat in the backyard watching the kids play as a storm begins rolling in. Everything seems darker and stormier now, not just the weather. Life doesn't seem so bright and sunny anymore.

They were playing in their motorized cars when the rain started pouring down. "Come on guys. Time go to in and get some dinner" I shouted to them to get their attention. They all hopped off their toys and ran into the house.

"Time for dinner!" I shouted as I quickly set up the table. I watched as Arabelle, Amia, Abriella and Aiden came running into the dinning room, taking their designated spots at the table waiting anxiously for the food I was getting ready to serve them. Their favorite meal, home made macaroni and cheese with garlic bread and salad.

"Mom?" Amia asked when we were finishing up eating.

"Yes honey?"

"When is Daddy coming home?" she asked with sadness in her eyes.

I looked at her for a moment trying to think of the correct response, "I wish I knew honey, but I don't" I finally said. How can I give her a real honest answer when I don't even know myself? When I'm wondering the same thing?

"I miss him" she said as she twirled some more spaghetti and put it in her mouth.

"I know honey, I do too, we all do"

The rest of the meal was quiet, I made their favorite desert as well; strawberry cheesecake.

After dinner I cleaned up the table and then found the kids sitting in the living room watching the Disney Channel. I walked over to them, "What do you guys say we watch Daddy on TV?" They all eagerly shook their heads so I walked over to the DVD cabinet and pulled out their old Movies. It was their favorite concert video of their father.

I can only hope it'll keep them over until he gets home