The universe prefers to proceed toward disorder, a state known as entropy.

Kurt liked order. His life had a very strict order to it. His internship at Vogue, then NYADA in the fall, Blaine and himself together at last; he had a plan. And it was actually going quite well. Isabelle loved him, he'd smoked his impromptu audition and Blaine couldn't stop talking about next year. Minus the small set-back when Santana decided to move in, everything was going according to plan; the universe was neat and ordered.

So it was inevitable when everything began to fall apart.

It was subtle at first, hardly noticeable. He happened to find a new route to the Vogue office that cut a full minute off his normal time. He decided to make it a part of his ordered routine. Unfortunately, it no longer took him past the Starbucks he usually bought his morning coffee from. But there was a small café en route that served better coffee for half the price, so he considered it a beneficial trade-off. That, too, became a part of his routine. And with his new extra minute to spare, he could save money by making his lunch the night before instead of ordering out or going to pick up a sandwich at the deli near the office. The changes didn't seem malevolent at the time, but then again, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

It was almost March when everything began to crumble. That morning, Rachel had slept through her alarm and was therefore in the shower when he woke up. Her lateness meant he had less time to shower and pick an outfit and thus no time to make his lunch. The coffee shop had an unusually long line because he had left late and the NYU students (he discovered this was the café many of them frequented) were on their way to class. Usually, he would beat them and be leaving just as they began trickling in. But not today.

While he waited the extra time for his usual coffee, he shuffled through the sheaf of papers he'd had to carry because he had no time to put them in his bag. They were designs he was hoping to show Isabelle for a little critiquing. She had offered to take a look at some of the things he drew if he ever wanted an outside opinion and she'd hinted a possible place for them in the magazine. He heard his order number called and hurried over to grab his coffee and leave. Only on his way out, he collided with a very solid body, splashing the hot liquid everywhere. In his attempt to save the designs, he dropped several and spilled the coffee all down his front.

"Fuck!" he swore through his teeth, pulling off his jacket before he could get burned.

"Christ, Hummel," an obscenely familiar and extremely unwelcome voice snapped, "walk much?" He glared up at the human he had hit.

"My sincerest apologies, Smythe," he hissed sarcastically before dropping to the floor to grab at the designs he'd lost before someone could step on him. A hand held up a few he'd missed.

"Here," Sebastian Smythe said, handing them back. Kurt snatched them, narrowing his eyes at the boy. "I'm glad to see you're finally designing for girls, were you planning on getting a full sex change?"

"Please move, Sebastian," Kurt hissed, draping his wet jacket over his arm and discarding the now empty coffee cup. Sebastian lifted an eyebrow.

"Have to say, I'm less than impressed. You're usually so eloquent. What happened? Voice hoarse from all that singing?" he asked, then smirked. "Oh, no, can't be. You're not doing much of that anymore." Kurt full on glared at him, pushing by him and storming out on to the streets. Today was going to be a very bad day.

Sighing, he dabbed at the coffee stain on his jacket when he sat down at his desk. It was his favorite jacket, but he doubted the stain would come out unless he got to a washing machine ASAP. He swore and tossed it in his bag, making sure the wet patch didn't touch anything else. Isabelle had left him a bit of work and a note promising to look at his designs after lunch. He stacked them to the side and buckled down, completely forgetting his unpleasant run-in with the ex-Warbler.

Feeling less on edge, he strolled to the café for a sandwich at lunch time. It was emptier than he expected so he was able to order fairly quickly. He went to a table to sit, needing to get out of the office for a little while. A cough sounded behind him. H turned warily and wished he hadn't.

"Hey, Kurt," Sebastian said, smiling down at him. There was a sparkle in his eyes, challenging Kurt to break the sudden tentative truce he had just called.

"Sebastian," he acknowledged, coolly but politely. He turned away again.

"So, what brings you here?" Sebastian asked, pulling out the chair across from Kurt and seating himself unbidden. Kurt bit his tongue to calm his irritation. Sebastian Smythe was being civil with him, the least he could do was prove his superiority and return the sentiment.

"I'm getting lunch," he said simply, folding his arms. Sebastian snorted.

"Obviously. But isn't this a little far from campus?" he said. Kurt's brow furrowed. "From NYADA, it's a little far," Sebastian elaborated.

"I'm not going to NYADA, I thought you knew that," Kurt told him. Sebastian actually looked surprised. "You did say something earlier."

"I was kidding. I thought you'd gotten in," Sebastian said, "isn't that why Anderson is so gung-ho about going to NYADA next year?" Kurt sighed and slumped. It didn't usually hurt so much talking about it, especially considering his recent acceptance, but something about talking to Sebastian made it suddenly humiliating.

"Well, I didn't. Of course, Blaine probably will get in his first try. I'm going there in the fall," he mumbled. Sebastian looked honestly shocked.

"You didn't make it but the Screeching Berry did?" he demanded. Kurt frowned at him.

"Yeah. You sound surprised," he muttered.

"I am. Your gnome told me she completely choked at her audition. Apparently you killed it, though." Kurt squinted at the other boy. He could detect no condescension, no malice in his eyes.

"I did," he sniffed after a beat, then went up to collect his sandwich and sat back down. "Why are you being nice to me?" he demanded as he returned.

"I told you, new leaf. It's been working out rather well for me," Sebastian explained. "I decided I needed to apologize to everyone and that included you."

"Well, thanks," Kurt murmured after a pause, feeling suddenly not hungry. He picked up his lunch anyway. No use letting it go to waste. Sebastian shrugged in acknowledgement of his words.

"So what are you doing with your life if you're not becoming a singing, dancing puppet?"

Kurt finished chewing before he answered, "I've got a paid internship at Vogue."

"Fitting. You're finally going to be dressing women, maybe that'll finally teach you where to shop in the clothing stores," Sebastian smirked. Kurt looked at him, finding himself almost captivated by the sudden twinkle in his eyes.

"Maybe I should be dressing you, because you must be some form of blind to think that outfit is acceptable to wear," he quipped back.

"Mmm, I prefer my men undressing me," Sebastian purred.

"I understand you need the help," Kurt sniffed. Sebastian snorted as if he were biting back a laugh. Well. That was new.

"Would you help?" he asked, eyes brimming with mirth.

"Not even in your dreams," Kurt snapped, but there was something light about the insult and Kurt almost wondered if he didn't fully mean it.

"Nah," Sebastian agreed. His voice dropped to practically sultry. "Because we're both already naked in my dreams," he breathed in Kurt's ear. The hair's on his neck rose as Sebastian's breath ghosted across it. Before he could turn his head to see if Sebastian even meant one word of the statement, the door to the café opened and Sebastian was gone.

Had he just been flirting with Sebastian Smythe?

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