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Good Luck Charm

By Elora

Part One
"Curiosity Killed the Kagome"

"I know she's gotta have some left in here!" the youkai kit mumbled to himself as he pawed through Kagome's massive knapsack. He had even turned it on its side so he could sift through better without falling in headfirst. He was a hungry little kitsune, and he always found the "cho-co-lat" from Kagome's time satisfied him until the next meal..

Besides, she and Sango were off having a bath. It wasn't like she was there to look herself!

Shippo sorted through the clothing and other treats.. potato chips, ramen.. but found nothing sweet.

He was just about to give up in frustration when he spotted something.. no, several somethings.. that he'd never seen before. Curiously, he grabbed hold of one and dragged it into the light.

From the feel of it, it was covered in that "pu-ra-stick" stuff some food from Kagome's time came in. The covering was clear, but inside was a rimmed circle the color of cream.

What was it? Some new delicacy Kagome'd brought back with her and wasn't going to share? "Kagome, you meanie!" he thought.

But then, she was safely at the river…

After taking a quick glance around to make sure no one was there to see him commit the crime, he broke open the "pu-ra-stick". He took out the round object, and realized that it felt almost like the wrapping it had been in. It didn't look like food now! He took a sniff and nearly choked. The thing inside smelled like "pu-ra-stick", too! No wait.. he sniffed again.. no, it was closer to the scent of one of his favorite toys back when he was just a baby kit.. a rubber ball.

Now THAT was weird!

He was about to continue his investigation when a slight breeze came up and blew through the ring, making the center pop out like a nipple.

Even more curious, Shippo took a hold of the end and carefully started unrolling it. When the entire thing had been unfurled, he grinned happily. He'd seen those at human fairs before! And Kagome had brought some back from her time for him to play with before. She must have just been keeping it a secret to surprise him.

He loved balloons!

The kit took a deep breath and was about to blow it up when an infamous scent reached his nose and a very familiar voice called out to him from across the clearing, "Shippo! What're you doin' in Kagome's backpack?"

"None of your business," Shippo shot back at the white-haired hanyou who had just come into range.

Quicker than thought, the balloon was snatched from his fingers. "What the hell is this?" Inu Yasha asked, eyeing it suspiciously.

Shippo grinned, then puffed out his chest with air of superiority. "It's a balloon, of course! You know, those things humans blow into until they get bigger, and then tie to poles?"

"Keh. Wipe that smirk off your face before I do it for you, brat," Inu Yasha threatened. "Forgot what these things look like without air in 'em," he grumbled.

"Yeah, right," Shippo thought. Aloud, he said, "Hey, Inu Yasha! Kagome had a bunch of these in her bag! Why don't we blow a couple up and have a balloon fight?"

The hanyou raised an eyebrow. "You've gotta be kidding me."

"Hah, bet you're too scared to accept my challenge!"

"Bullshit! I ain't scared of you, runt!"

"Fine, then prove it!"

"Fine," Inu Yasha shot back, then pinched the ends of the latex sheath to his lips and began to blow.

"Hey, wait for me!" Shippo cried, fishing another one out of Kagome's pack and nearly ripping the second packet in half.

A few minutes later, both warriors stood at the ready, their hands grasping the narrower end as they faced off…


"I just can't believe that perverted monk!" Sango raved, her face a perfect cherry red as she angrily stomped through the forest.

Kagome was at a loss. "He might have been there before us. He did leave the village before us…"

"Even so, he didn't have to peek at us!"

Kagome sweatdropped. Well, this is Miroku-sama we're talking about."

Sango stopped, looking down at the ground for a moment. "I guess you're right." Her blush slowly faded as she collected herself. "It seems it is in his nature to grope and stare at every female within viewing range."

Kagome smiled. "But only the pretty ones. So he must think you're attractive, at the very least."

"As if I would need that lecher's approval," Sango replied, tossing her head and starting to walk again, this time in strides.

The girl from the future just shook her head and followed. Poor Sango-chan. She so wished she could hook Miroku and Sango up. It was painfully obvious that they had feelings for each other. They had just built so many personal shields around their hearts that it would be a while before they broke down and admitted to the tender emotions they held inside.

Rather like a certain hanyou she knew…

Speaking of the demon, she thought she heard Inu Yasha's voice coming from the clearing ahead, and it sounded like he was growling. Then Shippo cried out.

The two girls' eyes met and they nodded in agreement. Inu Yasha must be picking on Shippo again!

Sango and Kagome picked up speed, running through the forest as quickly as they could. A few minutes later they reached the edge of the forest.. and the sight before them stopped them in their tracks.

The two males were fighting with strange objects that were about as long as short swords, yet apparently very flimsy. Inu Yasha tried to swipe at Shippo, but the kitsune ducked and rolled between Inu Yasha's legs, uncurling himself and getting back on his feet when he was a safe distance away. Inu Yasha let out a roar and charged; Shippo held his "weapon" up to block…

And as soon as it was hit, Shippo's play sword burst and Inu Yasha's weapon bopped him on the head.

"Hah! I win!" the hanyou rejoiced.

"Nuh-uh! Yours broke first, remember? The fight's not over until someone scores a point with both balloons in one piece!"

"Keh," was Inu Yasha's only reply as he let the hand holding his weapon drop to his side.

Sango couldn't help but smile. Could it be that Inu Yasha was developing a soft spot for the kitsune child? But what were those strange things they were holding?

Meanwhile, Kagome had steadily turned many different shades of red as the fight went on, and now she was a deep peony pink, her eyes glued to the position Inu Yasha's weapon had taken up. The item was still inflated, and angled down and away from his body…

Sango glanced at her friend and grew worried at her rather unhealthy coloring. "Are you all right, Kagome-chan? Don't tell me you have heatstroke.."

"Sango," Kagome cut her off, her voice full of embarrassment, "I have to go home. Now. Don't tell the guys until I'm good and gone."

The exterminator's eyes widened, but she nodded in assent. "All right. I hope you feel better soon."

"Mm," was Kagome's only reply before she turned and ran, making a direct beeline for the well.

Sango simply stood there watching as Shippo retrieved something from Kagome's pack and blew it up. "Oh," she thought to herself. "Kagome-chan brought balloons for Shippo to play with. How nice of her! I do hope she's okay, though…"

She quietly watched a few more rounds until she was sure Kagome was safely back in her own time. Then she left the cover of the forest and called, "Inu Yasha!"

The half demon's head turned to look at her and Shippo saw his chance. The kit charged, bopping Inu Yasha in the back of the head. "Gotcha!" he cried.

"Why you…" Inu Yasha growled, facing Shippo again. "You cheating little..!"

"Wasn't my fault ya got distracted!" Shippo teased gleefully.

"I'm gonna…" He dropped his balloon on the ground and cracked his knuckles as his fingers became talons.. but then a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Kagome told me to let you know that she's gone home," Sango informed him.

"WHAT?!?", now his wrath fell on Sango as he pivoted his entire body towards her.

Sango didn't seem impressed. "I think she might have caught something. She wasn't looking very good when she left. She probably just needs some kind of medicine from her own time."

Inu Yasha took several deep breaths and calmed himself down. Kagome was sick? Why hadn't she told him? Then again, maybe she'd caught a chill bathing. Would serve her right. "How did she look?"

Inwardly, Sango smirked. Gruff as the hanyou might be, and no matter what had happened in the past, Kagome did hold some place in his heart. She recognized the hastily-covered-up concern that was a typical male reaction to hearing that someone he cared about was ill. But all she told Inu Yasha was, "She was shaking a bit, and her face was flushed. She seemed able to run okay, though."

"You let her run like that?!" Inu Yasha demanded.

"It's not like she gave me a choice," Sango countered.

Suddenly, the sounds of foil crinkling caught their attention. Inu Yasha turned around as Sango came to stand beside him.

There in the grass, worn out from his play fighting, sat Shippo, happily munching on a chocolate bar that had been hidden in a fold of one of Kagome's shirts.

Inu Yasha shook his head in annoyance. "Stupid bitch forgot her backpack. She must be sick!" He purposefully strode back across the clearing until he reached Kagome's pack. Ignoring the munching kit less than a foot away, he tipped the bag right side up, threw the top flap back over the bag, fastened it as he'd seen Kagome do, and then slung it over his shoulder.

When he was close enough, Sango asked, "What are you doing?"

"Keh. I'm taking this stupid thing back to Kagome. I don't want her coming back and whining about leaving it here. Besides, if she doesn't have it, she can't bring back any more ramen!"

Sango mentally rolled her eyes. "All right. Just don't bother her too much. If she becomes even more ill, it will take longer before she is able to help us find more Shikon shards."

"Yeah, I know," the hanyou grumbled, then passed her and lost himself in the forest.

The exterminator shook her head, then made her way across the clearing toward the village. Halfway across, Shippo joined her, his tummy now completely satisfied. He gently bounded up onto her shoulder to hitch a ride. They walked for a few moments in silence before the kitsune spoke up.

"Can I ask you a favor, Sango?"

"What is it, Shippo-chan?"

"If I ever grow up to be as stupid as Inu Yasha, would ya please knock me over the head with Hiraikotsu?"

Sango started to giggle. "It'd be a pleasure, Shippo. Heaven knows I've been severely tempted to do that to the other males around here lately!"

"It's a deal then!" Shippo squeaked happily. "I just hope I grow up to be like my Dad instead of Inu Yasha or Miroku!"

Sango smiled. "What makes you so sure your father didn't act the same way when he was their age?"


End of Part One (dum, dum, dum!)

Next time: What happens when Inu Yasha arrives in Kagome's time? And how does Kagome handle the situation? What were those items doing in Kagome's backpack anyway? Stay tuned for the second and final part.. "Satisfaction Makes the Inu Yasha Cocky". See ya!

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