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Good Luck Charm

By Elora

Part 2
"Satisfaction Makes the Inu Yasha Cocky"

Back in her own time, Kagome laid on her stomach, her face buried in the pillows on her bed. She should never have given in to her friends' insistence that she join them in following the latest trend.


"C'mon, Kagome!" Eri cajoled, holding out one of the infamous packets. "All the girls are carrying them now!"

"Yeah!" Ayumi enthused, her eyes going dreamy. "They're just good luck charms! It doesn't mean you're necessarily going to use them!"

"Unless," Yuka waggled her eyebrows suggestively, "you know you will!"

Eri and Ayumi squealed in scandalized delight.

Kagome turned bright red. "N.. no.. it's not that. It's just.. embarrassing! Besides, what if someone finds it?"

Eri gave her a sideways look. "Who besides you ever looks in the bottom of your backpack?"

"Well, I…"

Yuka grinned. "We're all carrying one! You really should, too! We're still searching for boyfriends, but maybe it'll make Hojo-kun sweep you off your feet once and for all! Or it might even help make Mr. Two-timer see the light.. or something else…"

"Yuka!" Ayumi cried, blushing herself.

"What?" Yuka asked, feigning perfect innocence.

Kagome sighed. "Look guys, I really need to get home. I have a doctor's appointment tonight," she fibbed. It was true she needed to get home, but that "doctor's appointment" was scheduled for 500 years before she was born.

Eri put her foot down. "We're not letting you leave until you take it!" she proclaimed, thrusting her hand back out with the condom still sitting on her palm.

"Oh all right!" Kagome snatched the packet and put it in her pocket. "I'll put it in my pack when I get home, I swear. Happy now?"

"Very," Yuka smirked.

Kagome turned around and narrowed her eyes. When had Yuka moved behind her?

But her friends didn't give her much time to dwell on it by stepping away and letting her pass, calling out their good luck wishes as they left. Knowing them, they probably weren't wishing her luck with the doctor.. but with her love life. Still, it was strange that they had given in so easily after she only took one.

It wasn't until she got home and emptied the contents of her school backpack into her huge traveling knapsack that she knew why.

Someone had dumped over a dozen of the things into her bag.

Just as she was about to start scooping them out, a voice from behind her made her freeze.

"Oi, Kagome! You'd better be packed up, 'cause you've had enough time already!" a slightly irate hanyou yelled from outside her window.

Praying that she would have time to get rid of them later, she hastily fastened the top flap and went to face her traveling companion before he came into her room.


Now she just wanted to curl up and die of embarrassment. She had no doubt that it was Shippo who had found the condom collection.. probably while he'd been hunting for sweets. How could she have been so stupid as to forget about them?

She was so caught up in her own misery that she didn't hear the leaves of the tree beyond her window rustling a bit more than the breeze outside warranted, nor the light scritch of claw-like nails digging into her windowsill.

Inu Yasha lightly sprung the rest of the way into her room, landing on his haunches beside her bed. His nose twitched, urging him to take a deep lungful of Kagome's scent. He gave in to the demand, quietly savoring the moment, before turning his attention to the girl on the bed.

"She must be sick," Inu Yasha thought to himself. "She didn't even hear me come in!"

The girl's face was still buried, and the rest of her body lay unmoving, as if she were exhausted. She had exchanged her usual short kimono for pants that were almost the same style as his.. "sweats" he thought she called them, and a flimsy, tight-fitting, sleeveless shirt.

He missed seeing the graceful curve of her calves and thighs, but the sight of her toned yet soft-looking arms nearly made up for it.

Hesitantly, he came closer, rising so he could lean over her and pick up her scent.

No, she wasn't sick. She smelled fine. Better than "fine", in fact. He instinctively took a deeper, appreciative breath.. but forgot to stifle the sound.

Kagome's head shot up, connecting painfully with the underside of Inu Yasha's chin. The hanyou cursed as he bit his tongue and bursts of light flashed behind his eyes. He fell to the floor, bruising his tailbone in the process, as he struggled to stay conscious.

"Inu Yasha! What are you doing here?" Kagome's voice demanded.

That helped center him. He concentrated on that voice, holding onto it for dear life until the world stopped spinning. Finally, his vision cleared to see Kagome's bare feet and cloth-clad legs standing over him. He gingerly looked up to see her glaring at him, hands fisted on her hips.

"Stupid bitch," Inu Yasha grumbled as he slowly got to his feet.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Now, answer my question!"

Question? Question.. oh yeah! "Sango told me you were sick, and that you had to come back here. I wanted to make sure you weren't dying or something. The quest would be ruined if that happened, and we'd never defeat Naraku..!"

"Okay, okay, I get the point! I'm alive! See? Now go home," Kagome snapped.

Inu Yasha blinked. It wasn't like her to just dismiss him like that! At least, not without a few more minutes of bickering. "So what're ya doing back here, anyway? This is no time for a vacation!"

"Then I'm taking a mental health day!"

The hanyou looked at her, puzzled. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Fire flashed in Kagome's eyes. "It means I'm staying here for a few days. Deal with it!"

Inu Yasha stood back from her, crossing his arms over his chest, hiding his hands in his sleeves as he glared at her accusingly. "Something's wrong with you. You're acting all weird."

Kagome had already opened her mouth to retort, but she quickly closed it. What could she say? For the first time since they had met, she felt as if he could see right through her, that every private thought she harbored had been laid bare before him. How could she explain?

Inu Yasha sighed. "Look, I wasn't the one who went through your pack. It was Shippo. So don't get mad at me for spoiling your surprise."

Kagome started blushing again. Please.. please don't make me say it..

"But Shippo was havin' a good time with those balloons.."

"They weren't balloons."

Her voice was so quiet, he almost didn't catch the words. If he were purely human, he wouldn't have realized she said anything at all. As it was, he stopped in confusion, patiently waiting for her to explain herself.

But the silence stretched on.

Finally, sick of hearing only the noises from outside, Inu Yasha asked, "What were they, then?"

Kagome found the floor to be utterly fascinating and she plopped back down on her bed. Inu Yasha stepped closer, then squatted down, trying to meet her eyes. She stared at his toes with their human nails instead.

"They're condoms," she mumbled.

"Eh?" Inu Yasha's ears strained forward a bit. "Con-da-mu? What the hell is that?"

If Kagome had been wearing her school tie, her coloring would have matched it. "It.. it's something from my time. My friends at school put them in my backpack as a joke."

"I don't get it," the still very puzzled hanyou told her.

"They're.. it's a new fad to carry them around. It's supposed to bring good luck."

Damn the woman was infuriating! He could tell she was trying to dodge the issue, but he wasn't about to let her. "Okay, fine. Why would such a silly thing do that? It's so flimsy.. it obviously isn't meant to last very long…"

"It's supposed to bring good luck.. romantically."

"Keh! That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of! How is rubber romantic, anyway? Sure it's expensive, but it's ugly!"

Darn it all! Couldn't he just drop it? Kagome finally looked into her companion's eyes and saw that he would keep hounding her until she had explained why putting something like that in her backpack was a joke.

She was such an idiot! Of course a trickster like Inu Yasha would want to know!

"It's..." Her fingers picked at imaginary lint on her pants, unable to hold his gaze anymore. She settled for staring at her hands. Maybe if she used more technical terms, she could spit it out. Yes, she could just pretend she was a narrator for a nature show. "It's something used sometimes during.. well.. mating…" She trailed off, wishing she could sink into the floor.

Inu Yasha raised an eyebrow. So that was why she was so hesitant to tell him, and it also explained the slight change in her scent. It was like a light version of the aroma she carried when she was in heat. He had forced himself not to pay attention to the monthly changes long ago, and it was such an ingrained response to block it out, he had to think about it in order to compare.

But why was she so patently embarrassed about it?

"Is that all? Then I don't see why you're making such a big deal out of it."

Kagome's eyes grew large as they snapped back to the hanyou's face. "You don't know why..?!" she nearly squeaked.

Inu Yasha stood up and stretched before replying. "Yeah. Mating happens all the time. It's natural."

"Maybe in your time, but not in mine! You don't talk about things like that all the time here. It's considered to be something private…"

"That's stupid," Inu Yasha scoffed. "In fact, there's probably a pair of squirrels doing it right now outside your window."

"That's different!" she insisted, the color rising in her cheeks again.

"Okay, time for a change of tactics" the hanyou thought to himself. "All right, all right," he said aloud, moving his hands in a placating gesture. "I believe you." He saw the relief wash over Kagome' features and almost.. almost.. regretted what he was about to ask. "So, how's it used?"

The flush went all the way up to the roots of her hair. She was about to say "look at the shape and guess!", but knowing Inu Yasha, his guess would be completely wrong. "We.. well," she stammered, "it goes around.. ummmm," several colorful euphemisms chased around her mind, but each and every one would confuse the hanyou from the past. Finally, she found a compromise she could live with, "A guy's.. private parts," she finished, looking at him meaningfully.

Inu Yasha thought about the shape of the unrolled sheath, and together with Kagome's words, it formed a rough picture. But it was rather cute how she had obviously struggled to find a "decent" word to use.

As Kagome saw the understanding dawn in his eyes, she breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe now she could change the subject…

"But how would it help in mating? There's only one open end! And what's the point? Besides, whoever designed it seems to think the tip shrinks," he grinned now, the old cockiness back.

Darn him! He was ENJOYING watching her squirm over this! Okay, time to switch from narrator to sex ed. teacher mode! Kagome took a deep breath and purposefully calmed herself. "The tip is there to help contain the sperm."

"The what?"

Archaic! Think archaic! "The seed." Kagome readied herself, then let the rest come tumbling out. "Condoms are used to help prevent a pregnancy. They're also used to control the spread of disease..."

"Hold on a minute! Slow down!" Inu Yasha's mind was now working fast to try and absorb everything Kagome was telling him. "The disease thing I can see. But why would it be needed between mates? And why would you want to prevent offspring?"

"It's just.. it's temporary prevention. There are also medicines that the.. er.. female can take for the same reason," Kagome hastened to reassure him. Wait? REASSURE him?! She hurried on before she could examine her own thoughts on that too closely. "Nowadays, females have more options, and sometimes they'd like to be.. intimate.. with their chosen mate without the immediate worry of pups." Pups? Where did THAT come from?

Inu Yasha looked at her, still mildly curious. "I've heard of mating for pleasure before, especially among humans. But I've heard it's pretty hard for humans to tell when it's safe…"

"That's why things like I've been telling you about were invented."

The hanyou knew the world 500 years in his future was a very different place. But now knowing that a weird piece of rubber could actually trap seed, thus allowing pleasure mating to be more of a possibility…

He roughly tore his train of thought away from that particular track. He didn't even dare consider it.. not in Kagome's presence, surrounded by her scent. "Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked, giving her a patronizing pat on the head.. and the distance he needed to recover.

He could see the flames dancing in her eyes before she even spoke. "NOT SO BAD?! I thought I was going to die of embarrassment!"

"Keh. Oversensitive female."

"Insensitive male!"

"Damn straight!"

Their exchange had brought their faces within inches of each other's. Inu Yasha and Kagome stayed there for a moment, acutely aware of not only the position they were in, but also the undercurrents that had been eddying around the room since the beginning of their conversation. Both blushed slightly as they saw mutual unspoken warmth and desire in the depths of each other's eyes.

Inu Yasha was the one who broke the silent communication first, but it was only to do something so unexpected that it left Kagome breathless. He leaned forward and kissed her. Firmly and passionately, tasting her lips as he hoped no other male had before.

His confirmation came when he pulled back and saw that when she opened them, Kagome's eyes were unfocused with need and more than a bit of confusion.

He had to get out of there. NOW!

Forcibly slamming his emotional armor back in place, he smirked and backed up to the window. "I brought your bag back. Thought it might need re-filling. You've got three days, hear me? Or I'll come and drag you back through the well by force," he informed her.

"Er.. uh…"

Inu Yasha chuckled to himself. Maybe he should try ending arguments that way more often! Satisfied of having had the last word, he studied the tree branches outside, then leapt into them, leaving Kagome with her thoughts.

"He.. He…" Kagome tried to form words, but nothing came out. The shock had seemingly severed any connection between her vocal cords and her brain. He'd kissed her! Inu Yasha had kissed her! Why on earth had he done that?

Tentatively, she touched her lips with the pads of her fingers, feeling them tingle slightly where the hanyou had touched them. His kiss had been so warm, but incredibly sweet, not asking or taking, just giving...

Wait, he did take something!

"Ah! My first kiss!" she cried aloud. Her first kiss had been stolen by that violent, jealous, two-timing moron!

But then, hadn't she been dreaming about him doing just that the past few months?

She was so confused.

She stood there for the better part of a half-hour trying to sort out her feelings before Souta's voice coming from outside her window broke into her reverie.

"Sis?!" the younger boy called.

Kagome went over to her window and saw him in the courtyard, his backpack still on his back. He must have just gotten home from school. "What is it, Souta?" she yelled down from her window.

"What's that?" he asked, pointing to a spot slightly below her.

She looked down and her eyes widened in horror. There, attached to the branch and happily bobbing in the wind, was an inflated condom.

"INU YASHA!!!!!!!!"


On the other side of the well, Inu Yasha grinned to himself. "Hope she likes the present I left," he snickered.

"What present?"

"Gah!" Inu Yasha started. "Damn, why'd ya have to sneak up on me like that, brat?"

Shippo cocked his head to one side, the epitome of childish curiosity. "Boy you're losing your touch. You used to be able to smell me coming from a mile away!"

"I was.. trying to think," the hanyou grumbled.

"Ooooh, that explains it."

It wasn't the words so much as the insulting tone behind them that set Inu Yasha off. "I'll skin you alive, twerp!"

Shippo "eep"ed and scampered away, the half dog demon hot on his heels. When they reached the forest, Inu Yasha took to the trees to ensure that he would get back to the village first.. and catch that annoying little runt.

As he leaped from branch to branch, he put a hand over part of the sash of his hakama to make sure that his stolen prize had been concealed tightly enough within the strip of cloth. "This 'good luck charm' thing might not be such a bad idea," he mused. Then with a smile to rival any of Miroku's , he navigated the last few trees.

Tonight, though.. roasted kitsune was on the dinner menu!



Er.. I mean..

(The End)


Tiny Vocab List:

Hakama - those puffy pants that Inu Yasha wears. They're traditionally worn over a kimono (Inu Yasha's kimono is white).
Kitsune - fox
Osuwari - Original Japanese command Kagome gives to "sit" Inu Yasha

Author's Note: Well, I hope I didn't disappoint anybody who read the first part (or those who read this all at once, for that matter! :D). This story is set to take place sometime before episode 50 of the anime.. before Inu Yasha becomes more gentle. There are so few stories that show his mischievious side (and if you doubt he has one.. just listen to his theme music ^_^). And I wanted to do a little different type of fluff more suited to Inu Yasha and Kagome's I-love-you-but-you-annoy-me style.

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