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The giggling was going to drive her insane. It seemed like every single time she was in the library, there was horde of mindless, simpering fan girls "quietly" hiding, and it was all because of him.

Viktor Krum, international Quiddich superstar, loved to be in the library. It wasn't really his fault, she reluctantly admitted. His group of idiot girls literally followed him everywhere. It was a wonder how none of them got to the ship the Durmstrang students stayed on. Most likely, none of them were cleaver enough to realize they didn't have to swim; they only needed to know how to fly a broom. The ones that might have realized that probably didn't know how to fly, not that she blamed them. Flying was one of the worst experiences she's ever had.

Today was especially strange because the group of his fanciers were giggling louder than ever before, but Krum was no where to be seen, or at least that's what she thought, until she heard the fraustrated muttering.

"Hello, my name is Viktor Krum, the seeker. No, that sounds stupid, she alveady knows vho you are, and you sound vain. Hello, Miss, you look beautifvul today, vill you to the ball vith me? No, No, not vat either. You sound too forvard." He trailed of angrily.

With her curiousity piqued, she silently got out of her chair and located the source of the muttering. She peered between the gap of two books on the bookshelf and saw a very flustered Viktor Krum pacing back and forth. No wonder his fan girls were giggling so avidly; he was obviously working up the nerve to ask someone to the ball, and she was wiling to bet her collection of books that each and every one of those simpering idiots thought that it was theirself he was trying to find a way to ask.

"I have been vaiting to ask you this for a very long time, Vill you go to the ball vith me? Uggh! you sound like a stalker, and a desperate vone at vat.

She saw him slump to the ground and appeared to concentrate even harder than he had been before. " I vish they'd shut up," he growled in a low, raspy voice she was sure only she could hear. "The noise is making it impossible to think. If I von't think of something soon, someone else vill ask her, if they haffen't alveady. I bet that red-head friend of hers alveady has. I didn't like the vay he looked at her at the vorld cup. I mean, vhat's not to like about her? She is intelligent, the best of her year. She is also beautifvul beyond compare, vith her curly, chestnut-colored hair and melted chocolate eyes, and she's also brave. Everyone has heard stories of her and her friend's deeds. They say she's kind and caring, too. Vho am I kidding? Hemy-ninny Granger vould neffer say yes to me. She probavly vouldn't be able to understand me vith my horrible accent, and I can't effen say her beautifvul name right. This stupid accent gets worse the more nervous I am, and if I actually talked to her, I vouldn't be able to speak a single understandable sentence. She vouldn't effen consider me..." He continued to berate himself in that low, frustrated tone.

She couldn't believe her ears. Viktor Krum, the Viktor Krum, was nervous about asking her out. What a backwards world it must be. Did he really feel that way about her? She was having trouble believing that he really thought of her like that. If he did, must be the first.

A small, desperate part of her was still clinging to Ron, hoping he would get it through his head that she liked him, and would ask her to the ball. It seemed like everyone else could see it, even Viktor; why couldn't Ron see it too?

However, the larger, more logical part of her brain could see that it was obviously not going to happen, and one thing she prided herself on was being logical. Even if it did happen, did she really want to go out with someone who didn't think of her as the first option, but only as the last resort?

She knew the answer. No, she wanted to be the first choice. She must have been Viktor first choice, because anyone he asked would agree. Therefore, she must be the first person he's asked, or at least tried to. The poor guy was still beating himself up verbally, while trying to decide what to say.

Would it really be that horrible to go with Viktor? He must be smart, which was something that could not be said for Ron. If he wasn't, she had absolutely no idea how he managed to read the advanced, seventh-year text books that were in English for hours; she had heard that English was his third language, learned right after Bulgarian and French. He also couldn't be Durmstrang's champion if he was stupid.

She thought it was safe to assume that he was kind and sweet as well. After his short little monologue on her, it would be foolish to assume otherwise, and although it mattered little, he was exceptionally handsome. He had a hard, square jaw with some dark stubble barely visible on his cheeks, giving him a bit of a 'gruff' look. His dark, expresso colored eyes were mysterious and alluring, but surprisingly warm, and his shortly cropped brown hair was a little wavy. She couldn't care less about his fame and fortune, but with almost any other girl, it would have weighed heavily in his favor.

She made her decision; yes, she would go if he actually worked up the nerve to ask. So, she silently sat back down in her chair, feeling a little bit like one of his stalker-ish fan gits for staring at him for so long. After a few moment of debating what to do, she made a big production of getting up, making sure she made plenty of noise, and walked over to where Victor sat slumped against a bookshelf. She slowly walked over to him and sat down. It surprised her just how frusterated he looked, scowling even deeper than usual.

She scooted a little closer to him. "Is there something wrong?" she whispered.

"You'll laff at me," he replied forlornly. "Anyone would laff at it."

"I promise I won't. What is it?"

"Vell, there is this girl. She's the most beautiful, smart, and brave girl in this entire school, and I really vant to ask her to accompany me to the Yule Ball, but I am too nervous and too much of a covard to actually ask. I am afraid I'll sound stupid, or she von't be able to understand me vith my accent, or she'll reject me. But, if I don't ask her soon, someone else vill. I think one of her friends might have alveady." He finished miserably.

"You don't sound stupid and I'm sure if she's really that smart, she can understand that this isn't your first language. Also, I'm sure she'll say yes, if you just ask her."

"You really think so?"

"I'm positive."

"Vell, here it goes then. Vould you, Miss Herm-ninny," he winced as he tried to say here name. "-Granger do me the honor of attending the Yule Ball with me?"

She looked up at him and smiled. "I would love to go with you to the ball, Viktor." She said warmly.

He smiled for the first time that she had ever seen. It was almost like a different person was sitting in front of her. The smile lit up his entire face. If he was handsome before, he was drop-dead gorgeous when he smiled. "Thank you. You have no idea how long I've been trying to do that. Ever since I found out about the ball, I've been trying to ask."

"I better be going, so you can make your escape." She winked. "If you don't mind, I would prefer to wait until the ball to let anyone know. It's not that I don't want people to know, I just don't want your fans to attack me. Is that alright?"

"Perfect." He responded quickly. He brought her hand to his lips and gently kissed it."Until I see you again, my dear."

"Until then." With a warm smile, she left and headed back to gryffindor tower.

Later that evening, she could vaguely hear Ron and Harry arguing in the background over who was going to the ball with who. She thought she heard her name, but she paid it no mind; she was still euphoric about getting asked to the ball. Then she heard Ginny say something; it sounded a bit like a warning. Right after that, Harry addressed her.

"Hermione, since you are a girl, you can go with Ron, and I will as-"

"I can't ." She said sharply.

" Why not?" Ron asked dumbfounded. "Are you going to stay in the library and study during the ball?"

"No, Ronald. I can't go with you because some one already asked me. "

"Shut the front door!" Ginny exclaimed. "Why did I not know about this before now?"

"Because," She giggled, something very uncharacteristic of her, "He only just worked up the nerve to ask today. He said he'd been practically stalking me since he found out about the ball, trying to figure out how to ask."

"Ooh! I expect all of the details later."

"Who'd spend months trying to ask you out?" Ron blurted without thinking.

"Well, just because it took you this long to figure out I'm a girl, doesn't mean anyone else didn't notice."

"Who was it then?" Harry asked kindly.

"I'm not telling." She pouted.

"Probably a nerd from Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw." Ron sneered.

"Assume what you want, but you're still not finding out until the ball. Ginny, it's getting rather late, are you ready to go up to the dorms?"

"But it's only 9- Oh! I mean yes, I am feeling pretty drowsy. " She quickly caught on. Together, they walked up the steps.

Once inside, Ginny just about tackled her, squealing, "WHO IS IT!?"

"Hold ON! Let me cast a silencing charm first, so no one can hear us."

Once it was finished, she whispered "Viktor Krum asked me to the ball."


"Yep, it was definately a good idea to cast the silencing charm first. I think I'm deaf now, though. You can't tell ANYONE. "

"Hermione, I would never tell. Ron's going to wet himself when he sees you at the ball with Viktor Krum. He was seriously stalking you?"

"Mmhhmm, he was in the library almost every day. "

"We are going to go shopping!" Ginny squealed. "Since we're both going, we can look for dresses!"

"Ok," she giggled. "I want to look perfect for Viktor."

"Are you sure that's the only reason?" Ginny waggled her eyebrows suggestively. "You aren't trying to make my git of a brother jealous?"

"Nope! That night will be all about Viktor and I. After all, why should I try to impress someone who only thought of me as the last resort?"

"Good point," Ginny admitted. "He doesn't deserve you anyways."

"Let's go to bed." She suggested. " And since its a Hogsmeade weekend, we can go shopping tomorrow.

"Alright," Ginny agreed. "Goodnight, Hermione"

"Goodnight, Ginny."

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