Little Brother

Today started off like any other day in my life, with the alarm clock buzzing and waking me up from my warm sleep. I slowly pulled myself out of bed and made my way over to my closet. I pulled out my normal white tee and blue jeans and changed into them. I then yawned and stretched making my way across the hall towards the bathroom.

"WATCH IT TURD!" my sister hissed as she pushed past me and into the bathroom.

I sighed as I was forced to wait for her take forever. "Why do girls have to take so long?" I asked myself.

Finally about twenty minutes later she emerged and it was my turn. I quickly brushed my teeth and ran comb through my untidy hair. Though I saw no point to it when I was just going put my faithful red poof ball hat on but it made Mom happy.

"Good morning Stanley," she greeted when I walked into the kitchen

"Hey Mom," I said back

"I made your favorite," she smiled placing a plate of waffles in front of me.

"Thanks," I replied

After eating it was time to go meet my friends at the bus stop, so I gave my mom a gave quick hug before rushing towards the door.

"Stanley, wait!" she called just as my hand was on the knob

I turned back to look at her "Yeah?"

"I need you home right after school today," she reminded me

"I know," I replied

"And you too Shelly!" she called to my sister


School was the same as everyday, where Mr. Garrison told us another pointless lesson. Recess was the only time of the day I really enjoyed, well going was better but still. Today my friends and I were playing basket ball against Craig's gang. The score was tied and it was down to the wire with only two minutes left.

"Okay I think we should pass the ball to Kyle," I explained "because he can make the shot."

"Thanks Dude," Kyle said with a smile "I won't let you down."

We all got into position...but I guess the play we were suppose to do did not sit well with Cartman. Instead of passing it to Kyle like I said to do he tried to be the glory hound that he is and tried to sink the ball himself.

The bell rang just as the ball sailed past the hoop "Goddamn it Cartman!" Kyle spat "You made us lose the game!"

"Whatever you fucking Jew!" Cartman hissed back "You would not have made the shot either."

"Yes I would FATASS!"

"Guys!" I snapped "We have to get back to class."


After class I went straight home just like Mom wanted where I found her humming a tune the oddly sounded like Rock-A-Bye Baby. But I just shrugged it off and went up to my room. When Dad came home we all sat down and ate our dinner.

"I have really big news," Mom said happily

When we all looked at her she continued "I pregnant."

Dad had just taking a sip of his drink when he spit it all over us. "You're what?" he asked

"Pregnant," she repeated

That night when I was in bed I couldn't help but to think about Mom having another baby.

"Wow," I thought "I'm going to be a big brother. This is going to be really cool."

Okay first chapter is a little short and not sure if I should continue it yet. What do you think? If I do the chapter will get longer...