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I'm not sure what was going on...

But here I was. Asking Shadow to help everyone stop the canon from blasting Earth into pieces, and he was just staring down at earth with no sympathy at all. I was not happy with what he said in response to my plea.

"It's all going according to plan," He started, "there's no reason to me to help them. Besides, It's impossible to save them now..."

That got me so furious, I wanted to yell at him the second he spit those words out. But in that Moment, I heard a voice, gently whispering in my ear.

All the fury and rage I was just about to unleash on him washed away. I was no longer my usual self, and I calmly repeated these words I was told to tell him.

"But there has to be. I know people fight over the most trivial of things...Some people may be selfish like Professor Gerald said. But everyone is basically good...If they try their best and never give up on their dreams and wishes. They all have a reason to be happy...and that's why you should help them out...Because saving them is a good thing!"

He was still glaring down on Earth. His eyes still cold and distant.
The very next thing I knew, I said something I know I would have never said in my life.

"Shadow, I beg of you, please... Do it for them... Give them another chance!"

And that's when I noticed a different expression on Shadow's face as those last words left my mouth. His eyes told his whole story though. Looks like that got his attention, but...

He looked so sad and hurt...

As if I brought up something that really bothered him this whole time. A tear even slid down his cheek as proof.

It made me worried, and I even felt bad for him...

He must have been in deep thought by now...


I wanted to make sure he was alright...

But the moment that thought crossed my mind...

He said this to me as he rushed out the room.

"I've got to go now! I have to keep my Promise to Maria-"

But the last words he said caught me off guard completely.

"-and you."

I stood there processing what he just said to me...

I don't know if I should be happy about that or just down right confused!
"What's that supposed to mean..?"

I shook my head. I don't have time to think about it now. I gotta go back to my friends!

Especially Sonic.

As I was walking past the sliding doors, I could have sworn I saw someone in blue pass me from the corner of my eye. I look back to see no one there.


I rubbed my eyes and scanned the room quickly to make sure nothing was there.

"My eyes must be playing tricks on me..."

With that said, I ran down the hallway to meet back with everyone else. With one last thought still lingering...

"Who was talking to me anyway?"

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