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The Sunken Mausoleum - Ch. 11

For all intents and purposes, Rachel Roth was doing her duties and restacking a bunch of books onto the shelves of the quite ample Bizenghast Library. More and more of the students at the school were showing up as of late, as it seemed to be the time period of midterms and they frantically researched and looked up materials for study.

However, as Rachel worked to help keep some semblance of order among the books, there was a slight problem. The leery looks that Raven, er, Rachel was getting from the two boys in the library were not helping her concentration in the slightest. She could feel their lusty emotions washing over her, especially since she was the subject of them.

"Mmm, she's quite a looker though" she heard one of them whisper.

"Yeah, she really does look like that Dinah girl though... I still can't believe she's dead."

"Yeah, her funeral was pretty depressing so I've heard. My uncle was the doctor that took care of her... She was a total nutso."

Raven's eyes widened at this piece of information. She whirled around and marcher over to where the two boys were standing.

"What do you mean, funeral? I thought the bodies went missing?" she said curtly.

The boys looked taken aback, perhaps at being caught talking about it yet also because Raven had confronted them so suddenly and without much protest.

"Uh... Well, Vincent's never been found. Everyone's assuming he died since when his parents came back from their holiday they said that they hadn't seen him and he hadn't gone to join them like Dinah had said" the first boy said slowly.

"Yeah, well, she WAS found. Had a funeral and everything, her aunt was sobbing her eyes out and my uncle told me that she moved away the next day... Why did you think that she was gone, anyway? Who told you that the bodies were BOTH missing, cute thing?" the boy said, not hesitating to remember that he had been admiring her a moment before.

"Nobody. I thought that was the story, I guess I got mixed up." Raven said bluntly, but the wheels in her mind were turning. 'Mrs. Tucker was the one that told me BOTH the bodies went missing... What could that mean? Was it because she had died before Dinah, and only knew about Vincent's disappearance?' she thought, not realizing that the two boys were now resuming their leering.

"You're hot when you think so hard" the first boy said, running his eyes up and down her body. She rolled her eyes and walked away from them and back to the shelf she was organizing. She stood on her tiptoes trying to place a book on a particularly high shelf, frowning. 'If I could use my powers right now this wouldn't be a problem... Dammit, why am I so short?!'

"Mmm, baby, yeah, stretch like that so we can see your ass real good" the boy continued. Raven's nerves were beginning to fry, and she knew that the next thing coming out of her mouth would probably not be so nice. She chose to ignore the taunt and resumed struggling with the book, about to give up and get the ladder.

"Or how about we help you out, hmm?" they boys had suddenly materialized behind her, blocking her off and from both sides. In her resolve to ignore them she hadn't even heard them get up and quietly slink over to her.

"Back off, I'm working" she hissed.

"Why don't you back it up instead, honey?" one of them said, coming up behind her and pressing up against her while the other one made to go for her front.

"Alright, that's it. Az-"


Their heads whipped around to face a severely pissed off Garfield Logan, who looked just about ready to breathe fire and raise some more Cain while he was at it. Raven was thankful he had shown up, as the next words from her lips would have been her mantra and she would have blown their cover that way. 'I really need to meditate... Get control of my temper...'

Beast Boy had strode up to the boys, who until then had not fully disengaged from their proximity to Raven; he did not like that.

"Back. It. Up." he growled, pulling Raven towards him by her arm and simultaneously letting them know that yes, he HAD heard what sorts of lewd things they were telling his woman.

"Calm down, we were just playing..." one of them said as he backed up. Beast Boy glared daggers at him, and he raised his hands in defeat.

"Rae, I came to get you so we could go home. It's late" he said to his girlfriend, who looked up at him with a mix of gratitude and relief.

"Alright, I'll go punch out" she said, sending a final death glare to the two boys before placing the book in Beast Boy's hand. "That one goes up there. You're taller than me now, can you get it?" she said, squeezing his hand as she left his side; she wasn't too happy to admit that finally Beast Boy was taller than her, but then again it made their situation as a couple much more pleasant.

Beast Boy's day at work was much less eventful, and as they walked home a few minutes later he pondered over the strangest thing that had happened to him that day: while going through the routine at the antiques shop, which involved going through the empty houses and removing the furniture for the most part, he had come across a curious old wardrobe that was attached firmly to the wall. He had thought about calling his boss over to help him with it, but before he did he opened it to check and make sure nothing was in it.

Inside, he had found a single golden coin wedged into the back corner. Picking it up and twirling it between his fingers, he gasped as he recognized the clock-bug symbol from the book and the Mausoleum on one side of the gold. He knew this now to be the symbol of the Mausoleum, it's seal and identifier when it came to all of the Guilds.

He wondered once again the meaning behind the placement of the symbol, what it could mean to the creature plaguing the Titans' investigation, and what on earth it was doing in the wardrobe of an abandoned house in the outskirts of the town. His stomach growling loudly reminded him of dinner, however, and so he pocketed the coin without much thought except that of heading over to the library in order to pick up Raven. Needless to say, what he found happening in the library caused the little gold coin to vanish completely from his mind until much later.


That night was a sort of milestone for the two Titans as they approached the Mausoleum. They had completed their twentieth vault the previous night with Edaniel's help, and they were supposedly going to meet his brother for help during this night's vault.

"Why didn't he come to meet us last night like Edaniel did when we finished our tenth?" Beast Boy asked Raven as they walked up towards the Hooded Angel.

"I bet they aren't required to meet us that night, you know how Edaniel has a thing for theatrics" Raven replied, unhooking the golden bracelet from her wrist and placing it on the Angel's platter. Beast Boy briefly thought of the coin he had found that day, still in his pants pocket back at St. Lyman's. The door opened then, and they descended into the Mausoleum.

Edaniel was waiting for them, in human form. He sat upon a slouchy looking divan in the middle of the room; in his hand was what looked like a tabloid magazine, which he was leafing through by making use of a smallish knife to turn the pages. Beast Boy stopped short.

"Uhh, Edaniel? Why do you have a knife?" he said warily.

"That's because the vaults from this one onward are going to be much more taxing and violent" a new voice answered before Edaniel had the time to look up.

A tall, dark stranger emerged briskly from the shadows; dark as his brother was fair, his skin was tanned to the point of looking brown and his curly long black hair was gathered loosely at the nape of his neck and tied with a golden colored ribbon.

He wore an extremely well fitted armor, all black with golden embellishment; it seemed to be a chest plate with arm coverings that covered everything, including his hands which were gloved; one of these arm plates was more highly covered in the golden markings. 'Perhaps runes of some sort?' Raven thought, studying him. From the bottom of the chest plate (which only covered his pectorals, much like Edaniel's metrosexual cardigan thing) a long flowing fabric extended up until his mid-thighs. The material seemed to glisten, as if it were made of spider-silk.

He wore simple black pinstriped pants which were mostly covered by his knee-high armored boots, made of the same material and embellished similarly as his armor.

Like his brother, his ears were pointed and elfin, however his eyes were catlike much in the same way as Jinx's. Strapped to his side was an ornate sword with a large ruby encrusted in the blade's grip. All in all, he looked much more a warrior than his brother.

"Guys, this is Edrear! He's the one you can use to fight all those monsters and stuff with, since as I've said many times before he's all martial-artsy and stuff" Edaniel said, hopping up off the divan and tossing aside his little magazine which vanished with a pop of sulfuric magic.

"Oh, so he's like Robin? All ninja master?" Beast Boy quipped, stepping forward a bit to study Edrear better.

"No, I am nothing like you and your little friends" Edrear said with almost a snarl. Beast Boy was taken aback, but did not flinch.

"Dude, chill! What's up with him anyway?" he asked to no one in particular. Raven squinted her eyes a bit, trying to focus on Edrear's emotional sphere. It was difficult to do, of course, because the Tower Guards were all made up of bits of other people's souls and did not have their own personal empathic frequency. Without too much effort, however, Raven detected high flares of resentment and a steely determination to push them both away, in an attempt to prevent bonding.

"It's fine, Beast Boy. No one said we needed to be best friends with these guys." Raven's cold tone surprised the changeling, but he noticed Edrear's eyes narrow a bit at the comment; he remained silent.

"Well, guys, that was awkward enough. Let's pick a vault and get on with it!" Edaniel said, for the first time looking a bit perturbed by something. While Raven marched determinately towards the wall of riddles with Edrear not too far behind her, Edaniel and Beast Boy followed at a slower pace.

"He's not normally this informal and rude, don't take it personally... I think he's still upset that Dinah and Vincent vanished" Edaniel whispered. Beast Boy frowned.

"They were Tower Guards too, right? What about your sisters then?" Beast Boy asked back.

"They were still around, tending to the Mausoleum duties instead of helping the new hires. It's in the contract... You either become a cleaner or get assimilated into the Mausoleum once you die on the job."

"WHAT!?" Beast Boy yelped. Raven and Edrear turned sharply at the outburst, Edrear even going as far as to clutch the handle of his sword. Beast Boy waved them off with an awkward grin. "I didn't know there was a GOOD ending to death in here... And I was thinking the whole time I'd just become a green skinned bag of bones on a fishhook..."

"Well, we don't exactly advertise it because then we don't have much to threaten you with, do we? Plus it's not up to us, but the Mausoleum... It chooses for you, based on the actions taken leading up to death" Edaniel said with a little smile that was highly out of place when considering the topic.

"If you're quite finished" Raven said suddenly with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, yeah, riddles, ok..." Beast Boy mumbled, walking over to read them better. As he looked them over, he suddenly did a double take. "Rae... Does this one look, well... Interesting to you?"

"I wonder how a robin hears?

I never yet have seen his ears.

But I have seen him tip his head

Beaten upon until he was dead."

Raven bit her lip as she hoped with all her heart what she had just read was not in fact what they were going to expect in that vault.

"Might as well check it out... We'll have to do this eventually" Beast Boy sighed. He reached over and grabbed her hand, and out of the corner of his eye he saw Edrear stiffen; at that same moment, Raven felt his emotions spike into a mixture of sorrow and jealousy.

"High ho, High ho, let's free the ghosties' souls, doo doo doo doo do doo do dooooo HIGH HO!" Edaniel sang as he skipped towards the doors without a care in the world, it seemed. Raven and Edrear rolled their eyes while Beast Boy suppressed a laugh.

They perused the graveyard for about ten minuted before coming across it. The headstone itself was so small that Beast Boy figured he had passed it a few times before even noticing it was there.

On the ground was a little stone figure of a bird, Beast Boy knew it was a robin of course (having the power to change into one helped him recognize it instantly). Something was different, of course, and Beast Boy's heart gave a tug as he recognized what it was. The bird's eyes were covered by a small mask, a mask that a certain team leader of theirs also wore quite well.

A metal crowbar lay next to the bird, and Beast Boy's sick feeling only seemed to grow as he knew what he had to do in order to open the vault. He picked up the crowbar, steeling himself.

He swung the crowbar and with a sharp metal THWACK knocked part of the bird's head clean off. As the bits crumbled off and into dust, he felt Raven's hand on his shoulder, squeezing reassuringly. The vault opened, a spiral staircase descending around the small, now broken, stone figurine.


The smoke cleared and the Titans immediately knew that they were in Gotham. Raven's senses were on high alert, Beast Boy's hand clutched tightly in hers as they scanned the streets. Edaniel and Edrear were silent forces behind them, shadowing their every step as they began to slink through the shadows.

"Uhh... Something tells me you know more about this dream than we do" Edaniel whispered. Edrear simply surveyed in silence.

"Yeah, well, we aren't happy to be here, nor are we even worthy of being in his dream. Let's just find him and hope for the best" Raven said in her monotone, but her voice cracked a little bit towards the end. Beast Boy gave her hand a squeeze as they pressed on.

The side streets began to give way to smoky yet larger streets, with sketchy figures skulking in the corners and seeming to avoid them for the most part, as if they weren't even there. They reached a rather large alleyway, and suddenly a swift movement caught Beast Boy's sharp senses. He whirled around to catch a sharp kick to the face, sending him sprawling.

"Beast Boy!" Raven shouted, her hands already crackling with magic that grabbed her attacker.

"Hey, put me down!" a squeaky, girly voice cried out. "Lemme go, you witch! My puddin' will be here to deal with you if ya don't!"

"Harley, nice to see you too" Raven quipped, squeezing her grip tighter around the Joker's favorite little lackey. The Harlequin flinched as the black magic squeezed her and stole some of her breath.

"What're you running from, heh?" Beast Boy managed to get out; he had stood up by this point, rubbing his jaw a little from where her boot had connected with his face.

"That would be me."

The empath and the changeling turned swiftly towards the voice that had spoken; Jason Todd, now known as the second Robin emerged confidently from the shadows, a smirk on his young face. "Heya, Titans. You can give her to me, it'll be fine!"


"SHHHH!" he frantically cut Beast Boy off. "Shut up! We're in the presence of a villain!"

The Titans had almost forgotten that this was just a dream, Jason's own nightmares come back to haunt his spirit endlessly. Raven swallowed thickly.

"Ro...Robin, listen. You can have her if only you'll just talk to us for a bit after you deal with her, put her in jail or whatever" she said.

"What for? Don't you have your own city to protect? I got this!" Jason said with a wave of his hand, clearly annoyed that the Titans wanted to step in on his territory and capture his villains and tell him what to do.

"You sure about that, little guy?"

The two Titans' blood froze as they recognized the new voice. No one could mistake it.

The Joker had arrived, and he had brought about a dozen of his men with him. Something about him in Jason's dream made him much more menacing, much more horribly supernatural; instead of a simple chemical imbalance in his facial features, there were visibly twisted aspects to his dream-state. His eyes glistened with a toxic light, while his hair was much more unkempt than his traditional polished 'do. The trademark purple suit was present, yet he seemed in general much bigger and stronger as a result. Lanky and lean, he towered over all of his thugs.

The smile, however, was the most horrible. His face was its traditional white pallor, his eyebrows raised in a menacing perpetual gleeful delirium; the smile, red as blood, stretched across lips that parted to reveal long serrated scars that extended his smile to the edges of his face as if he had put them there himself with a badly sharpened knife.

"Titans, welcome to our little get-together" he spoke, sending more chills down Beast Boy's spine. "And although I don't know who you two are, I'm sure we'll become QUITE good friends..." he continued in reference to Edrear and Edaniel, who until now had seemed to be frozen in a stupor. "Now, then..."

"Shall we dance?"

Jason's dream exploded. The henchmen darted left and right, drawing guns and clubs, baseball bats and blades; Jason himself seemed to literally be flying left and right, throwing bird-a-rangs and kicking and punching, slashing with his blade all at once. Raven threw Harley into a dumpster where she landed with a squeal, and she levitated a car from the street to place on top of it so she couldn't get out; Beast Boy morphed into a tiger and began slashing and biting the thugs while Edrear had drawn his sword and took on two who had what looked like katanas.

"They're not real, they're just figments of the dream!" Edaniel said, stabbing one of them in the thigh with his dagger and indicating quickly as his opponent started to smoke.

"Kill them, they won't feel a thing!" Edrear called out, promptly slashing through the two he was battling with the supreme ease and skill of a trained warrior and heading straight for two more as they burst into inky black smoke that rejoined with the dreamscape.

Jason himself seemed to not notice, too intent on fighting the Joker himself. He seemed much too confident, much too arrogant, and Raven desperately slashed through the Joker's henchmen with her magic in order to reach him and maybe assist him. 'Perhaps he wants to defeat him, just once? Maybe that's what the dream's about...'

A sudden flash of movement and a sharp kick caused the Joker to be hurtled into the wall opposite her, and she whirled around to face his attacker. Batman himself had emerged from the side street, a frown on his face.

"Robin, I told you this was too dangerous for you to do alone. You needed me with you!" the Dark Knight growled at his young apprentice. Jason flared up, fists clenching.

"I can handle it by myself! You don't have any faith in me!" he spat back.

"You treat life like a game, Jason!" Batman bellowed, his deep voice echoing around the dream and causing the Titans to flinch. How many times did their own Robin scold them with similar words?

"Life IS a game!" Jason screamed, shattering their environment, Batman's figure splitting clean down the middle as everything melted away. Raven rushed over to Beast Boy, who was sporting a split lip courtesy of one of the thugs. Edaniel and Edrear were close behind her, huddling around in a cluster while the dream reshaped itself.

It was now hot, too hot. They were in a warehouse, and a blonde woman struggled against her bonds in the corner, and the Titans recognized her from the reports as Jason's own mother Sheila; Jason's arms were tied behind his back and he lay on the floor, unconscious but about to come to his senses. The Titans and the Tower Guards were stationed behind a few large crates, watching in horror as the Joker emerged brandishing a large metal crowbar. He remained the horrible and monstrous dream Joker, constructed from the horrors and fears of Jason's own mind. Jason was awake now.

"This is going to hurt you a lot more than it's going to hurt me!" the Joker cackled, and began to beat Jason with no mercy. Raven's hands flew to her mouth, a silent scream trapped in her throat as she and Beast Boy witnessed the murder of one of their closest friends' successors. Edaniel was pale, while Edrear looked stricken.

The Joker began to laugh in earnest at the feeble cries coming from Jason, his laughter causing the twisted grin on his face to split open at the scars, blood raining down with bits of flesh that mixed with that of Jason as it scraped off his bones with each hit of the crowbar.

"Can't hear you, must be a collapsed lung... Hard on the breathing, eh?" the Joker wheezed, laughing maniacally as he delivered a sharp thwack to the skull of the young Robin, whose mother Sheila screamed from the corner she was tied in.

"We can't let this happen, he's beating the shit out of him!" Beast Boy hissed frantically, about to leap to his feet and confront the Joker.

"No" Raven managed, pulling at his arm. "He... He died like this, in here. We just have to watch."

"Like hell we do!" Beast Boy cried, his heart constricting as a crack of bone splitting echoed throughout the warehouse. Edaniel shook his head.

"Some dreams are like this. Some ghosts have deeper issues that we can't fix, we just have to let it play out until the solution becomes apparent. Sometimes the ghost does all the work for us, in cases like this for example."

Beast Boy felt horrible, and glared over at Edrear simply because he didn't know what else to do. To his surprise, the normally stony-faced Tower Guard had an expression that clearly betrayed sorrow and pain as he watched the young boy get beaten to death.

"You... You knew him?" he whispered softly. Raven nodded. "I... I suppose the best thing to say is that I am sorry, truly. This must be difficult for you to endure."

The Titans were shocked by Edrear's sudden change in demeanor towards them, but they let it be. The Joker had tossed the bloody crowbar to the side, where it landed with a clang. With a final chorus of raucous laughter, he set the bomb that the two Titans knew was coming and took his leave. Jason was twitching feebly on the ground, pools of blood becoming larger and a deeper scarlet as he lost blood from all the broken points of his body.

Raven and Beast Boy then emerged from behind the crate, not being able to stand it any longer. Jason looked at them through puffy eyes and a broken mask; they were able to see the teary blues of his eyes.

"Jason, we're working to avenge you as we speak." Raven's words were soft and gentle; she had knelt by his head, stroking his hair from his forehead. Beast Boy knelt on the other side of him and freed his hands from the bonds, and they fell limply to his sides.

"I... failed... I was stupid" Jason coughed through mouthfuls of blood and broken teeth.

"No, never think that for a minute!" Beast Boy said fiercely. "You were headstrong and rash, smart and agile... Like our Robin, like Batman himself. You made them both so proud... You were like a son to Batman, and he's fighting his hardest to bring the Joker to justice. He's not going to let that bastard get away with this" Beast Boy's words seemed to have some effect on Jason, as his hand gripped the changeling's a little more tightly.

"Rest now, Jason. Be at peace, and know that there are many who love you here that want you to be happy" Raven continued, and Beast Boy looked away from the dying Robin in order to lock eyes briefly with her. She was at her most beautiful, he thought, feeling so much for others at all times and so pure was her emotion that it coursed through her very being and electrified him from only a few inches away.

Jason seemed to feel it, too, as he smiled through his pain and suddenly burst into a ray of light, his angelic form appearing in place of the broken body lying between the Titans. He was clad in his uniform, looking confident and with a serene smile on his face. He ascended into brighter light, vanishing, just as the bomb timer ticked to it's last number and exploded.

Beast Boy dove and grabbed Raven, pushing her to the wall of the warehouse and covering her with most of his body as they were consumed in fire and heat.

When he opened his eyes, she was staring back at him and panting a little, and Beast Boy realized that she had cocooned them in a bubble of black magic that was no longer necessary as they had re-emerged in the entrance to the vault. Edaniel and Edrear were smooshed in the far corner within their own bubble, flailing and wiggling in order to free themselves.

Raven waved her hand and the magic was gone, yet she remained in Beast Boy's embrace. She was shaking a little, her hands coming to clutch his arms for support as she breathed in order to calm her emotions, which were going into overload.

"Rae..?" he began tentatively.

"Brother, you did not tell me that these human agents were beings with powers of their own! Not to mention a demoness!" Edrear could be heard berating his brother from the other side of the vault entrance.

"What of it? They're cute!" Edaniel defended.

"Her powers could interfere with the ghost dreams in ways never before experienced by the Guilds! We employ humans in order to better connect with the part of the souls that once had life, not connect also with their warped and undead immortal soul, or had you forgotten?" Edrear hissed.

"It's my contract, so any problems you have you can take up with me." Beast Boy had turned his head slightly, eyes narrowed at the quarreling Tower Guards.

"You are both extra-ordinary humans, and in her case she has the potential to connect to the spirit world in ways not natural to the process of freeing the ghosts; there could be consequences" Edrear said plainly. Beast Boy opened his mouth to speak again, but Edrear held up his hand. "I would like to add that you both handled the dream quite formidably, and I am doubtful that any other human agent would have been able to understand his soul in the way that you did."

With that, Edrear lifted himself gracefully from the vault without even taking the spiral stairs. "And please, try to avoid using your demon magic on me. If makes me feel, how do they put it?... Uncomfortable."And he walked off.

Edaniel turned to the couple, expecting Raven to blow up in anger or something; instead he found them as engrossed in each other as two people could be. Raven was still shaking, unshed tears glistening on her violet eyes as the emotions of the day coursed through her and pumped through her nervous system like live wires. Beast Boy held her close to him but with enough room to see her face and analyze the situation. She was in some sort of empathic trance, and so he picked her up gently and began carrying her out of the vault's entrance.

"Yeah, ok, I thought that a graveyard was too weird even for YOU guys to start making out in. Although making out is wonderful... Say, wanna make out, green bean? She's so out of it I doubt she'd mind" Edaniel said in a stream of words that Beast Boy barely listened to as he set Raven down on the grass.

"Shut up, Edaniel."

"Fine, fine. Listen, dudes, I just gotta say what a pleasure it's been working with you this evening... See you tomorrow, and you'd better bring me some pancake batter along with that gold!"

With a silly little wave, he followed after his brother back into the depths of the Mausoleum. Beast Boy sighed, crouching in front of Raven who seemed to see him finally in the light of the moon. She lifted her arms and slowly pulled him in for a tight hug, the tears shining on her eyes finally falling.

"I never do this often... I was just so scared and sad for him, and then the explosion made me think of what could happen if I had lost you in a similar way... Sorry, I'm being stupid" Raven muttered softly, and Beast Boy in turn gently pulled away from her hug and placed a sweet kiss on her lips. She gasped, the flood of emotion to her senses causing her to tingle all over and nearly shudder.

"Raven, you're definitely not stupid. Don't be ridiculous." He grinned at her, and picked her up again, twirling her around before setting her down on her feet shakily. "Let's go home and sleep it off, ok? We have work tomorrow!"

"When did you become the responsible one?" she laughed a little, before taking his hand in hers and transporting them back to their makeshift home in Bizenghast.

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