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'It's the same.'

Kagome let out a sigh, sitting on a bench in the park and watching as people passed by, 'Everywhere I go... it's the same.' It honestly saddened her that people were so occupied by their cell phones, tablets, and whatever else was popular these days. It was just as bad in America then it was in Japan.

It made her miss the Sengoku Era that much more.

'I wonder if I will ever see them again,' She thought, her blue eyes fading slightly with the memories of her past, 'If I wasn't so afraid, would the well open for me again?'

Her thoughts were quickly broken when something unexpectedly hit her in the leg and she noticeably jumped. Kagome glanced down, somewhat surprised to see a soccer ball at her feet and a small blond boy quickly approaching her.

"Sorry, lady! I hit you!" The boy apologised, looking rather sorry and just looking so adorable that Kagome couldn't help but to smile, "Can I have my ball?"

"Do you like soccer?" Kagome asked, picking up the soccer ball and handing it to the blond boy and he nodded vigorously to her question, "I have a little brother who likes soccer, too."


It didn't surprise her too much to hear the concerned tone of a parent and she simply watched as a dark-haired man in casual clothes jogged up to them, picking the boy up high in his arms, "Jack, what did I say about about running off out of sight?"

"Not to do it," The boy, now known to her as Jack, said seriously, "I'm sorry, Daddy! But the pretty lady helped me!" He pointed down to her and she waved with a small smile.

The man observed her with keen, almost distrustful eyes and it was fairly obvious to her that he had to be some sort of law enforcement officer.

He had the same eyes that her late father possessed, or from what she could remember about him.

"Thank you," The man said in a rather stiff manner that had her smiling all over again, "For helping my son."

"Not a problem," Kagome said with a shrug, "I'm just happy to see you're actually playing with your son rather than your cell phone."

For some reason, that little statement seemed to intrigue him and he put his boy back on the ground, "Jack, practise your soccer, but stay within my sight, okay?" He patted Jack's shoulder and allowed the boy to run off with his soccer ball.

"Oh," Kagome blinked when the man gestured to the seat beside her, "No one's sitting here." She glanced at him when he sat down beside her.

He was sitting rather stiffly and Kagome took pity on him, "So, tell me, are you a police officer?" She asked and he looked at her with a small amount of surprise.

"I am," He confirmed, "I'm surprised you could tell so quickly." He said, though he kept his eyes on Jack at all times.

"I can tell a lot about people just by looking at them," Kagome stated, "It was... necessary for my life at one point." She said in a low tone, but the man seemed to hear her anyway.

The man said nothing in return and Kagome could tell that he wanted to ask and decided to just go for it, "My name is Kagome Higurashi. What's yours?" She asked curiously and froze slightly when he looked at her with his piercing brown eyes.

"Hotchner. Aaron Hotchner," He finally answered, "Thank you for helping my son, Miss Higurashi." He thanked again, though this time it was properly.

The man was probably at least over ten years older than her and maybe even married, but Kagome didn't want the opportunity to pass her by, "So, then, Hotchner, would you like to grab a cup of coffee sometime?"

She expected nothing to come of it and glanced at him to see that piercing stare again and he actually shocked her with his answer.

"I would like that, Miss Higurashi."