Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea.

Alex Eames looked closely at the label on the bottle of diuretics. She turned it slowly in her hand as she considered her options. Sure, Bobby had said to stay away from them, but that was just for show. To make Mark Farrell feel at ease and trick him into admitting to his knowledge of the product. But it couldn't hurt to try a little bit. She was still bloated. In fact, slouching over her desk these days made her tummy feel like a bloody Shar-pei. It had been three months and exercise wasn't cutting it. She just wanted to feel good again.

With that, she reached for her cup of water. Just as she was unscrewing the top, an arm reached around her left side, setting a tall caramel macchiato and a bag of tropical Skittles on her desk. Another arm came around and snatched the bottle of diuretic from her grasp. She felt Bobby's hulking frame bend closer until his breath was on her neck.

"Stop it. You're beautiful."