Surname: Bryce

First Name: Jared

AKA: Baby Loc, Crazy Fuck

DOD: March 27th, 1994

Age: 19

Residence: Room 221-Building A-Firefly Projects-Broker

Affiliation: The MOBB (Money over Bitches Ballas), various Ballas sets throughout Liberty City, freelance drug dealers in Broker and Dukes.

Criminal Record:

· 2005-Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon

· 2008-Possession/Criminal Distribution of Controlled Substance: Marijuana

· 2008-Damaging public property: graffiti

· 2009-Possession of a Controlled Substance: crack cocaine

· 2010-Grand Theft Auto

· 2012-Possession of an Unlicensed Firearm


· Career criminal, first convicted at the age of 11 for stabbing another grade school child from a rival gang.

· Known to be psychotically violent and notoriously short-tempered, all units are advised to approach with extreme caution.

· Younger brother of MOBB OG Nelson 'Big Loc' Bryce.

· Close friend of rising criminal figure and fellow MOBB gang member Anfernee 'Ant' Lawrence.

· Known to be one of the most feared men in the Broker underworld.

· Suspected to be involve in both a car theft and drug distribution ring.

· Suspected in almost thirty different homicides, testimony of new witness may finally bring him to justice.

Now Baby Loc. First description that jumps to mind when I think about that kat is that he a mothafuckin ice cold killa. But then he just a product of the environment after all, he grew up fucked up the game. Its all he ever knew. The things this kid's done is enough to make even the hardest mothafucka stutter and skip a beat. I've watched him jack cars, stickup drug deals, slang crack, burn down buildings, and murder dozens of niggas that fly any flag but the MOB blue. Scary thing about Loc is while any otha nigga would be shitting all over their pants doing half the things he do Loc would be doing it laughing! He enjoys every minute of it. I still remember when we were kids back in grade school and a group of us was out playing in the sandbox. A couple of wetback kids came over talking smack about the MOB and claiming Spanish Lords. Loc didn't waste no time, he just jumped on them with a fucking icepick. One lost an eye and the other spent two months in a comma. Funny thing is we was just eleven years old too.

Testimony of Anonymous Informant, 2013