Surname: Lawrence

First Name: Anfernee

AKA: OG Ant, Annie Boy, The Boss

DOD: March 3rd, 1993

Age: 20

Residence: Room 10-Building A-Firefly Projects-Broker

Affiliation: The MOBB (Money Over Bitches Ballas), various Ballas sets throughout Liberty City, The Lost OMC, The Uptown Riders MC, The Messina Crime Family, The Gambetti Crime Family, The Shamrock Gang, Brucie Kibbutz, Esteban Montez, Lloyd Blings

Criminal Record:

· 2010-Manslaughter


· Rising underworld figure.

· Prodigy of the notorious OG Penn.

· Responsible for almost singlehandedly making the MOBB gang strongest in Broker and Bohan.

· Suspected in the death of Officer Giuseppe Gulliano.

· Suspected to be involved in a drug distribution ring along with Cuban drug kingpin Esteban 'El Lobo' Montez and the Lost OMC.

· Frequently associates with Sugarnight Records CEO Lloyd Blings.

· Known to freelance for Roy Zito of the Gambetti Crime Family.

· Suspected to be involved in a hijacking ring led by Pat McKinley of the Shamrock Gang.

· Suspected of being involved in an wide spread organized car theft operation for Kibbutz Incorporated.

· Active in the underground fight scene, known to be champion of the Bear Fighter tournament in 2010.

Now Ant….He's….he's different. If you knew Ant back in the day you would never have dreamed the way he would go. To tell the truth The nigga was a punk. A straight up buster nigga. I heard tell that he use to vomit when niggas got smoked. Yeah if you would believe it. Ant wanted be a lawyer but the game forced him down another path. His mistake was being friends with Loc and them. Hanging around them niggas it was only a matter of time before he would start banging. And damn did this nigga do some banging. From being one of the weakest niggas in the Firefly he became one of the deadliest. He got…cold. Yeah that's the best word. Cold. Nigga began sending more people to the graveyard than a fucking pandemic. But he done right by the MOB. He almost singlehandedly put us on the map. He made the connections that got us the guns that help us takeover and he made the connect that got us drugs for rock bottom prices that was purer than anything else on the streets. Ever since he got out of jail he been a hero through the Firefly. Hell he basically calling all the shots. Only thing is Nigga let all that paper he making go to his head though. He buying condos and property and shit. Striking deals with music producers and playing body guards for actors and all that stuff.

Testimony of Anonymous Informant, 2013