First of all, I'd like to extend many thanks and warm, fuzzy feelings to all of you who've given me feedback, kind words, and 'Favorites' over the last few years. Much of the time an otherwise glum and ordinary day was given a bit of an added zest when I read how much someone enjoyed it, or what they thought of the ending. I'd also like to take this opportunity to reiterate the same warning to newcomers that I made in the description, that some of those kind words also involve waaaay more late-story spoilers than I would have liked, rendering the reviews page a bit of a minefield. ;_;

Second is that, if any of you happen to re-read the story, you might notice minor details seemed tweaked here and there. Due to encouragement from people close to me, I've decided to (FINALLY) give the thing the ol' editor's eye in preparation for posting it on Wattpad. Having recently joined it, and juggling the idea of writing at least one novella-sized non-fanfiction story I've been chewing on for a few months, I thought this might be a good icebreaker. I'll be going through the story to mostly fix any spelling issues, missing or incorrect words, dialogue tweaks etc, something I admittedly should have done years ago. Hopefully, if you end up reading it again, these tweaks will make the second time more pleasant. :3

One thing I'm not going to be doing is trying to make the story better fit the post-50th Anniversary version of canon, instead keeping to what- at least back when I researched the matter- seemed to be the version most in-canon with prior episodes and various extended audio books, novels, and non-show sources of Doctor Who lore.

...on that topic, I definitely enjoyed The Day of the Doctor for its character interactions, but DAMNIT MOFFAT, I HAD EVERYTHING FITTING SO WELL YOU RETCONNING SONNUVA-


So, beyond minor fixes and structural tweaks, I don't expect to be making any major changes or additions. I had given some thoughts to adding a DS9 segment- in the years since writing this, I watched the show far more thoroughly, and did enjoy it- but ultimately couldn't find a compelling enough 'mini-story' to base such a move on. If such a thing materializes, it will likely be a standalone posting, and not inserted into this narrative.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful feedback I've gotten over the last few years. =D