Dear Faithful readers and followers, Finally the sequel that you have been waiting for is born. I hope you guys will enjoy it. This prolog is a re-cap of what happened in the last chapter of Dejavu - which I am renaming it as The Connected Souls. Thank you and enjoy.

'Christian. I realize that I am in love with you too. I couldn't help but to think of you. You filled my mind day and night.

'Are you sure this is what you want? I don't want to push you but I' Christian interrupts me but I have to say this to him.

'Christian, I know what I want. I want my life and I want you in it. And I am sure of it. I know this is what I want. I have given a long thought about it. Throughout the flight.' Christian reaches my hand and holds hid as if his life hangs on it.

'Anastasia, I waited for you for eight long months. I got drunk on your wedding night. I thought I had lost you.' He looks into my eyes. I know he can see my heart through my eyes. His gray eyes had never been clearer.

'But..' I wanted to ask him so many questions but he hushes me.

'Let me speak Ana…' I nod at him and he is still holding my hand.

'Ana, when I first saw you, I felt I knew you for my entire life and as you know, the type of relationship I was in before..' I nod at him. I know he is involved in BDSM but to what extent? Is he still with them? Was he involved emotionally? I don't know.

'Anastasia, I can read your face. I know what is going on in your mind. No Ana, I was not involved emotionally with any one of my subs. It was a pure business arrangement.' I opened my mouth to ask a question that is bothering me but he places his index finger on my lips.

'I am in a clean bill of health, I can assure you that.' I nod at him, trusting him. His eyes show that he speaks the truth. I can see the honesty in him through his gray eyes, which I have never seen in Karthi.

'Anastasia, when I saw you on that flight the first time, I had a sub, Merci. I was so drawn to you. You were like a magnet pulling my attention towards you, every nerve in my body was paying attention to your movement. Your fragrance, lavender, burned into my mind. I tried to forget you but was not successful. I saw you in Merci, but it was not enough. I wanted you. I ended the contract immediately and started following you.' He stops and took a long sip of his wine.

'Anastasia, after ending the contract, I destroyed the playroom. I redecorated the room, for you.' He smiles feeling that he has accomplished a big thing. It is a big thing for him to sacrifice something just for me whom he doesn't even know.

'That is very thoughtful Christian but I need to know something,' now I am worried. He wants me. Alright but as a what? Sub? Hell no!

'Anastasia, I don't want you as my sub. I want you as a special person in my life, the most important person in my life. My girlfriend.' he says with a spark in his eyes and a big wide smile.

'Christian… I… I… ' I am dumbfounded with his honesty and sincerity.

'Anastasia, I love you' and he kisses my knuckles he rises from his seat. I followed him and got on my feet. I look into his beautiful eyes and I know what I want.

'Christian, I love you too.' I said and I know I mean it and I know Christian means every word and for the first time, I know I am being loved.