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Warning: This is a multi-chapter story that does not follow the books, show, or really anything else about Code Geass. There is gay sex in this story, in all it's sexy, smutty, butt-humping glory. You have been warned, and I'm not posting this for every chapter, it'll get annoying and I probably won't finish if this has to go at the start of everything.

Lelouch of Pendragon

Boredom in Pendragon

Lelouch vi Britannia yawned. He really didn't want to be sitting there, bored out of his skull, listening to the girl that had been presented to him. He sighed, half-lidding his orchid purple eyes as he tried to think of something fun. His dark locks fell over his face slightly, and the only thing to come to his mind was rather naughty and perverted.

The girl was a rather pretty little red-head, her hair coming to her shoulders, dressed in a rather flouncy pink dress that ruffled at the shoulders and made her ass look about six times bigger than it was. Stupid bustles and hoops. Had he been any other man, he may have fallen for her. But Lelouch wasn't any other man.

He was the crown prince of Britannia, and by right, heir to the throne. Because his eldest three brothers had all married into the ruling families of the lesser kingdoms that Britannia lorded over, and the next some-odd siblings were either girls or denied the crown due to personal interests, Lelouch was now the next one in line to take the throne once Charles vi Britannia kicked the proverbial bucket. Unlike his male siblings, Lelouch had his mother's dark hair instead of his father's cornsilk blonde, but he still had the trademark purple eyes, though his were a true match to the trademark and were a lovely orchid, as opposed to his sister's violet.

Lelouch sighed again, tired of hearing the girl try to sell herself as his bride. "And I suppose you can play chess?" he asked.

The girl paused. "No, sire, I don't." she replied.

"Then there's no reason for you to stay any longer. Good day."

The girl stood staring at him for a moment, then attempted to curtsey and walked out of the room.

"That's the fifth one you've turned down today, Lelouch." said Cornelia. She was his eldest sister, with beautiful red-wine hair and lavender eyes. Because she was a woman, Cornelia wasn't allowed to inherit the throne, but that hadn't stopped her from becoming one of the best knights in the realm, second only to Lelouch's own mother, Maryanne.

"I need to go." said Lelouch. He got up from his seat and walked out of the room, right past the next three women that he was supposed to be interviewing to see if one would be his bride. "Lloyd, dismiss them all." he said as he passed. He pulled at the stiff tie around his neck, pulling it completely off and shrugging out of his suit jacket as he reached his room.

His body was becoming hot and bothered as he closed the door to his immaculate room and turned the lock, sliding a chair in front of the key hole so no maid would be able to peer in at him. He was practically gasping as he shed the rest of his clothes, staggering to his bed. He reached into the top drawer of his dresser, pulling out a small bottle of lube. Kneeling on the bed, he quickly coated three of his fingers in the warm lubricant and bent over, ass in the air before plunging two fingers deep into his tight hole up to the second knuckle.

Lelouch hissed in enraptured pain. He paused a moment before starting to move his hand, pumping his fingers into his tight heat. His unoccupied hand traveled down his lithe body and tightly gripped his shaft, which was heavily engorged with blood. Still gasping, he slid a third finger into his ass and began scissoring himself, loosening and pulling at the tight ring of muscles. As he did so, he began to move his hand up and down his throbbing dick.

Lelouch moaned, loving the feelings that wracked his body. He began to pant and moan as he sped up his movements, shoving his fingers faster into his anus while pumping his dick with reckless abandon. With a wanton cry, he came, firing his semen all over his bed sheets. Carefully, he pulled his fingers from his ass and collapsed to his side. He panted, trying to slow his breathing and his rapidly beating heart.

His face morphed into a scowl as he heard someone knock on his room door. There was only one person who ever seemed to find him whenever he went to his room to relieve himself, and it pissed him off. Grabbing his dressing robe, Lelouch covered himself and quickly slid the lube back into it's place under his nightclothes in the drawer. Getting up, he staggered over to the door and slid the chair aside, unlocked the door, and let his mother in.

"Lelouch, what was all that noise?" she asked. Maryanne was a beautiful woman, with black hair that cascaded in waves down her back. She had once been a knight for Charles vi Britannia, and was now counted among his many wives. But it was her nosy nature and constant prying into his life that made Lelouch honestly wonder why neither she nor Charles knew that he was gay.

"Whacking off." Lelouch replied. It was half the truth, and seeing as how his seed was spread over part of the bed sheets, it was the most likely one she would actually accept. He was pissed that every time he went to his room for some much-needed relief, she was always at his door mere seconds after he finished.

"Lelouch, that's what a wife is for."

He felt the hairs on the back of his head stand on end. "MOTHER!" He growled. "Despite what father uses his women for, I'm not that kind of man."

"You will be, one day." Maryanne smiled. "One day." She turned and walked away.

Lelouch slammed the door shut behind her, only realizing afterwards that he'd neglected to tie it up and had been standing mostly exposed in front of his mother, no less. With an exasperated huff, he returned to his bed and removed the sheets, placing them in the laundry cart nearby and retrieving a clean set.

"Sire, I'll attend to that." said Sayuko.

Lelouch blinked. Sayuko was a commoner, an ordinary person that resided in the servant's quarters of the palace. But still . . .

"Sayuko, what's it like outside the palace?"

"Hmm? Well, immediately outside are the gardens and the large party patio. Then there's the hedges, where the soldier's patrol, and then the grand wall, which is about ten feet high. Beyond that would be about a kilometer of flat grassland before you come to a town." She finished straightening out the sheets. "Why were you asking?"

"Just wondering." Lelouch replied. He had an idea of how to spice up his boring and mundane life. The only problem was how to go about it . . .