Lelouch and Suzaku

Suzaku swallowed as he looked up at the palace doors. He had been summoned here to receive his knighthood, but it was still a mystery as to why he'd been selected. It was well known that no matter how good he was, Suzaku Kururugi was not a Britannian, and thus would never be knight to one of the "royal brats". Even Gino, from the widely acclaimed Weinberg family, had been tossed out, and apparently by none other than Lelouch vi Britannia.

The doors creaked open, and Suzaku stood at attention, walking with a forced calm towards the dias where King Charles and Lady Maryanne sat. So, it was to be one of their children that knighted him. He gracefully dropped to one knee, head bowed.

A lithe youth dressed in white stepped out from the side, accepting the sword handed to him by Cornelia. Turning, he tipped the sword and lightly tapped Suzaku's right shoulder.

"Do you, Suzaku Kururugi, swear to protect and serve under Britannia?"

"I swear."

The sword lifted and was tapped on his left shoulder.

"And do you swear to listen and obey the orders given to you by the prince to who you are bound as his personal knight?"

"I swear."

The sword was lifted from his shoulder and Suzaku held out his hands, accepting the sword. "I swear to honor and protect you with my life." he said, holding the sword up for a moment before looking up at the youth, trying to gauge which one he was now sworn to. His heart nearly jumped into his throat when he saw it was Lelouch.

"Then rise, Sir Suzaku Kururugi, and stand at my side as my personal knight." Lelouch smiled. He felt a slight swell in his chest as Suzaku did as asked, and the amassed crowd cheered.

Lelouch ducked the sword and lightly tapped Suzaku on the shoulder. He laughed lightly. "Come now, Suzaku. Was it really that startling when you saw it was me?"

"Yes, I was surprised. Never has a foreigner been chosen as a knight, let alone the personal knight of the heir." Suzaku replied as he parried Lelouch's blade. "And might I add, you look good in white."

"I may keep that in mind, along with the idea that I would look good in a dress." Lelouch grinned. "It's good to be back together, Suzaku." He paused.

Suzaku paused as well. The two were close together, close enough that tilting their heads in just the right way might . . .

Lelouch suddenly turned his head. "Someone was watching us." he whispered.

Suzaku sighed. It had taken all day for the pair to manage to escape the festivities and get in some much-needed practice time. The month between when Lelouch had left the knights-in-training and when Suzaku was named his personal knight had been torturous on both young men, and had confirmed deep in both of them that they were in love.

"Cornelia will be coming to fetch us and lecture me if we don't return soon." said Lelouch, taking a drink from the wine-glass that he'd brought with them. But as he took a step to lead them back to the main hall, he suddenly wobbled and fell. He felt Suzaku's strong arms holding his suddenly limp frame. He felt faint, and slightly sick. Lelouch moaned softly as Suzaku picked him up bridal style and began to carry him towards the rooms.

Cornelia was walking down the hall when she saw Lelouch being carried. "What's going on?' she demanded.

"He wasn't feeling well, so we left the festivities so he could get some air." Suzaku replied. "But he fainted when we decided to head back, so I was going to take him to his room."

Lelouch moaned softly, leaning his head against Suzaku's shoulder. He felt sick, hot, and like his body was made of lead. He could barely open his eyes, and yet he was aware that Cornelia was leading Suzaku to his room, and when he was laid on the bed. With another moan, he dropped into unconsciousness.

Suzaku carefully removed the suit jacket and tie from Lelouch, then pulled off the white boots. "His face is flushed." the young Japanese said, gently caressing Lelouch's cheek. "And his forehead is hot to the touch."

"I'll get the palace physician." said Cornelia. She turned and hurried away, lest Lelouch become even sicker.

Suzaku undid the front of Lelouch's shirt, trying to do something to cool the beautiful prince. He knew something was up, and he was willing to bet it had something to do with the wine glass Lelouch had drank from. He looked up as Cornelia returned with the doctor.

The doctor rather roughly checked Lelouch over, and Suzaku noticed that he failed to check some very minor yet important details.

"Fatigue." the doctor replied. "Let him rest." With that, the doctor left.

"Why do I doubt that?" muttered Suzaku.

"You heard the doctor." said Cornelia.

"But he failed to check Lelouch's breathing, which is shallow and rapid, or his heart, which is beating relatively quickly. He didn't even ask where Lelouch was when this happened."

"And where was he?" Cornelia asked.

"We were out in the courtyard." Suzaku replied. "Lelouch had brought a wine glass out with us, and we were talking. He took a drink, and almost fell over when he went to lead me back to the party."

Cornelia frowned. "And you did nothing to the wine glass?"

"Nothing. He dropped it when he fell, so it kinda broke. I caught him and carried him inside, where you found us and brought us here."

The princess thought for a moment. "Someone must have slipped Lelouch something while he was still in the grand hall." She looked at Suzaku. "Stay here with the prince. I must return to the party and tell father and his mother that he has become fatigued, since they won't listen to speculations and only what the doctor has said."

Suzaku nodded and watched Cornelia leave.

Lelouch stretched and cracked his shoulder. It had been a week since the party, and at the moment he was enjoying some good and much-needed practice with Suzaku.

"Lelouch, you look like you're enjoying this." said Suzaku as he swung and tried to attack.

"I am." Lelouch replied with a grin. "You are the only person in the castle willing to actually attack me so that I can truly practice. Everyone else takes it easy on me, and it dulls the senses."

The Japanese Knight snorted lightly. "True, and that sounds very much like you." He paused when he heard footsteps scurrying away. "We were being watched again."

"I know." Lelouch replied, sheathing his sword. "They've been watching our every move together. I think they suspect something may be wrong with me."

"Why would they think that?" Suzaku asked.

"Think about it. I tossed out, with ease, the knight chosen by my parents. Then, I demanded that my own mother fight me for the right to choose my knight, and while she held back, I thought nothing of fighting her at my full strength, and won. Then, I name the only foreigner to ever make it to the selection list to become my personal knight, the only one aside from a forced-on bride to share my room. They must think I've gone mad." Lelouch looked over as a page came walking up the garden path. "What now, Rolo?"

"The king and your mother would like a word with you in the main hall." Rolo replied. He swallowed. "And they said to bring your knight."

"Even if they hadn't requested it, I'd have brought Suzaku anyway." Lelouch returned. Still, he knew the protocol. "Lead the way, Rolo."

The curly-haired youth nodded and let the prince and his knight to the main hall. He looked startled when Lelouch continued in instead of waiting to be announced. The page shook his head and sighed.

"Impatient as ever, I see." said Charles. He motioned for Maryanne to come join him on the dais.

"What is it you want of me now?" Lelouch snapped. "I was in the middle of something."

"It has been brought to our attention that you and Suzaku have been training together." said Charles.

"And? What of it?"

"In rather realistic combat situations." the king continued.


"What if you were injured?"

"It would provide me with the knowledge that I must get better." Lelouch replied. "Suzaku has yet to actually wound me in a debilitating way. And why should I, a prince, be rendered unable to defend himself, while Cornelia, a princess, can?"

For a moment, nothing was said.

"Very well, the combat lessons you have with Suzaku may continue." said Charles. "There are further matters to discuss, anyway."

Lelouch growled low in his throat, knowing this probably was in reference to the fact that earlier that morning he'd tossed out, quite literally, the princess of China.

"You have to choose a bride soon, Lelouch." said Maryanne. "You're already eighteen."

Suzaku swallowed. Just how old did Lelouch think he was if he'd guessed them to be only a few months apart? Suzaku had guessed Lelouch was older than eighteen, thinking him closer to twenty, like he was.

"I don't want a bride." Lelouch said flatly.

Charles and Maryanne blinked at him. "But Lelouch . . ." started Maryanne.

"Women disgust me." Lelouch continued. "I don't want a wife."

"Then who do you want?" Charles growled.

Lelouch turned, grabbing Suzaku by the chin, and planted a kiss firmly on his knight's lips. When they broke away, Lelouch looked back at his parents. "I have what I want. I want Suzaku."

Maryanne only sat there, blinking.

"Arrest that knight!" Charles snapped.

Lelouch drew his sword. "You will not take Suzaku from me!" he shouted, swinging the light rapier at the guards that came at them. He stood in the way, using his own body as a shield against the guards coming for his lover. Eventually, there were so many that Lelouch dropped his sword and wrapped his arms around Suzaku, holding onto his knight fiercely.

"Hold." said Maryanne, stopping the guards. "Return to your posts, men." She stood and walked towards the pair, picking up Lelouch's sword on her way over.

Lelouch felt Suzaku put an arm around him, and he swallowed.

"You love him, don't you, Lelouch?"

He nodded. "Yes, mother."

"Is it the fact that you love him the reason you've denied every woman that comes to try at being your wife?"

"Yes, mother."

"Then go." Maryanne said, handing him his sword. "As long as one of your brothers produces a son to be your heir, there is nothing wrong with this relationship." She looked back and glared at the king. "Right, Charles?"

Seeing as how his favorite wife condoned this, Charles sighed, conceding. "Very well. Go; do as you wish, Lelouch."

Suzaku tried to swallow his heart as Lelouch pulled his shirt up over his head. The prince's smooth skin seemed to almost glitter, and was as pale as milk.

"Like what you see?" Lelouch asked, straddling Suzaku's lap. His delicate hands wandered down his knight's shirt and paused at the hem before reaching beneath. He gently pulled upwards, relieving Suzaku of his shirt.

"You seem to have gotten thinner, my prince." Suzaku said with a light smile, his hands playing down Lelouch's sides.

The prince gasped, throwing his head back and exposing his neck. Suzaku took the opportunity and lightly nipped and kissed the exposed flesh, loving the gasps and moans that escaped the younger lover. "I had trouble . . . HA! . . . getting used to . . . OH! . . . palace foods again." he gasped, tangling his fingers in Suzaku's hair. He ground his hips forward, brushing his trapped erection against Suzaku's.

The knight grinned. "You're eager tonight." he smiled. Gently, he stood, lifting Lelouch with him and turning to lie the prince on the bed. His hands wandered down over the lithe body, pausing over the thin stomach. He has gotten thinner, he thought, gently sliding Lelouch's pants and undergarments from him.

Lelouch tried to sit up, but Suzaku held him down with one hand, the other gently pinching and caressing the prince's sac. Soft whimpers and moans escaped him, and he put a hand up to his mouth and bit his knuckle to try and silence himself.

Suzaku pulled Lelouch's hand away from his mouth. "Let them hear you, Lelouch. Let them know you love me, and that I love you."

Lelouch nodded, his own heart jumping up into his throat when Suzaku pulled his own pants and undergarments off, letting that long, beautifully erect shaft spring free of it's confines. Softly, and entirely of his own volition, Lelouch slipped off the bed to kneel in front of Suzaku.

"Lelouch?" Suzaku asked, gasping only a moment later as the prince kissed the tip of his erection, almost like he was worshiping it. The warm tongue slid along the hard shaft, and, almost like he was testing it, Lelouch encompassed the tip with his soft lips, pulling back and leaving a soft kiss at the tip. This was repeated a few times before Lelouch got brave enough to suck slightly on the head.

Suzaku hissed with the pleasure, doing everything he could to not grab the back of Lelouch's head and just fuck his warm mouth. He settled for resting a hand on Lelouch's shoulder, as if to let the younger know that the gesture was appreciated.

The prince smiled slightly and sucked a little harder, sliding his lips along the warm shaft, running his tongue along the bottom as he began to slowly move back and forth. However, it wasn't long before Suzaku pulled him back.

"Did I . . ?"

Suzaku shook his head. "Lie down. I want to pleasure you."

Lelouch climbed up onto the bed, his rump in the air. He looked back at Suzaku, about to ask if he should be on his back when a hand caressed the soft pale flesh. Lelouch gasped and swallowed, wondering if Suzaku would do what he asked. "Um, Suzaku?"

"Hmm?" the Japanese asked, caressing the soft flesh and lightly pinching.

"Can you . . . um . . . hit me?"

Suzaku looked startled. "Like a spanking?"

Lelouch nodded. "I . . . used to try hitting myself, but it never worked. I . . ." His words were suddenly cut off by a sharp inhale as Suzaku's hand made contact with his tight rear. It stung, but at the same time, it felt good. The hand struck him again, then gently caressed the reddened flesh.

He was still gasping when something wet touched his entrance. Looking down between his arms and legs, Lelouch noticed Suzaku's face was a lot closer to his posterior than it was only a few moments ago. That wet thing touched his hole again, and he realized Suzaku was licking his ass. He moaned softly, wiggling his rump for a bit to tease his lover.

Suzaku grinned and lightly licked between the cheeks again before gently prodding his tongue into the tight ring of muscles.

Lelouch couldn't hold it in, even if he'd wanted to. He cried out lustily, loving the way Suzaku carefully prodded and massaged his ass with his tongue. His fingers twisted into the sheets, and he moaned as the intrusion continued. "Please? Suzaku, please. I need you."

The knight nodded and stood, gently pushing his hard dick against Lelouch's only half-prepared ass. The crown slipped past the tight ring of muscles, and Lelouch moaned in a deliciously sexy way until Suzaku had sheathed his entire length into him.

They remained that way for a moment, Suzaku leaned over Lelouch's back and gently nibbling on the prince's ear. Lelouch nodded, and Suzaku shifted his hips as he began to slowly thrust in and out of his lover.

Lelouch reached back, twisting himself some, and pulled Suzaku into a somewhat sloppy kiss as they continued to fuck. They began to moan and gasp, and the thrusting came faster. Suddenly, Lelouch cried out, seeing stars.

Suzaku grinned. "Found it again." He thrust hard into the bundle of nerves before Lelouch could regain his senses.

His vision nearly awash in white lights and sparks, Lelouch was only partially aware of Suzaku's hand gripping his member and beginning to pump it in time with the thrusts. Something gathered in the pit of his stomach, and then, he screamed out Suzaku's name, cumming hard all over the sheets.

The tightness and contracting of muscles around his cock pushed Suzaku over the edge, and he poured his love-seed deep into Lelouch. The pair fell to the bed, and Suzaku carefully pulled his softening member out of the prince.

Lelouch rolled over, snuggling into Suzaku's chest. "I love you." he whispered softly.

Suzaku smiled. "I love you, too, Lelouch." He looked down at the tousled mass of black hair as he put an arm over his lover. "By the way, how old do you think I am?"

"My age." Lelouch replied. He looked up at Suzaku. "Why?"

"I'm actually the older one." Suzaku said with a grin. He snickered when he saw Lelouch's stunned face. "By about fourteen months."

Lelouch rested his head on Suzaku's chest again. "It doesn't matter." he whispered, getting sleepy. "I'll always love you, Suzaku."