Author's voice: A Mutation Story I created for Gargoyles. Please don't sue me for anything... All the Gargoyle charters belong to their respective owners (disney and marvel) Please comment! Enjoy

"Aghhh my head..." I mumbled as I sat up. Crap! Where the hell am I? I looked around, I was in some sort of enclosure but made out of glass in some sort of lab..."Hello?! Hello is anyone there?" I tried standing but my hands and feet were tied to a wall "Ah... I see you are awake..." a voice sounded from the corner. I turned and saw a middle aged man staring at me. "Who... who... are you?" I asked, scared now. "Where are my manners? My name is Anton Sevarius and you must be?" "Dahlia...My name is Dahlia... Please let me out..." "Let you out? Now, why would I let a beautiful young specimen like you out..." he slurred. Specimen? I was really scared now... Looking at my body I noticed a huge bruise on my shoulder. "What...What did you do to me?" I whispered. The man Sevarius laughed loudly. "Oh Dahlia my darling, you are to become part of our new science project." This isn't funny let me out!" "I'm sorry but there is nothing you can do and there is no way back once those chemicals are in your body which they are... You have no other choice than to accept your fate. I assume that you must be curious about what his happening to you. Well it's quite simple. You will become part of our new science project." "Science project? What the hell are you talking about?! You can't do this! It's crimes against humanity!" I yelled back trying to break free of my restraints. He laughed again, that horrible cold laugh... "Crimes against humanity? Oh trust me in less than three days you'll be anything but human." With that he switched off the lights and walked out of the lab leaving me alone in darkness.

I couldn't see anything in the darkness and this made me even more afraid. I pulled with all my strength on the ropes but they were too strong and tied too tight on my wrists. The only result of my effort was that I scraped off the skin on my wrists. I was forced to give up. Lying on my side on the cold floor I started crying. What had I done to deserve this? Just a day ago, I arrived from San Francisco to start collage in New York and now... I stopped thinking. My body began to feel very warm and I felt tingles and arches all over it. It was like I could feel the chemicals flowing through my veins. Twenty minutes later, I started to salivate... a lot... It disgusted me and I had to sit up to prevent any of the drool from landing on myself. I watched as thick gooey liquids fell from my mouth to the floor... What the hell has he done to me? Feeling exhausted, I drifted off into uneasy sleep.