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Talon buried his face into his hands and knelt onto the floor. I could see...I could hear tears of regret flowing down his cheeks. Poor guy... Slowly, I pulled myself up. Ignoring the pain on my side, I limped to his side followed by Elisa. "Oh Elisa..." he sobbed. "Hush... Its fine..." she comforted wrapping him in a hug. "No...No its not..." Talon looked at me. "I was so fixated... I...I actually hurt...I actually hurt you...I'm so sorry. I'm..." "It wasn't you fault..." I croaked patting his shoulder. Without warning, Talon bolted up. "Maggie...What are you doing?" he asked, anxiety clearly written on his face. I looked at her and stopped in shock. Was she insane? She was holding the test tube to her lips and about to drink its contents. "He was just trying to scare us!" Maggie hissed clutching the test tube tightly, her hackles raised when Talon attempted to touch her. "Maggie...Maggie are you alright?" I asked, very worried. Maggie was the most passive out of all of us...She never picked fights ever... "Alright? I'm better than all right! I'm going to be human again!" she announced one again placing the test tube to her lips. "Maggie No!" Both Talon and I yelled together. She stopped. "Don't you see? Sevarius doesn't want his experiment to end! BUT THIS IS THE CURE!" she insisted shoving the test tube to Talon's face. Was she even listening to herself? "You don't know that! The risk is too great!" Talon rebuffed while trying to snatch the test tube from Maggie only to be pushed away. "What is wrong with you?" I asked while Elisa attempted to pull me up. Maggie turned to me her golden eyes filled with such sadness it was like looking into an empty pit. "Any risk is better than being a monster..." she growled, tears streaming down her face...

I had no idea...After all this time...She...She... she was still obsessed about being human again... I mean, as much as I hated to admit it, I had come to terms with my mutation... I think all of us had...All of us except Maggie... "Maggie you're not a monster...Don't do this..." I counseled...I begged. Fiercely, she shook her head. "I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS! I can't...I can't..." she whimpered digging her claws into her hair. We all watched as she bent over and cried... her sobs echoing around the lab. Despite having the features of a lion, she was so broken...So fearful... Of herself... It created such an ironic and tragic juxtaposition... "Maggie..." I whispered. "Maggie..." Talon rumbled walking back to her. I watched in amazement as Talon gently...GENTLY lifted her face. "You're not the monster...I am..." he confessed his ears flattened against his head. "But you're strong...Stronger than me... I can't...I can't live this way..." Talon wrapped his arms around her waist. Bringing his snout to hers he wrapped his huge wings around the both of them. "I couldn't either...Not without you..." he whispered. "Don't say that..." Maggie begged her shoulders trembling. "Maggie we're not strong alone. We're strong together..." Talon nuzzled. After what seemed like eternity...Maggie released the test tube. "What do we now?" she whispered sadness still present in her voice. "Return with me to the clock tower... Join my clan..." Goliath offered dusting rubble off himself as he pulled himself out of the debris Talon had buried him under. I raised an eyebrow Goliath would actually... "You would accept us? After how I treated you?" Talon asked his eyes wide with surprise. "Dahlia and Elisa are already part of our clan...That makes you" Goliath smiled. Talon looked downwards and finally he did what I never imagined him to do, he smiled... Humbly, Talon shook his head. "Thank you Goliath...But it seems like I have my own clan...and my own family..."

I looked up at the kind face staring down at me and smiled with content. Because of my fractured ribs I couldn't fly for the time being...So Claw volunteered to carry me back to Elisa's apartment... so we could reveal the truth about Derek and the rest of our stories to her parents...I hope they were as accepting as their daughter... More importantly, I just wanted to get to my room so I could get the rest I needed to heal. I remembered feeling worried about Claw carrying me. Everytime he made contact with me was always when we were in some sort of fight... and his punches weren't exactly the most comforting thing... However, when he cradled me up in his arms... He was so gentle... and so unsure of himself. Constantly giving me worried looks if I as much as jerked in his arms... "I'm fine Claw..." I comforted as he gave me another concerned look. He did not take his eyes off me instead he just smiled. "You ready to meet Derek's parents?" I asked stroking his fur. He shook his head violently. "Yeah me too...Big guy...But I guess they have to be quite open minded...I mean, look at Elisa..." Claw still shook his head. I sighed. "Well at least all the tension between out clans have gone and..." I coughed as dust particles entered my nose causing me to cough. I growled as the cough caused my ribs to rattle violently. It was so painful... Claw immediately brought me closer to his chest. "I'm sorry..." I croaked. He shook his head. Gently he placed his large hand over my eyelids and shut them, his way of telling me to rest... Cuddling closer to his chest. I flattened my ears and fell asleep.