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"Dahlia?" I turned around. Elisa was staring at me in shock... "Dahlia... Is that you?" She asked looking at me uncertainly. "What...What happened?" "A light blinded me and then I fell...I have never fallen before." We turned and saw a huge Conan the Barbarian look alike being helped over the ledge by three teenagers, while an old man with a long beard threw a sheet over the mirror. "We don't want anything else to come flying out of this thing..." he grumbled. I shook my head. "Hudson?!" I asked scared beyond all reason now... "Dahlia?" the teenagers asked. "Goliath?" the old man gaped. "What happened?!" we all shrieked at Elisa who stood there dumbfounded.

"You're human... All of you!" she exclaimed stating the obvious. "Human?!" the Conan the Barbarian look alike whom had to be Goliath bellowed "Hey that's awesome!" the white haired teenager fist pumped. "Brooklyn?" I asked. "Who else Dahlia?" he grinned before taking in my appearance... "Wow...You look...Different..." I snorted, "Have you seen yourself? You look..." "hot" was what I was going to say but what would Claw think? What would Brooklyn think? "Wow...This is weird...Why are we all we human?" Lexington asked running his finger through his new brown hair with curiosity. "I don't like this... We're supposed to be gargoyles..." Broadway whined as he searched for his missing wings with no avail. Elisa snarled, surprising all of us, "You don't like this...How do you think I feel?! I...I... THIS IS WRONG!" I glanced at Elisa; she looked almost close to tears. Broadway opened his mouth to retort but Goliath raised an arm "ALL OF YOU CALM DOWN!" he roared causing all of us to turn and look at him. Damn, even as a human he was terrifying...

"Elisa is right. WE are supposed to be Gargoyles and while the rest HUMAN... We must find Demona, the one named Puck, and set things right... COME!" Goliath ordered before charging towards the fire exit. I looked at the trio confused but followed anyhow while Hudson and Elisa followed suit with the mirror. "You know flying always seemed more glamorous than running when you're trying to save New York City..." I grumbled as sweat started to form on my brow. When I was mutated I had no sweat glands... Now that was ONE thing I missed... "Tell me about it...How do you humans run all day? It's exhausting..." Brooklyn grumbled. A hiss sounded behind us causing us to trip with surprise. We turned and saw Elisa with her eyes glowing bright crimson. "Um Hudson...Brooklyn? Why don't you guys run on ahead first..."

"Elisa you ok? You're scaring me..." I asked approaching her cautiously...She looked like she was gonna rip someone's head off...Literally and with those claws she could... "I..I don't know...I...I..." her eyes stopped glowing and returned to their normal chocolate brown... She looked confused and very shaken... I knew that look... She was having trouble... Trouble coping with being a gargoyle..."Hey it's ok..." I comforted hugging her gently. I couldn't change her back but I could at least make her feel better... I didn't bother asking what ticked her off. I knew... She was jealous that we all got to be human while she was still stuck as a gargoyle. Elisa struggled a little against my embrace trying to maintain her usual bad ass, stiff self but after a minute, returned the hug anyway... "C'mon, the sooner we find Demona, the sooner this mess will be fixed and the SOONER you'll be HUMAN again..." I said breaking apart from her. Elisa nodded and with newfound determination we continued running.

"AGHHH HUMANS! RUN! RUN!" gargoyles started to flee left and right as we approached them. "Not the reaction I was expecting..." I admitted running my fingers through my long hair. Yeah I was a human now...But if the people of New York were gargoyles, then they're afraid of us as humans? Like how they were afraid of us as gargoyles? What?! This was confusing... "Are ye sure this a good idea?" Hudson asked Goliath as he watched the fleeing gargoyles with what looked like amusement written all over his face. "Demona must have done this to make us more vulnerable to her attacks... Our only chance is to keep the battle here on the ground...Where her wings will be of no use..." Goliath analyzed. "So we need to get to lower ground..."I thought. An idea struck me. "Follow me!" I ordered as I made a dash towards an underpass. "Here!" I gestured as I braked in front of a statue. We were on the ground floor outside Grand Central Station...This should keep Demona quite "grounded"...

"Good Dahlia! Now... Unwrap the mirror!" Goliath commanded raising his arms dramatically. I rolled my eyes but my skepticism was cut short when bright laser beams shot of the mirror followed by a smirking Demona holding a huge ass gun in one hand and an elf? Pixie? In the other... I winced as she coldly threw the elf onto the ground Concerned I ran to him and shook him. "Are you ok?" I asked worriedly knowing first hand the number Demona's abuse could do to your body. The elf grinned cheekily, his eyes twinkling. "I will be my lovely maiden..." he teased planting a soft kiss on my cheek before shooting up into the air like a rocket, leaving me squatting there flabbergasted.