Light (alice x Oz) One-shot


I woke up as a small ray of sunlight flush into me; even I was almost a month here I still not use at the light, being at the dark abyss since birth is really no good. I rub my eyes trying to remove the remaining sleepiness into me, then something warm shift beside me and I'm not shock if it's Oz. Oz still sound asleep, mouth a little bit a jar and his golden locks that almost as bright as the sun. I wonder what will happen to me if Oz didn't came at the abyss and make a contract to me, but I don't want to think about it . I pull the cover and lay beside Oz, sometimes I want to thank the one who bring Oz at the abyss but I can't contained myself because after all that one who make my dream came true is the one who make Oz sad. I shift trying to be comfortable as I hug Oz at his torso, for several reasons I'm still afraid that when I woke up that it's all just a dream and Oz is not here beside me. Maybe seaweed head was right that I was selfish, but how can't I become selfish it is the first time that I have something that I can call mine. I run my fingers at his blond locks, carefully so that I won't wake him because after all he need some rest.


I look up at Oz as he mumbles my name, and for unknown reason my heart skip its beat and I feel warm and fuzzy. This is not the first time that happen, I wonder if I was sick or what.

"Love is something warm and fuzzy but at the same time bitter~"

I feel may face heat up as Sharon nee-chan's voice rang into my ear, like she just beside me. Honestly, I don't get what she said in that moment but if is this love then I don't mind eating something bitter….

I woke up again, as I feel the heat leave me. I open my eyes rubbing them groggily as I look around. My heart stop when I saw Oz was not beside me. I stand immediately and run into the door almost get tripped at the sleeping seaweed head.

"Good Morning Alice…"

I look at him with almost teary eyes, he was there sipping his tea and munching some cookies. I walk toward him as He smile into me like always. He always smiling likes nothing need to worry, like everything will be alright, but I know inside he was broken and in pain.

"What's wrong alice?"

He asks as he looks at me with his emerald green eyes that I found myself become fond of those. I choke my sob and tears as I run into him and give him a strong kick like always I do. I want to make him happy, I want him to smile whole heartedly, I want him to share his pain in to me, I want him to become honest at his self and I want to see those, only me.

"You idiot!"

"Maa~ Alice…"

I think finding my memories will be delayed for awhile because after all I have some important to do first or maybe I don't mind getting back my memories because after all I already have some memories that I treasure the most.

"Hey! You Baka Usagi!"

"Shut up seaweed head!"

"Maa~ Maa~ Alice~ Gil~"

Back there at the abyss, it was so dark that sometimes I found myself being suffocated by the darkness then He came, bringing light into my dark world and at the same time he bring colors into it. I wish we have all the time but fate is cruel in us, because we make a big sin but I don't mind even If I drag into the abyss again as long as Oz was there because Oz is my light. I may sound selfish but I

don't mind as long as Oz was beside me I don't care because after all 'A servant always stay at his master.'