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In the following days Riza tried to keep her mind off of what Roy had said, creating a handful of excuses to try and water-down the truth of the matter that he had somewhat, maybe confessed his love to her. He had been drunk, and maybe she had not heard him right. Perhaps he was joking, or perhaps she was putting far more into his words than he meant.

What surprised her the most was what exactly it was that surprised her: She found that it was not his love that surprised her. That seemed almost natural, assumed even. Somehow, she had known for quite some time, though Roy's actions did not always show it. But to hear him actually say it, that she – or, Elizabeth, who was apparently her - was the only one, that was what shocked her. Or perhaps he hadn't. Riza's objections came back into play. But a few weeks later, these too would be put to rest.

The team had been operating in Central for some time now, and were planning a special and somewhat secret operation dubbed by Roy as 'Operation Fishing Trip'. In order to pull this off, they would need a way of communication that would not incriminate Roy if the whole thing blew up, and that meant code names. Although Roy's idea about using fake names was a good one, Riza had to roll her eyes a bit. He would have far too much fun with this.

She had practically forgotten the incident on New Year's Day, until Roy came to making up names. While Jean "Jacqueline" Havoc and Kain "Kate" Fuery were complaining that they had to be women, Roy ignored them and turned to his First Lieutenant. "Lieutenant Hawkeye, of course, will be Elizabeth." He shot her a winning smile, and for once in her life, Riza was caught off gaud by it. Her head shot up at the mention of Elizabeth. No one else on the team even seemed to have noticed. Elizabeth was just another name, like Jacqueline and Kate, to them.

But as Riza's eyes met those of her commanding officer, she knew at once that he was searching for her reaction. And as Roy turned to deal with his squabbling subordinates, she was still trying to come up with one.

After Roy dismissed the rest of the men, Hawkeye approached him at his desk. Handing him a stack of paperwork, "Sir?" She asked quietly.

"Lieutenant?" He paid the paperwork no heed, and for once Riza was perfectly alright with that.

"The night that you told me about… Elizabeth."

"Yes?" Roy's smirk had returned.

"You were rather drunk, sir." The smile was gone.

"I promise that I am sober now." He straighten up in his seat and pretended to look through the papers on his desk.

"Yes sir. I just wondered, well…" Riza hovered by his side for a moment. It was not like her to speak this softly or this hesitantly. "Did you mean any of it, sir?"

Roy did not hesitate. "Every word, Lieutenant."

Riza in return graced him with the rare pleasure of her smile. Her honest, pleased, nearly adoring smile. "Thank you, sir." She tried not to blush. "You should know, sir. A letter came for you from Elizabeth." She kept her tone casual as she walked back to her own desk.

"Oh?" Roy's eyebrows raised in pleased interest, his eyes following her retreating form.

"Yes, sir. It should be in tomorrow's mail." Though she was not looking she could still sense Roy's growing smile, which she could not help but return.

The next day Roy did indeed receive a letter from a certain Elizabeth. Havoc teased him, asking if he should change Riza's code name to something else if there was indeed a real Elizabeth who admired him so, but Roy insisted that the name remain, and that this would only make their ruse seem more legitimate.

Two days before the operation, Roy's team were all hard at work. Riza wanted to make sure that they did not fall behind on their normal work because of their mission. As she was filing some papers into stacks, Roy came up to give her a few more. He had a smile that Riza knew meant trouble.

"Guess what." He said in short. Riza tried not to roll her eyes.

"Are you done with your work, sir?" She asked, knowing the answer.

"Well… almost." He seemed a bit disarmed, but quickly returned to his high spirits. "I asked Elizabeth out on a date tonight." His voice was not smug, but very excited.

Riza raised an eyebrow "And did she… accept? Sir?" She teased, finding that she enjoyed this game the more they played it.

"Of course she did." Roy said confidently, not thrown off by his Lieutenant's banter in the slightest. "I offered to cook and everything." He nodded.

"Well," Hawkeye turned to pick up a stack of papers, "I hope you two have a very nice evening." She said nonchalantly, and began sorting the stack into piles denoting which copies needed to be sent to which department.

"I do too." Roy sort of pretended to help her, but ended up just fiddling with a stack of papers. "I'm supposed to pick her up from work whenever I get off and bring her home so she can feed her dog. Then I'll go to my place and start cooking and she'll meet me there whenever she's ready. She tells me the walk between our apartments is nice." He kept his eyes down on the papers, and Riza did too.

"I'm sure it is, Sir, especially at this time of year." He did not know how she was not smiling by this point, but he knew she was a master of the craft.

"Anyway, the, uh, reason I'm telling you, Lieutenant, is because this means I might have to leave a bit early so I have time to cook." He said a bit more loudly, as if to ward off any eaves-droppers.

"And your paperwork, Sir?" Riza's tone was the same as ever, though with a more amused and less threatening tilt that only Roy could detect.

"Will be done in no time." He shot her a winning smile, taking the paper she handed him and returning promptly to his desk, picking up a pen, and getting to work. Riza all but rolled her eyes. She should have thought of this ages ago.

Not an hour later, Roy returned to her desk with a stack of completed and sorted report files.

"May I offer you a ride home, Lieutenant?" He asked casually, and reached to fetch both of their coats.

"Thank you, Sir." She slipped naturally into her long-held home in his shadow and followed him out the door. It was a common enough exchange that the rest of the team did not even look up, and the rest of the office did not bat an eye as they went out together. Riza watched Roy for any sign of a grin. He was doing very well to hid how please he was with himself.

As they got in the car and Roy started the engine, "Thank you, sir." Was the only thing Hawkeye said.

Roy let himself smile widely at last as they pulled onto the main road. "I do have one condition, Lieutenant." He told her.


"Elizabeth can't call me 'Sir'." He told her flatly.

"What about Riza? Can she call you 'Sir'?" She asked. Roy took a moment maneuvering in traffic, she could tell he was intentionally delaying his response. "…Roy?" She added, and a smile broke once again over his face.

"Riza can call me whatever she would like." He wished for a moment that she was the one driving, so that he could simply sit and devote all his attention to memorizing her smile. He realized how long it had been since she had heard her laugh. He wanted to hear her laugh. "Except Roy-Boy." He added. "Riza can't call me that."

His wish was soon granted, for not the last time that night. They should have done this ages ago.