A/N: Hi guise! I have a neeew story here, influenced and inspired by many things. Firstly, I got the overall idea for this from a Russian song by a band called Aria, called Ulitsa Roz. It's epic, go listen to it. Anyways, Ulitsa Roz gave me an idea that I couldn't decide if I'd prefer it as a fanfiction or a novel, so I'm doing both but their only real similarity is the prolouge and the plot. Another inspiration for this came from Emilie Autumn's song Marry me (again it's amazing, go listen to it), so themes from both these songs will come into play. Anyways, enjoy!

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mind, however the places mentioned are so I'd to keep them that way :P

Eriwynne, a small country but beautiful country forgotten by the rest of the world. Her people have had more then their fair share of hardships over the years, be it poverty, famine or disease, yet they would still come out fighting strong. However, a dark shadow had cast its self over this brave land; one that made everyday life a desperate fight for survival. Eriwynne's reigning king, Kosmosis Pitcher. Or Pitch Black as the his people called him, for the dark, evil shadow he had cast over the land once he rose to power. Rumours quickly spread once he rose to power as his subjects questioned what had happened to their previous ruler, Almanzo Lunar, his father. Many of the people believed that Pitch had murdered his father so that he, the first born heir, could take the throne. Other though that their previous king had caught a deadly illness that no one had know about as the king refused to have to step down. Either way, no one argued with the idea that their new ruler was a cold-blooded killer as since he had come into power, death rates were at their all time high.

Many people found their friend and families dying from poverty, illness or at the hand's

others that they may have held close before. Even so, with all this death and destruction, some cities still strived. While towns and villages slowly dies, the main cities thrived, having more than enough money to live out lives of luxury. The lesser fortunate hated them for it because while they were just merely surviving in abysmal conditions while they flaunted their wealth on material objects that no one really needed. Then, out of all of the poor town and villages, one found they were in the worst conditions of all. Swrostlyn, the village located closest to Eriwynne's central cities. The village was considered as little more that a cheap whore house a both women and men had to rely on selling themselves to get the few coins needed for the days food. The other town and villages looked down on them in disgust, hating Swrotslyn's people for selling themselves and allowing the cities folk to walk all over them while those who bought them laughed at how pathetic they were for thinking that anyone would pay more than a couple of coins when they were all so dirty and 'uncivilized', as they put it.

Recently times had been far harder for the people of Swrostlyn than ever before. They had to clue why thins may be happening but they did suspect it was to do with a recent announcement; their King was going to visit. Things like it had happened several times before in Eriwynne's history. In fact, after a particularly surprising visit, one of their previous and best queen's had been a village girl herself! However, no one expected a ruler as ruthless as Pitch to bother with his now 'lower class' subjects especially since he had allowed them to slip so deeply into poverty. The people were also beginning to suspect that their lack of 'business', along with food and other sustenance, had something to do with this visit. Either way, the village was still abuzz with preparations for the King's visit as hey still had hope that only good things would come of it.

A/N: So, this chapter is short but it's a prologue. The next shall have Jack, his role in the village and Swrostlyn's preparations for their 'guest'. Tell me what you think ^.^