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Jack sat in the carriage uncomfortably; it was big, and plush, and alien and Jack would be damned if this was how he would be travelling from now on. It wasn't only that though, it was also the man sat opposite him. The teen hadn't noticed it until now, but Pitcher's eyes were as yellow as a cat's and they bored into his very soul. It really was terrifying. Worse still, as he had lived a rather sheltered life, the white-haired boy had no clue what the man meant by needing a partner and even so the thought still terrified him.

He clutched on to the painting Jamie made mere hour ago. It was one of the only things he had to remind him of the children he cared so much about, let alone the rest of his village. God, he was going to miss Swrostlyn and even though he should be angry that he was just given to Pitchner like some kind of sacrifice, he knew how desperate their situation was getting thus couldn't find it in his heart to harbour any kind of negative feelings towards the village and it's residents.

Now, speaking of the other male, he was currently enjoying his new pet. Just watching him was entertaining, from the terrified look in his crystal blue eyes, to the way he fidgeted uncomfortable in his seat. The kid was truly adorable. And Pitchner knew that he would have no end of fun ripping him from everything he knew and twisting his perspective until he didn't even remember his mother's name.

He would turn the boy into his own personal slave, make him the perfect little pet, so he would answer his master's every wish, no matter how humiliating or degrading it was. He would break the boy and re-build him to want no different. Just the idea of it sent shivers of excitement down the man's spine. It was sick and twisted, but nothing pleased him more.

The two sat in silence, the predator staring down his prey and the prey desperately trying to think of something to distract himself from where he was and who was sat opposite him. The only words that Jack felt he could use to describe this situation would be, terrifying, horrible and kind of awkward. He fidgeted slightly, noticing a strange glimmer in the black haired man's eyes when he did. It looked hungry. And Jack felt like he was the new favourite treat. Oh.

He wanted to scream, he wanted to break down the carriage doors and run back to Swrostlyn where he could be safe from whatever ghastly things this man wanted from him. But he knew that would do no good. The people he thought he'd known so well would probably turn him back in to their king and, if not, he was fairly sure that Pitchner have no qualms in starving him out.

So Jack gave up.

Not fully, no, he only gave up on his want to escape. For the time being at least. The snowy haired teen slumped down in his seat and coughed, just the break the silence. He saw the way that Pitcher smirked at his actions. It gave him unpleasant shivers but there was no way in hell he would let the man see any more of his fear and discomfort.

Maybe then he would stop looking at him with such hungry eyes. Maybe then he would leave him alone.

"Tell me, Jack, is there something wrong? You look uncomfortable," Apparently not.

"I'm not used to carriages..." He murmured, hoping that the evil man would accept his answer so he didn't feel any more tempted to voice how he really felt. Telling the truth would only do more harm than good, he was certain.

"Ah, well, I'm sure you'll grow accustom to it soon enough." Despite that fact that he seemed to be showing care, Pitchner's voice sounded as cold and heartless as ever. It made Jack shudder.

The teen looked away from the pale man and his piercing yellow eyes, the space between them was suddenly feeling much, much smaller than before and it terrified him. The carriage ride was going to take several hours and he just knew it was going to feel so, so much longer. Jack wanted to curl up and go to sleep, just the make the trip seem shorter, but he didn't trust the man sat opposite him not to do something to him. Even if he didn't know what that something was.

He was torn, he really was. Did he curl up and go to sleep? To kill of time and hopefully regain some clarity and, since he was feeling so drained, energy too? Or did he stay awake and hopefully alert to keep a watchful eye over this sinister man? Jack tightened his grip slightly on the picture that Jamie painted for him, trying to cling onto it while being ever so careful so as to not crumple the paper.

Eventually, over the time span of a couple of hours, Jack slowly started to curl up, his precious picture still clutched tightly and gently in his hands. His head was starting to grow fogging and he felt completely and utterly emotionally exhausted. He felt himself dozing off into, what he would call, an unwelcomed sleep. No matter how much he needed it.

Jack didn't dream. All he could see in his mind's eye while he slept was utter darkness and, somewhere amongst this, a feint chuckling and, considering that he was asleep, he suddenly felt very self aware. He could feel how heavy his body was, feel the soft, plush carriage seat beneath him. He could feel every little movement of the carriage, no matter how small. And it was only when he felt a very big lurch, one that snapped him out of his strange, sleeping state, and nearly through him off the seat, that he knew they had arrived.

He was in Janlyn.