This is the epilogue. Thank you to everyone who's read, favourited, followed and reviewed, and I just hope you enjoyed the story.

The Doctor watched as a Barcelonian puppy wandered over to Rose, licking its way through the long grass that surrounded them.

To celebrate, and because he'd always meant to take her there, he'd packed a picnic for them both and set their destination for Barcelona. The planet, not the city.

The Doctor and Rose met Clara Oswald in Victorian London, and met her again in 2013. She had no idea who they were and ended up with an invitation from the Doctor to travel with the pair of them.
Clara agreed. But only on Wednesdays.

And then there were three Doctors. Her current Doctor, Eleven, the Doctor she used to refer to as hers, Ten, and a version of him she'd never met before.

Ten looked shocked to see her when she followed Eleven through the time vortex. That lasted until Elizabeth I proceeded to kiss him senseless. Two versions of her. One of whom was a Zygon.

Rose hadn't expected Ten to marry her, either. But she, Clara, her Doctor and the other Doctor stood as witnesses to the whole event, Clara and herself throwing flower petals over the happy couple.

But then came the whole reason the three Doctors had been brought together in the first place.

The Time War.

Rose watched as Clara talked to the three men, feeling a tickle in the back of her mind. She turned in its direction and was met with the strange sight of a version of herself.

Rose gasped, but the other Rose placed a finger against her lips.

No one had noticed. No one would. They were busy ending the war.

It filled her with joy to see the Doctor so full of hope again.

They might have saved Gallifrey, saved the Time Lords from being destroyed.

She'd asked Ten where in his timeline he was, whether he'd already done The Stolen Earth.

He had, and he'd listened to her. He'd found a way to take the Time Lord consciousness from Donna's mind, and she was still travelling with him. She was just at home today, visiting her grandad.

Rose was comforted by the knowledge that Ten wasn't alone, and Clara also asked to go home for a while.
Her Doctor agreed. Clara had her own life, and from what Rose could tell, the other woman might even have someone waiting for her.

Rose was watching the Doctor as he dashed around the console, planning to drop in on Jack to give him back the vortex manipulator.

Their plans to visit a town called 'Christmas' were interrupted by Clara asking for help with Christmas dinner.

So Rose and the Doctor shared an awkward dinner with the Oswalds, trading glances as the memory of their first Christmas dinner together came back to them.

There might be companions and interruptions, arguments and even regenerations, but in the end, it all came down to one thing.

The Doctor and Rose Tyler in the TARDIS. As it should be.