EPILOGUE - Six weeks later

"I still can not believe I allowed this to happen," Miranda groaned, though everyone in the car knew it was mostly for show.

"Sorry, Mom," Cassidy said smiling.

"No you're not, you little scoundrel," Miranda laughed, "I love you anyway."

Her now beaming daughter tried to hide a yawn as she leaned on her mother's shoulder.

"Put a smile on, your highness, we're almost at the airport and you know Page Six would love a photo of you growling at your baby dragons."

Cassidy and Caroline fell into a fit of giggles then, unable to hide their excitement for the vacation they were embarking on.

As Roy parked the car, he turned to speak, "I can help you get through to security, Miranda, if you'd like?"

Before Miranda could answer, Andy jumped in, "You're the best, Roy, but we've got it from here."

The three Priestly women and Andy hopped out of the car in front of JFK Airport and Andy helped Roy pull their bags from the trunk.

"Okay, ladies, here are your bags," Andy offered, "You're strong enough to pull them yourselves and responsible enough to keep an eye on your own things."

Miranda expected groaning and whining, what she saw instead was a beaming smile on each of her daughter's faces. They happily took their suitcases and carry-ons and looked carefully at the signs to figure out where to head to check their bags.

"Andrea, I don't know if I've said this to you enough but you are a miracle in our lives."

"You may have said it a time or two," Andy smiled.

"Are you ready for this?"

"A family vacation? Absolutely! I've been looking forward to it since the girls picked!"

Smiling gently at the younger woman while simultaneously gesturing for Roy to wait, Miranda spoke even more quietly, "No, my darling, I mean are you ready for this? Us? Are you ready to stop hiding and just be with me?"

"Yes, Miranda," Andy answered, "I am more than ready to just be. Our families know. Our friends know. We know. What else matters?"

"Nothing, my love. Nothing else matters." The older woman gently cupped her lover's cheek and leaned in slowly. She wanted to leave Andrea time to stop her but, of course, the younger woman met her halfway instead. As their lips touched in a sweet kiss, Miranda felt as though the whole world stopped. She heard nothing around her. It was always that way when she was kissed by her Andrea.

Some loves were just meant to be.

Miranda threaded her fingers through Andy's and, grasping her bags, turned to follow her daughters into their future…

Which was beginning with a flight to Orlando and a two week vacation in Disney World…

With her ex-husband, his wife, and their child…

And Andy's parents and brother…

What was she thinking?

Thanks for sticking it out with me!

I'm definitely planning a sequel in the future but this one's done for now.