AN: In honor of my story Things in Nature winning the Judges Award (and a few other honors) for the Twi-Fic Text Message LOL contest, I bring you the sequel to Curve Ball. (You can find Things in Nature on my profile.)


Grand Slam

Chapter 1

"Isn't it beautiful here?" Baseball Boy was in awe of all the big, brick buildings. "I mean look at the landscaping!"

Yes, the campus was lovely for the start of the new school year. Of course, the drunk freshmen haven't yet thrown up all over the quad after their first keggar.

I was trying to figure out the best way to unload the car and here was my kid getting all weepy over some flowering bushes. I was the man in this relationship.

"Kid, we have a whole lot of bags and I have a need for pizza." I turned to her Annie Oakley making noises in the car. "Annie needs to spread her wings."

I pulled out my bird's cage and she squawked as I pulled her out. She let out a mighty, "Fuck Edward Cullen!"

It was if Annie put out a sorority girl signal, because two blonde ones wearing short shorts came running.

"Hi! Do you need any help?" The tallest of the blonde ones directed her comments to my kid. "The sisters of Alpha Chi Delta..."

"No." I stated. They looked at me like they were surprised I was there. "Annie, inform these ladies what the deal is."

"Bella fucks Edward!" Annie crowed.

I patted her feathers, "Good bird. Annie is correct. I fuck the kid here. He is mine."

My kid started beaming like a little ray of Edward Cullen sunshine.

"What?" The shortest of the blonde ones screeched. I must be ruining her getting her flirt on with my boyfriend. "What's wrong with your bird?"

"She's brilliant. That's how she got into Yale," I explained. "How the hell did you?"

"Why I never!" The tallest blonde exclaimed. Well fiddle dee dee, Barbie. "You'll never get into Alpha Chi!"

"Cool." I grabbed my kid with my free hand. "Listen girlies, my kid and I need to christen my room and move on to his. We're like bunnies."

They were in shock. Their mouths were wide open like blow up dolls. Which I think the two burly frat boys walking passed us agreed. They were ogling the blonde merchandise. Or at least that's what I thought.

Baseball boy wrapped his arms around me and growled at them. "Mine."

I do love a jealous kid.

Annie repeated, "Fuck Edward!"

Kid growled, "That's right! She's fucking Edward Cullen, captain of the Fork's Baseball Team!"

He slammed the car door shut. Then he proceeded to swing me and my bird over his shoulder. It was a bit awkward, but...

Well damn. I likey.

I did have to point out. "Technically, you are a lowly batter on the Yale baseball team now."

He swatted my butt. "Quiet. I'm being manly."

I shut up, because I did like this manly kid. I also loved the weird looks we were getting.

"Bella, we will be getting our things later. I need to make manly and aggressive love to you before our roommates arrive."

"Okay," I agreed with a soft whisper.


The tallest blonde one looked like she was going to faint. "We're having a mixer tonight at..."

"No thank you. I will be ravishing my lady." He was just killing me here.

The goatee frat boys just stared. My kid started walking away with a purpose, still carrying me and the bird. His purpose was going to be plowing into me. Glory, glory hallelujah.

"Toodles," I called out giving our new classmates a wave.

We were already making friends on the first day. Yes indeed.