Chapter 21

Trailer Trash Barbie was calling daily now. I couldn't figure out if she was bored or really liked complaining about breeding. It was tedious.

"If it's two, I don't care. I said I wanted nachos and he better get me nachos!"

She was talking about in the morning.

"I agree." I found it best just to say yes to everything she said. Trailer had Kung Fu fighting, tiny feet in her belly. It made one crabby.

I imagined she could reach through the phone and strangle me if I said the wrong thing.

Class hadn't started yet and I was picking clay off the table. My classmates wandered about collecting their supplies and twisting their piercings. I would hate having to go through a metal detector with them.

"Esme is going nuts," Trailer stated. "This wedding is going to be wild."

"What now?"

This shindig was spiraling out of control. Edward's parents had a tendency for excess.

"Jousting in a meadow. I also heard Alice mentioning magicians and court jesters," she explained. "I think Emmett asked to be the court jester."

Of course, he did.

I sighed loudly. "Chief Charlie is letting this happen?"

"They keep getting him drunk and then telling him the plans." She laughed. "The more the beer, the more he agrees with!"

I just sighed and started sketching with the phone resting on my shoulder. I was drawing pictures of my future mother-in-law as Medusa.

"She better not put me in a corset, because..."

A finger tapped my shoulder. "I want to see you in a corset."


"Off the phone, Miss Swan." He gave me a wink.

Eww and yuck.

"Barbie, I have a gnat buzzing around my head. I need to smash him now." I gave him the finger.

Trailer laughed. "I'll call you tonight. The baby is going to be keeping me up anyway."

Damn it.

I turned off the phone and glared. "Did you not see me on the phone?"

"Did you not see I need to start class?"

Asshole. He sat down next to me. Riley Biers was testing my patience.

I yawned. "Get on with your teaching and I shall get busy with my napping."

"Get busy?" Riley asked with a leer. Did he not see my very sharp pencil. I would be so very easy to cram it in his eye.

"Shouldn't you be waxing poetic about drawing bowls of fruit?" I put my hoodie up, rested my head on my desk and closed my eyes. "Get ye gone."

"You need to rethink this marriage mess," he stated.

Couldn't he just leave?

I opened one eye. "Teach the children now and leave me alone."

"All I'm saying is this could ruin your whole life." Riley kept blabbing. I was so sleepy. "You could be something great if you don't get tied to that brain dead, pretty boy."

"He is pretty, isn't he? I like looking at him and petting his head like a kitty cat." I yawned loudly.

Riley tapped his fingers on the desk. "I know I make crude jokes, which seem to make you more angry than smitten, but..."

"I'm so tired, I'm about to scalp you with an Exacto knife."

He looked frightened. Good.

"That's disturbing," he said with a grimace. "You have talent. A lot of talent and you need to embrace that, not become a housewife."

He would never get it.

I sat up and looked him in the eye. "I have talent, because I have Edward's support. If he wasn't around I would be watching old Saved by the Bell reruns and eating Slim Jim's. He is my inspiration."

"You sound like a love sick child." Riley wanted a beat down.

"No, she's an amazing woman who makes me smile when I wake up every morning and go to sleep every night." I looked up to see my kid. "My love, I bring coffee and donuts. Get out of my seat."

Riley scoffed, "You aren't in this class!"

"Today, I am," My kid announced with a glare. He turned and kissed me. My toes curled. Weird. Do I have a nervous tick that makes my toes do odd things?

Riley stomped off and I laughed.

"Love?" I pinched his side. "Good thing you brought me goodies."

I put my head on his shoulder.

He put his arm around me. "You're excited about the wedding."

"Umm..." Yes.

He didn't need to know details.

I needed to distract him. I looked at Riley giving us the stink eye. "Want to make Riley go ape shit?"

"Oh course!" My kid's eyes were bright with the thought of pissing Biers off.

I kissed him and chuckled as I heard Riley make weird growling noises. What a weirdo.

I pulled away and put my head back on my kid's shoulders. "Take some notes for me will ya?"

Sleepy time.