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Chapter 39

"He didn't shoot you. That was a holiday miracle." I was lying in my kid's arms watching the fire. I made him get naked, while I was bundled up in sweatshirt, fleece, plaid pajama bottoms and heavy socks. It was Christmas Eve, I was pregnant with a tiny organism and I wanted my man nude. I get what I want. "I thought he was going to gut you with a candy cane."

He grimaced. "He'll have plenty of time for that on Christmas morning."

"He can work in unison with your dad. Cheech might be poisoned by the good doctor with arsenic flavored egg nog." I could already imagine the holiday would become like a bad seventies Christmas horror flick. Dr. Carl wearing a Santa suit, carrying a scythe and chasing after the stoner.

"I'll help him!" My naked kid is quite fetching when being a protective older brother. Oh look, Christmas cookies.

I munched on a reindeer sugar cookie. "You'll be busy."

He looked at me excitedly. Hate to burst his bubble. I looked into the flickering flames of the fire and then at his erect penis.

"My dad will be chasing you down with the carving knife for the turkey your mom is making."

Wow. It deflates just like a balloon.

"I'm a little cold," Kid complained. He was probably covering for his now limp noodle.

"Want a blanket?" I started to get up. "We should get a bear skin rug. You would lie on it and I would take pictures."

"You find that sexy?" He wigged his eyebrows and pulled me back onto the floor.

"I find that ridiculous. I like the potential laughter it will give me." It would be hysterical.

My sweatshirt and the tee I wore underneath was pulled off. He gave me a brilliant smile and played with my breasts. "No bra. My favorite look."

"Oh you silly perv, what are you up to?" He licked my neck

His hands pulled down my pants. I scowled at him. "Dude, it's freezing and I'm incubating your spawn!"

He hovered over me. "Haven't you heard of body heat, my beautiful curmudgeon?"

His hands roamed and I squealed, "Oh Edward!"

That seductive kid was ruining my cool factor. Yeah, I kind of loved it.

"Say it." God, he was being demanding. It was Christmas, so I would allow him to get away with it.

"My lord," I barely contained the eye roll. I was Christmas spirit personified.

Kid kissed me with a smile and asked, "Will you marry me for real? In Vegas?"

"Can I play roulette? The penny slots in the smoke free room?"

He laughed. "Sure."

"Buffett? The all you can eat variety?"

"Anything for you, Bella."

"Overpriced porn in the room? It's the best comedy around."

"I love you, crazy woman!"

My decision was clear. I loved him and all that jazz.

"I will head to Vegas and make the spawn not a bastard."

He kissed me happily and when he pulled away stated, "You have such a romantic way with words."

Of course, I did. I have a gift.

We started to do more of the kissing and I must say he was correct about body heat.

"Fuck Edward Cullen!" Annie Oakley squawked.

Working on it, Annie. Working on it.