Hey guys, lately I've been kinda Naruto crazy and have read so many fanfictions I got to the point where I couldn't find anymore that satisfied me. So I decided to write one myself. I dont really know where this story is going yet, so please bare with me.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy :)

"Dont run too far ahead Aimi-chan!" the voice of her older sister called out but she paid little attention to it, too distracted by the colour and sounds that surrounded her. Today was market day and Hina nee-chan had promised that she could come, for days Aimi had been consumed with excitement. Even though she would soon be five and therefore all grown-up, in her opinion, Mother and Father still rarely let her out of the house alone. But today was market day! This meant that traders from all over the map would, for this day only, be selling their goods in Konoha. The normally quiet streets were filled to bursting point with sounds and scents foreign to the peaceful shinobi village. Everywhere Aimi looked, tall people dressed in weird clothing stood, yelling out prices or arguing over the worth of some item or another. Everything was so overwhelming and wonderful; Aimi felt all her senses tingling in excitement and awe, almost overloading in the effort to soak up as much as possible. She wondered through the crowd paying attention to everything and nothing at the same time.

She didn't hear her sister's load calls grow more frantic as she was swept further in to the throng of bustling people. She didn't see one of the foreign traders angrily shove a rude customer away from his stall. She didn't notice the resulting domino effect caused by said man, knocking over a tower of precariously stacked crates.

She did hear her sister's scream as the crates started to topple. And she defiantly noticed that she was standing right in their path.

"AIMI!" The shrill scream was filled with fear and panic. Hina ran towards where she had last seen her little sister, wide brown eyes scanning the heavy pile of crates now lying in an undignified pile on the ground. The air around them was filled with the dust from the road that had been thrown up in their recent collapse.

She had been right there! She couldn't be...its not possible! "AIMI" She screamed again, her voice now filled with despair as tears started to prick at the corner of her eyes. She couldn't be dead. She had to have gotten out of the way. Oh Kami. What was she going to tell her parents?

"Hina?" a quiet cough sounded from behind her. The 13 year old girl whirled around to see her little sister, covered in dust, pale and shaking, but 100% alive and whole.

With a gasp Hina shot forward gathered her up in her arms and held the trembling child to her chest.

"H-how?" The young teen whispered

Aimi started bawling her eyes out "Hina-nee-chan!" She sobbed "I-I was s-so scared! I t-thought I-I was gonna die!" The child buried her head in her sister's neck. "But he saved me!"

"Who..." Hina felt her throat close up as she glanced upwards only to come face to face with an emotionless porcelain mask. It was shaped in an animalistic way, with pointed ears and a long snout. The person wearing it was clothed in a white cloak that covered his head and a large part of his body.

Anbu her mind provided for her.

Hina gulped as she took in the black ops ninja. Hastily she bowed, realising she had been staring. "Thank you Anbu-san, I owe you my sister's life." She spoke quietly and with respect, her head still bowed to the floor. A moment passed before she tentatively raised her head, she half expected the man to have disappeared, Anbu weren't known for sticking around for small talk. However to her shock the shinobi was still standing there and Hina had the impression he was analysing her. She shifted uncomfortably and unconsciously held her still weeping sister a little closer to her body, almost as if she expected the masked man to attack her, which was ridiculous. The man was a guardian for Konoha, he wouldn't attack a harmless civilian. The fact that he had just saved her sister from being crushed proved this point, but she couldn't help feel that this man was dangerous.

The man's head tilted to one side and Hina got the impression that he found her reaction amusing. He then nodded his head at her once before disappearing in a small swirl of leaves.

Hina was left standing there, blinking stupidly. She had just seen one of the most elite the village of Konoha had to offer, she felt equal parts awed and excited. Just wait until her friends heard about this! Realising that neither her nor her sister were in the mood for shopping anymore, Hina started to walk towards home, keeping a firm hold on the still trembling Aimi. As she walked she replayed the events in her head, and she couldn't help but notice that the Anbu had seemed rather short for a ninja...

.oO Oo.

Anbu Captain Fox berated himself quietly. It wasn't like him to be seen by civilians and he had no idea why he had allowed himself to be spotted this time. It would have been an easy matter to save the child and then leave before the older girl had a chance to even know he was there. Instead he had gone against regulation and stuck around long enough to receive the girl's thanks. Why? Why had he done that? He didn't do it for the appreciation or the attention, this much he knew to be true. Long ago he used to pine after such things but that side of him was detrimental to being in anbu so he had quickly gotten over it after joining their ranks. He wondered if he had done it to make sure the young girl had gotten safely back to her sister, but that didn't seem right either. He slowly replayed the event in his head, trying to find what had caused him to slip up. To his confusion he felt his chest tighten when he got to the part where the older girl had thought her younger sibling to be dead. The pure agony and sorrow in the young teens voice and made something resound deep inside of him. Nobody had ever called his name out in such a way. Fox sighed to himself. He was anbu damnit! He wasn't meant to still have those types of emotions. Fox had long ago accepted his lot in life. He had grown tired of waiting for someone to come along who cared enough to answer him when he cried at night. He didn't need to be held, or to be told that everything would be all right.

He was Fox, the youngest anbu captain Konoha had ever had, his skill and power outshone people more than twice his age. He didn't need someone to care for him.

With a firm resolve Fox pushed his emotions down. He needed to report to the head of Anbu, something he was not looking forward to in the least. Deer had been running Anbu from way before Fox had been born and there was a rumour going around the ranks that he would soon be hanging up the mask as he had been offered the head of Jonin job, something he heard to be a lot less stressful. So reporting Anbu were now far more likely to have to debrief to the man Deer had been grooming to take his place. An Anbu Fox had only had the 'pleasure' of working with a few times before, Bear.

And if there was one thing Bear hated it was lateness. With this in mind Fox put on an extra burst of speed, no need to make the new boss mad at him before he had even started his job.

.oO Oo.

"Well, everything seems to be in order." Bear's voice sounded deep and gruff from behind the snarling mask he wore over his face. Fox felt himself release a breath he hadn't realised he had been holding in relief

"Of course, there is this matter of what happened at the market," Fox stiffened again "You said in your report that you showed yourself to the civilian, is this true?"

"Yes, sir" Fox answered plainly

There was a moment silence. "I would reprimand you but think you are already aware of your mistake" Bear's voice held no emotion

"It won't happen again, sir."

Bear paused for a moment to survey the young Captain in front of him. Of course he knew Fox's story, as the upcoming leader of the Anbu Black Ops it was his job to know everything about his agents. He also knew that up until this point, Fox had an absolutely clean record. The boy had taken to Anbu like a fish to water; his rise through the ranks had been swift and unheard of. The boy was an Anbu at the age of 7, team leader by 8. By the time he was 10 he wore the white cloak that defined him to be of the rank of Anbu Captain. Answerable only to the head of Anbu and the Hokage himself. In all this time the kid had never made a mistake, until today.

"I'll take your word for it Fox, this time. But this is the last time I expect to hear you making such a rookie mistake. Next time you want to play with the civilians you can kiss your mask goodbye. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good," Bear chucked a sealed scroll at the masked preteen in front of him, Fox reached out a hand and snatched it out of the air, "There is your next assignment, gather your team and leave in the next hour. You're dismissed."

Fox shushined away, leaving the tale tale scattered leaves in his wake. Bear sighed as he brushed a few off his desk muttering under his breath about 'damn over dramatic Anbu' and 'I have a door for a reason'.

.oO Oo.

Kakashi had been in Anbu since he was 15, he was now 23 and in that time he had served under and beside many of the Anbu that had come and gone in the last 8 years. But he had to admit, he current unit was by far the best. They had been working together for about a year. It had been a year of no failed missions, no deaths on the squad and minimal injuries. And Kakashi had to admit it was probably all thanks to his Captain.

When Fox had first appeared 3 years ago, Kakashi had been sceptical. He could tell by his small stature that the kid probably wasn't even in double digits yet. The youngest Anbu he had ever seen had been Itachi, who had joined when he was 11, and look how well that had turned out.

Fox was different however. He learnt that after working with him only once. Whereas Itachi had been withdrawn and silent, never socialising or even talking to his team mates, Fox was loud for an Anbu. Of course during missions he could be counted on to completely professional, but afterwards, when they where washing the blood of their hands and weapons, he turned into a right chatter box. He seemed to relish any sort of human conversation; he had a light and quick sense of humour that had left many Anbu reeling in its wake. Kakashi knew that the old him would have probably found the young man annoying, but the new him found him to be good company and he often started wondering who was under the expressionless fox mask.

He therefore had been happy instead of disappointed when it was announced that Fox would be the next Captain instead of him, he was quite content to be second in command when it came to serving under the best Anbu he had come across. The boy skills were amazing and most importantly he didn't let them go to his head. He had become, dare he say it, a friend of sorts.

"Dog, we've got a new mission, let's go." Crane appeared in front of him before shushining away.

Kakashi made sure his canine mask was attached firmly to his head and that his black cloak covered his weapons before flashing through a few hand signs and following his teammate.

.oO Oo.

Fox crouched on one of the many branches that rimmed the village, every few minutes he flared his chakra so that his teammate could locate him. He had already read through the mission scroll and he had to admit that the thing sounded borderline A-rank maybe even a high B-rank, much easier than the normal S-rank his team took on. In fact his team was herald as the only Anbu team to ever go on a SS-rank mission and not lose a single member. He was therefore slightly worried about the seemingly walk-in-the-park mission he was currently holding. Was this punishment? Were they thinking of putting him on probation? Or maybe there's was the only team available at this time. Well, for whatever reason it was, test or just coincidence, Fox would perform it to the best of his abilities.

Three masked people appeared, each taking a branch in a separate tree. Crane, Cobra and Dog, his team.

There was a moment silence, it seemed almost as if the three were waiting for something, the longer the silence continued the higher the tension rose.

"Yo." Fox said at last

His three companions broke out in a mix of groaning and jeering.

"Ha! I told you, I told you! Now pay up Crane!" Cobra yelled

"Aw man! I could have been sure...damnit!" Crane grumbled before, much to Fox's amusement, pulling out a few notes of money a throwing them at Cobra. "Here take your money you thieving little harpy, how did you know he would say that?!"

Cobra laughed, "Cos he's been spending way too much time around Dog lately. Never gamble with the queen!" Cobra cackled in an over the top evil way.

Fox turned slightly towards his second in command. "Was I just a source of a bet?" He muttered quietly

Dog hummed in affirmative.

"Well at least you didn't partake in it" Fox grumbled

"What sort of man do you take me for?" Dog replied before reaching out and catching the role of notes that Crane had lobbed at his head.

Fox face palmed "Children. I'm working with children."

"Aww but you love us anyway, don't you Foxy-chan?" Cobra pouted

"Yes yes, ok playtime's over; we do have a mission to complete." Fox groaned, but behind the mask he was smiling. The simple teasing and jokes he shared with his team was the best part of being in Anbu as far as he was concerned. To an outsider it might look as if they were being disrespectful, but Fox had been through too much with the three of them to ever think that. He had saved each and every one of their lives on multiple occasions. He had stemmed blood from Cobra stomach when one mission went south and they were stuck behind enemy lines. He had pushed Crane out of the way of an exploding tag that one time where the senbon wielding man was just not fast enough. He had taken a kunai to his chest to stop it before it reached a downed Dog's spine.

He had given everything to his team and had come to care for them in an almost family way...if a family could be a bunch of people who didn't know who the other person was.

"Right, this one is a simple search and destroy. The target is rumoured to be hiding somewhere in a border village in Fire country. We are to stop him before he crosses over the border. Any questions?" Fox scanned the two men and woman around him, each stood to attention; silent and deadly, completely different to the fun loving people they had been moments before. "Okay, formation 3, let's move out."

The four Anbu disappeared, moving at speeds no untrained eye could catch.

.oO Oo.

Fox stood to attention, his hands clenched at his sides and his back straight. Beside him stood the rest of his team each holding the same position, the tension in the air was palpable. Before them stood Deer, Bear and the Hokage who was wearing an unusually firm expression on his normally kind face. Behind them was the rest of the Anbu.

"Anbu operatives Fox, Dog, Cobra and Crane, you have been called here today to answer for your actions in your recent mission to the border village of Hakone." The Hokage spoke, his voice held no emotions "Myself and the head of Anbu have decided that such a grievous error as the one you have committed can only be answered with one response."

Here he paused, the tension in the room rose a few more notches.

"You are all hereby stripped of all ranks and privileges," an almost inaudible gasp rippled through the crowd of Anbu "You will hand in your uniform and your mask and leave. From here on out, you are no longer part of the Anbu black ops."

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