Spider-man: Web of love

A series of one-shots featuring Spider-man and a host of fine super-heroic women. Not necessarily set in cannon. Will feature both Marvel and DC women.

Up first: Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

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I hate city-hopping when chasing baddies. Why can't they all stay put so I don't have to go to strange places like Gotham city. He thought as he stepped off the train and into the torrential downpour. If this is the welcome mat... he continued his train of thought. I wish I could be like that pretty-boy Bruce Wayne and have butlers up the he-haw to do everything from shine my shoes to carry my check books. And the lineup of ladies wouldn't be so bad either. He smirked as his twenty year old mind imagined himself with two dates, something unheard of for Peter, who was lucky if he could manage one or less.

"Okay," he said to himself as he snagged a map from a tourist stand. A week ago, Doc Ock broke out of the raft. He's to smart to risk going head-to-head with the Avengers League, and I know he's got contacts in Gotham. So this is probably where he'd go. He thought as he examined the map, scouring it for details. Now i've just gotta find him in this shit-hole and I can get back to my everyday life in New York. And to find him I need to know where the nearest science and technology lab is. As that's where Ock's gonna go. He stuffed the map in his jacket pocket and trudged forward into the raining city, I guess I need to go to the library.

He twisted down the semi-crowded streets of Gotham as he followed the map to the Public library. He grimaced as he saw children dressed in clothes he wouldn't donate to a shelter, as he had standards when it came to giving. He dropped some change into a man's tin as he passed, taking note of the eyes that followed him and labelled hm as a potential target for a mugging. He reached the library in no time.

"Nice place," he muttered as he slid through the great doors that lead to the interior. "beats the heck out of the New York variety. Though that probably has more to do with being founded by Wayne enterprises than..."

"I'm glad you like it," a voice chimed from behind him. He turned to face a woman who looked to be about his age with shoulder-length red hair. She wore a simple pair of black pants and a blue blouse. Her hair was tied back and she bore a name-tag on the right side of her chest that read 'Barbara Gordon.'

"You're welcome," he replied with a shrug, "it's a lot more well-kept than what I'm used to. Looks like you've got people working here who actually know what they're doing. Instead of the first-come first-serve basis New York has going."

"Again," Barbara smiled, "thank you. It's nice to finally have someone come in here who..."

"Isn't a pedophile or looking to get stoned?" he replied with a smirk.

"That to," she replied, "is there anything I can help you with?" she asked as she extended warm a hand.

"I...well..." Peter began, caught off-guard by her breathtaking beauty, so he coughed to cover his hesitation. "I'm just looking for...well a job," he lied, "I'm a bit of a techie and out of work at the moment. And a friend of mine told me Gotham's got some great places and..."

"I would've thought that a New Yorker like yourself would go work for Stark industries," Barbara smiled as she grabbed him by the wrist and led him to where the computers where. "But lemme see what i can do for you, Mr...?"

"Parker," he replied, "and I can.." he began to say, not sure of how to tell her to go away without inducing her fury.

"I know my way around a computer," Barbara said as she typed away on the keyboard with extreme precision and uncanny skill. "Besides, there's no one around for me to help. Unless you count the stoners and pedophiles."

"Are you..." he began, but became cut off by his spider-sense blaring a warning, forcing him to grab Barbara and pull her out of the way as a large vine shot through the doors. Several more burst through the windows and vents. Riding on the largest vine, in a sort of throne was a woman clad entirely in green leaves.

"Murder!" the woman screeched as she looked about the library shelves, which where lined with books. And apparently that was a bad thing, as the green woman was crying as she tossed book after book aside, "My babies! My babies!" she cooed. Peter paid her little attention, as he slipped into the nearest cover after noticing Barbara had already done so. With ease, he slipped into his red-and-blue tights and clipped his web-shooters to his wrists before leaping into danger.

"Hey lady," he taunted as he crouched low to the ground. "Botany section's to your left."

"So many of my babies," the woman cried softly, "all dead for nothing."

"What are you...?" he began, but two vines lashed out at him, forcing him to back flip out of harms way. He launched two web-bullets from mid-air before having his legs trapped in a third vine that wrapped itself around them. He was hoisted into the air and brought face-to-face with the woman.

"Why did they have to die?" the woman asked as she stroked Peter's cheek with her fingernail. "Tell me, why did they have to die? I..." Something sharp whizzed through the air and imbedded itself in the vine that was holding him up. The vine relinquished it's hold over Peter as smoke began to pour out of a tiny canister on the oddly-shaped object. He rolled to his feet and launched two lines of webbing towards the green woman, which where blocked by a single vine. He ducked under it as a black-clad figure struck the woman from behind with a mighty kick.

He recognized the black and yellow crest on the figure's chest as belonging to Batman. But since the figure had distinctly feminine traits, he assumed it was the rumoured Batgirl or Batwoman. Not much reached New York about the caped crusader, all Peter knew was whoever Batman was, he had to have a lot of financial backing. And that he had two sidekicks, Batgirl and Robin, and occasionally someone called Nightwing.

"You're coming with me, Ivy," Batgirl said to the green woman, who turned and hissed angrily.

"I don't think so," Ivy replied as she shot two vines towards Batgirl, who jumped out of the way just in time. He took the time to admire her grace and agility. No human could get remotely close to his own, but she came as close as possible. He used the distraction Batgirl was supplying to web the super-villainess in a cocoon of webbing, allowing both vigilantes to breathe a sigh of relief.

"You can't contain mother nature!" Ivy growled as Peter watched her shred the last of his webbing from her body. He felt his chest begin to tighten as he smelled something in the air. He felt his brain warp and colours began to distort themselves.



Kill Her.


Kill Batgirl.


Do it.

No. I won't kill.

Yes you will.

I'm better than that.

Kill her.

Everything went black as a shadow moved across his vision.

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He awoke with a star. The first thing he noticed was the lack of sound. The second thing he noticed was that his mask was off. He looked about his surrounding. He was in a cave. He could see a lavish vehicle that resembled a cross between a tank and a van to his left. To his right was a large computer, with a heavily-built man wearing a black suit and next to him was Batgirl. The latter of whom had her mask off, revealing a head of red hair. The librarian, Barbara, he thought with a smirk as he gave a fake cough. Both figures turned to face him, with Batgirl's hand flying to her pulled-back mask.

"Relax," he said, "I already saw your face. And don't worry. I'm not a stoner or pedophile." Batman's face remained stone-like, while Barbara let out a small giggle. He had only seconds before something hit him in the back of the head and everything went black again.

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He woke up in his apartment. In his bed with his Spider-suit still on, even the mask. Knowing what must have happened, he smiled, hoping he could at least trust the Batman to keep his secret as he moved to his open laptop. Otherwise I'll try and prove my Wayne theory right. He clicked on his email inbox and a message popped up.

"Barbara Gordon has sent you a friend request on Facebook."

A/N: well? Do you want more? If so, leave suggestions! (For the moment, I will not be doing Ms marvel, Supergirl or Shadowcat, as I have separate stories for each.)