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Embracing Evil: Series 4

Chapter 1

Harry was going out of his mind with boredom, he and Tom had agreed to this plan months ago but now he regretted it; a lot. This summer he was going to make a permanent break from Dumbledore's clutches and take up his place as Chaos full time, he was ecstatic, he couldn't wait. The only issue was as he was also coming in to his majority the Order was watching him closer than Mad eye Moody watches Death Eaters, he was being collected by the order when the clock struck midnight on his birthday when the blood wards would break, of course they didn't know that there were no longer blood wards as Petunia was no longer in the land of the living. Tom has brutally murdered the Dursley's for their treatment of him, it was a memorable occasion and their corpses were unrecognisable. Unfortunately for the Order, Harry would be long gone by the time they arrived and Chaos would be free, Barty and the Brothers were coming for him 2 hours before and he would disappear.

The reason Harry was so bored was he was living on his own as the Dursley's weren't there, not that he was complaining, and his birthday was an entire month after school, he had sorted his room and his belongings and apart from the new stuff he had bought for himself in Hogsmead he wasn't taking anything, he had left everything at the Manor. Harry sighed and made his way to the kitchen, he spent most of his time clutching his Dark Mark pendent in reminder to where he was going if he stuck it out, he made himself a snack and slumped in front of the T.V. The wards were stronger than ever this summer and he felt constantly groggy, he had taken to running around the block to keep his energy up and to feel his magic, three days couldn't go quick enough.

When the 30th of July did finally arrive Harry was ready to murder something if he had the energy, the Order had placed people around the house to monitor him and they had stopped him leaving the building for his 'protection'. He was out of food, his magic was practically non-existent and he was dead on his feet, the wards had pulled away all of the Dark Lord's magic from the pendant so even that was no comfort. He had managed to scatter his belongings and throw his wand on the desk like he had just vanished, he had the stuff he wanted neatly folded on the sofa as he was slumped over the arm. He hadn't felt this bad even in his condition last year, having his magic squashed brutally with no escape was awful, his head was spinning and his vision blurry as he stared at the clock. At 9:30 he summoned the energy to check his outfit, he was dressed in black skinny jeans and a green shirt, his death wand strapped to his arm and he thanked his stars he didn't have to change. Harry had deliberately left the door on the latch because he didn't know if he would have the energy to walk and open it, he couldn't even pull himself in to an upright position and he vowed to himself he would come back to torch this house. He heard a sequence of taps on the door and sighed in relief, Barty had been given a code to inform Chaos of who it was.

"Come in," Harry didn't even have the energy to wince at his weak voice, Barty came in looking alarmed but as soon as he crossed the threshold he clutched his chest and his legs gave out.

"What in Merlin's name-," He gasped in horror, his eyes found Harry's and he leapt up with obvious effort.

"Chaos, please be alive." He breathed, "Rod, I'm gunna need you but when come in be careful, Rab stay there." Rodolphus stepped in wearily but he didn't collapse thanks to Barty's warning, he did however clutch his chest and stumble.

"What is that?" He demanded harshly.

"Magic suppressers," Chaos got out in barely a whisper, they looked at the teen who was slumped over with a glazed look in his eyes in growing alarm.

"We have to get him out of here, now." Rod said and Barty nodded, they carefully lifted the teen up and placed his belongings on his chest, with a struggle they carried him out of the house. Once they were free of the wards Harry arched and bit his tongue to hold in his scream, his whole body was on fire and magic flooded his every cell, blood started to drip from the corner of his mouth and the DE's grew worried, they rushed to apperate away landing in the cool entrance hall, Rabastan ran to fetch the Dark Lord.

When Tom arrived Chaos was sweating profusely and he had begun to twitch, the teen in question was experiencing something worse than the cruciatus, his whole being felt like it had been submerged in acid, he arched again and this time he did scream when magic slammed in to his core. Barty and Rodolphus were on their knees as the feeling came over them, even though they hadn't been in the house more than 10 minutes it was intense. Tom knelt by his Chaos' head and was gently smoothing down the bright hair, he was carefully pouring magic around the teen to help his body absorb it, he had never seen magic dampeners so extreme used, even in Azkaban. Chaos' eyes snapped open and he sat bolt upright, he rolled over and retched up blood which Tom vanished, he sucked in ragged breaths through his teeth on his hands and knees. He pushed himself to his feet only to sway dangerously, he felt the world spin and tilt but he was caught and looked blearily up in to worried crimson eyes.

"That was awful," he commented voice rough.

"I can imagine," Chaos smiled weakly but snuggled in to his lovers body, Tom lifted him easily and left to their rooms with a nod to the DE's, Chaos was barely conscious when they got there, Tom changed him with a wave of his wand and settled him down on the bed.

"Thanks," Chaos slurred curling up, Tom shook his head.

"Go to sleep my Chaos." Chaos nodded and was out like a light, the Dark Lord rose carefully and left the room warding it as usual, he made his way down to the lounge where Barty and the brothers would be.

"What happened?" He demanded.

"I don't know, I played the sequence and Chaos responded but he sounded off. I stepped in to the house and it felt as if my life force was being sucked out, it made my head swim and my legs gave out, I have never felt anything like it; ever." Rodolphus nodded in agreement with Barty.

"It felt as if I had been duelling for 24 hours straight, I had no energy and I had only just stepped in the house." The Dark Lord growled to himself.

"The old fool is insane, it was close to killing him." He hissed furious.

"Is he ok Milord?" Barty asked tentatively, he knew his lord was possessive, it was obvious, but he was fond of the teen.

"I won't know until tomorrow." Tom sighed.

Chaos, much to Tom's alarm, didn't wake up the next day at all, the Dark Lord was in a foul mood for the entire day and summoned Poppy to check him over. The mediwitch ended up in a fury of her own when she read the scan, Chaos was in a worse state that the blood quill disaster and Tom had to leave before he completely lost it. Poppy felt for the poor sole that crossed the Dark Lord first. She spelled a pepper up in to his stomach and placed monitoring spells around him, he wasn't likely to wake until the next morning so there was nothing she could do. Chaos on the other hand was oblivious. His core had taken a severe amount of damage due to the magic dampeners and it had nearly ruptured so it was in a state of repair, he was glad the pain had stopped now but his magic was still off. Nothing he did helped and he couldn't pull himself back in to consciousness, out of nowhere he felt his core kick-start and his magic began to flow through him again which was a much needed relief. He could feel the breaks begin to heal quickly and relaxed, he didn't know how long he waited but he started to hear voices around him and one of them belonged to a very angry Tom.

"Why isn't he awake yet? Its been over 24 hours." He stated furiously and Chaos was alarmed.

"You need to calm down Mr Riddle. His core was in a worst state than the blood quill and he was out for 18 hours then, I am sure he will wake up soon and be as right as rain."

"But he hasn't even moved, it barely looks like he's alive." Tom growled and he heard madam Pomfrey sigh.

"He is healing, you know what healing sleeps look like now sit down and calmly wait or I will spell a dreamless sleep in to your stomach." Chaos could almost picture Tom's incredulous look; he snickered.

"You should listen to her Tom, she would do it at the most inconvenient time." Chaos blinked the rest of his grogginess away and sat up stretching in a cat like manner; Tom was at his side in an instant.

"How do you feel?"

"Fine, better actually." Chaos tilted his head feeling his magic and grinned.

"Yep, fine." Poppy rolled her eyes and Tom sighed in relief, he kissed him gently.

"Why do you end up in bad situations?" He asked rhetorically.

"I have an astounding amount of luck." Harry pointed out and Tom threw him a small glare, Chaos pulled him down for another kiss.

"This time I didn't do it on purpose."

"I suppose you didn't." Poppy cleared her throat with a smile.

"I am glad you see you are ok, I did inform him that you would wake when you were ready but he doesn't take well to others advice." Here she glared at Tom who rolled his eyes. "No magic until tomorrow to let your core stabilise but other than that you have a clean bill of health." Chaos grinned.

"Thanks Poppy," She nodded and left the room, Chaos turned back to Tom with a raised eyebrow.

"Anyone would think you were worried about me Tom." The man in question blinked a few times.

"I was." he said slowly as if it was a shock to him, he looked a little confused and Chaos shook his head.

"She didn't say anything about me staying in bed did she?" He asked.

"What? Oh no," Chaos eyebrows shot up but let it go, Tom was obviously thinking about something.

"I'm getting in the shower." He hopped nimbly out of bed and vanished in to the bathroom, Chaos enjoyed relaxing under the water and stayed in there longer than he usually would have done, he came out fully dressed to find Tom sat reading; the man looked up.

"I was beginning to think you had drowned." He commented and Chaos noted how his eyes were more guarded than before, he pushed it off.

"Nah, I would have used a bath for that." He joked and Tom's lip quirked, Chaos decided to lay out on the sofa and read much to Tom's amusement.

"You've spent over a day lying down only to do the exact same thing."

"Yep, brilliant right?" Tom shook his head.

After much begging and pleading, Chaos had convinced Tom to allow him to go back to the Dursley's house and burn it. Chaos was extremely happy about being able to torch it and it was showing. He was exceptionally happy as he skipped up to fetch Bella and Barty who would be coming with him.

"Barty, where's Bella?" He asked skipping in to the lounge.

"I think she went to visit Narcissa." Barty told him and Chaos frowned.

"What time will she be back?"

"Some time tomorrow, they're doing a sister thing." Barty explained with a shrug.

"Damn it, I'll have to fetch the brothers instead."

"Why?" Chaos grinned.

"I'm torching that place tonight." Barty's eyes lit up.

"Excellent," Chaos nodded, he tapped his necklace for the brothers and threw himself down in a chair, he ran ideas past Barty while they sat waiting for the others to arrive.

"You called Chaos?"

"Yep, we're going out tonight." He told them and they raised an eyebrow in sync, they often reminded him of the twins.

"You finally convinced our Lord to let you blow the place?" Rabastan said and Chaos grinned.

"Of course,"

"You know you can't go out without Bella?"

"I know but she won't be back until tomorrow and I wanted to do it tonight." Chaos sighed, "Fine, but she better be happy about it." He grumbled and stalked off, he knew Tom was in the library so he went there to inform him of the plan change.

"My bonfire will have to wait until tomorrow." Was his way of greeting, he didn't bother with anything else, the man had been acting strange since he got here. Tom hummed to show he had heard and Chaos rolled his eyes, he browsed the aisles for a book to catch his interest.

"Yeah, it seems that Bella isn't here until tomorrow and you know she won't be happy if I go without her." All he got was another sound of agreement and he sighed to himself, whatever was bothering Tom had better blow over soon. Chaos took a book and sat down in the corner, he didn't know what was up with Tom and it was getting to him. He went to bed alone that night and he hated it. Tom didn't speak with him for the entire day, in fact, Chaos only seen the man at breakfast before he disappeared. He pushed it to the back of his mind when Bella returned and Chaos rushed over,

"We're going to light a fire tonight." He said and her eyes lit up.

"Brilliant," they went to find Barty who was practicing and began preparing, they laid out what they wished to do and Chaos was excited.

"This will be perfect," Around 2 hours after dinner, Chaos pulled on black jeans, a black top, his black boots and a thick black cloak, he placed his mask on his face and tucked his wand in to his left boot just as Tom walked in to the bedroom.

"You are going out now?" Chaos blinked but nodded, he checked his reflection and deemed himself suitable, Chaos skipped out without so much as a goodbye, if he was being ignored for an unknown reason he would repay the favour. The death eaters were waiting in the entrance hall in their garb, Chaos flashed a grin and they all apperated out. They landed in the silent Privet Drive and crept towards number 4, Chaos looked around the street and remembered everything that had happened here, how much he had suffered.

"Burn it all." He hissed sending his feindfyer at his own personal hell hole.


"Take it to the ground." Chaos confirmed, Bella let out a gleeful cackle as she sent numerous spells at different houses; the screams began. Chaos laughed in ecstasy as he watched it all burn, the flames ripped through the street making it glow orange all around him. Sounds off apperation echoed around and Bella let out a shout of delight,

"Oh the Order has come." The order attacked them instantly. Chaos was brought in to a duel with someone he didn't know, he laughed at them and flicked them back like insects.

"You made the fire." He said to them happily, "I was getting worried you wouldn't show."

"Foul people," Someone yelled and all three of them laughed at that.

"Of course we are." Barty said as he duelled Podmore, Chaos was dancing around Mad Eye when a stray curse caught his arm and he hissed, he slashed his wand sending out a blast of raw magic to push them back. The street was in ruins and flames were dying down, not very muggles had survived and that was good enough for Chaos.

"Lets go," he shouted to them, Bella and Barty apperated away and after throwing up the Dark Mark, Chaos burst in to black smoke and vanished from sight. Back in the manor he flashed a grin at Barty and Bella who were removing their masks.

"A job well done I think." Bella commented lightly and Barty shook his head with a grin.

"Of course it was, I was there." Chaos stated with a smirk, he rolled his shoulders and hissed.

"Damn it," He muttered.

"You might want to get that healed before he sees it." Barty told him and Chaos frowned.

"I doubt he'll care too much," Chaos muttered but nodded, he bid them good night and smoked to their rooms, Tom was reading by the fire when he landed and looked up.

"Did everything go to plan?"

"Yup, the Order even made an appearance." Chaos told him, he winced when his cloak caught his arm and Tom's eyes zeroed in.

"You are injured."

"No, I'm fine." Chaos said absently, he closed his eyes and willed the cut to heal, the bleeding stopped and the skin knitted together leaving no marks. Chaos wiped the dried blood off and nodded to himself, he threw his cloak in for wash and vanished in to the shower. Chaos came out of the bathroom clean and sleepy, he tied his hair up out of the way and climbed in to bed not noticing the crimson eyes which didn't leave his still form.

Chaos decided that it was a really bad idea not to question what was wrong with Tom the night he woke up. He had been staying at the manor for a month past the summer now and he loved it, the simplicity of his life, not having to hide anything and just to be himself was a relief. Tom had been off the entire holiday but Chaos had put it down to world domination and planning because he had been busy but when it made the papers that 'Harry Potter' was missing, he had gotten worse. Tom was acting stand-offish and cold. He often spent days completely ignoring Chaos and the teen had no idea why, nothing was different from before and he was beginning to think Tom regretted allowing him to stay here.

He didn't raise a question because he was hoping Tom would shake himself out of it but at the present time it wasn't looking promising, it had gotten so bad that the inner circle had noticed but then Chaos figured that was because Tom had become more vicious. He sighed at he headed back up to their rooms, it was more like his room now as Tom was never there but Chaos pushed the negative thought back, he entered and new immediately something was wrong and he wasn't going to like it. He moved wearily in to the room looking at Tom, who was stood by the book cased stiff as a board.

"You have to go, I can't deal with this." Tom's voice was ice cold and his face was blank, Chaos froze.


"You can't be here anymore, I won't come after you as long as you stay away from the light." Tom stated with no emotion, he wasn't even looking at him and Chaos felt his whole world shift. It registered what Tom was telling him, his stomach rolled and his vision blurred, suddenly he was very dizzy.

"You want me to leave?" He confirmed hollowly.



"I don't have to explain myself to you."

"You can fucking bet you do have to explain," Chaos began furiously, "After everything I sacrificed for you."

"I didn't ask you too."

"No but you knew I would. You knew I would and that's exactly why you chose me, I get the reason why now. You've got what you wanted and now I'm disposable; you can't even look at me. Why can't you face me and tell me why you used me? Why can't you look at me and tell me why your throwing me away like yesterday's trash."

"I didn't use you." Was the quiet reply he got and scoffed.

"No? Then why don't you explain why? How come you can't look me in the eye and tell me why you're getting rid of me?" Chaos spat.

"Because I love you and I can't deal with it." Tom exploded and whatever Chaos was expecting; it wasn't that.

"You love me?" Chaos repeated in barely a whisper, Tom gave a sharp nod refusing to look him in the eye.

"And that makes you throw me away?" He was severely confused.

"You are my weakness and I won't have any, I refuse to have a weakness when I can get rid of it."

"And you think that will make it go away? Out of sight out of mind? It doesn't work like that Tom and it never will."

"It will take time but I will adjust." He told him.

"Yeah? What about me? Don't you think I don't love you? Because I do, with everything I have, for over a year, you may be able to adjust but I won't."

"That isn't my concern."

"It damn well is." Harry snapped, "You made me fall in love with you. You changed everything I am because I wanted to stay with you. I train everyday to make myself stronger, to make it so you don't have to worry about me being killed in a duel and now you're doing this." No matter how much he tried, he couldn't stop the tears that came pouring down his face, he saw Tom wince but paid no mind.

"Don't cry,"

"Why not, not as if you care, I'm a weakness." Harry said viciously and took pleasure when the man winced again.

"Please, get angry or curse something but don't cry, I hate it when you cry it makes me feel helpless." Tom begged and Harry shook his head.

"You're making me cry, you're ripping apart my whole world. How can you think I could survive without you? You are everything to me, I am nothing without you. I said it before and I'll say it again, now and forever, that will never change. The thought of not being with you makes me sick; the thought of not knowing that I can't just come back and sit with you makes my head spin. I can't do it Tom, I don't care what happens, I don't care what you do, I don't care if you make the whole world burn as long as I am by your side. You are my world, my reason for living and if I can't be with you there is no point in me being at all. I told you before I would rather kill myself that have you dead or away from me, I can't think of not being here, it's not worth the pain and I won't do it." Tom looked a little ill at the thought of him killing himself, Harry stepped forward and took his hand, he took it as a good sign that it wasn't thrown away.

"I am not good with emotions and feelings." Tom said and Harry would have laughed at the understatement if he wasn't teetering on the edge of suicide.

"I cannot deal with this, it's too much." Tom shook his head, "You cannot kill yourself, you'll move on and find someone better suited for you." This time Harry shook his head.

"You want to have me with someone else?" Harry asked, "Have someone else kiss me, touch me -,"


"You don't like it do you? The thought of someone else with their hands all over me, the thought of me begging someone else to please me, imagine me screaming out their name as they f-,"

"Stop it," Tom snapped with his fist clenched so tightly his knuckles were white, his crimson eyes were bright with fury.

"How can you think about me with someone else?"

"They would be better for you." He said that with obvious effort.

"It won't. It never will, you will always have my heart and that will never change." Harry vowed and Tom closed his eyes.

"You can't mean that."

"Why not, will you ever love anyone else?"

"Never," Tom stated.

"And it is the same for me." Harry told him softly, "The day I agreed to come to your side was the best decision of my life and even after everything I will never regret that."


"I changed sides expecting a lifetime of service and instead I fell in love with you but that doesn't change anything. I will never leave you, I will never turn my back on you, and I will always be by your side."

"You can't promise that."

"I'll create a Horcrux," Harry said and Tom's eyes snapped open to look at him again, "I'll create multiple if that means I stay with you. I will do anything for you Tom, anything."


"Please Tom, don't throw me away. This doesn't change anything. I am still your Chaos and you are still my Tom, I don't want to change anything and I don't expect anything else from you because I am nothing without you, please." Harry implored looking in to the crimson eyes begging him to see it; Tom closed his eyes again and dropped his head. Finally after a minute the man nodded and Harry sighed in relief, he stepped in to Tom's embrace smiling as Tom's arms came up and pulled him closer.

"You know you will be with me forever." Tom said after a few moments and Harry smiled.

"I wouldn't want anything else."

"You will have to make a Horcrux."

"I'll make 2." Harry replied.

"And you will stay by my side?"


"I wasn't supposed to love you." Tom sighed.

"Nothing goes to plan around me." Harry pointed out and Tom nodded, he pulled Chaos in to the sweetest kiss and Chaos smiled brightly.

"Love you Tom."

"And I you," That was more than enough for him.

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