Chapter One

Ghirahim knelt over the body his sealed master had tossed aside so easily, and swept that pretty dirty blonde hair that wasn't styled neatly at all away from the handsome face. Demise had cursed him with the pleasures of becoming a weapon like he was, and Ghirahim knew from his own that the physical change in the body, mind and soul wasn't that pleasant. A new blade formed within your body and you became the sheath for it. That's what it meant to be a Demon Sword.

The Skychild groaned, his clothes torn and bloody, the Master Sword strewn far away from him. Since it was blessed for him, he would probably be able to place the sword and its female spirit in the pedestal now that he was no longer the hero of myth and legend. The unneeded hero.

Dark eyes roamed over the body. The tunic was slashed totally to shreds in the back, and what remained of the wounds were dried blood on the skin and bloodied clothing. The gashes had healed right up. Demons healed quickly, Demon Swords healed up faster. He should know. He was the only one until this child became one.

There was a chance he would not remember his name, his past or anything, and the Demon Sword made up his mind that he would guide the young demon to place the Master Sword in her resting place, and he would tutor the young man to be one of his rank. Demon Swords had the automatic title of Demon Lord, and Link was not going to tarnish the name by being uncivil in his actions.

The body of the Skychild shifted and Ghirahim held his breath, and he turned his head, rolling over onto his back and grunting in pain, and eyes flickered open. They should have been the shade of the sky, but the change had, well, changed that. They were the shade of the most precious amethysts. His own eyes were like a dark sapphire, that you could almost look at them and say they were black, but they weren't.

The Skychild's new eyes were unfocused and hazy, and pained grunts came from him. His blade was forming inside of him, and it was a long and tedious process. Ghirahim's own was reforming, now that his Master was gone, it would reform in a lighter blade, unless his next Master requested it of him to have a heavier blade. Could Demon Swords wield each other?

He asked that question of what he was when he felt a bond spin between himself and the Skychild. He frowned. Calling him Master was out of the question, as the young man had become the same as him. The demon hummed to himself quietly and watched as the new demon sit up, and his hand flew to his chest.

"Who are you?" His eyes were filled with innocence. he did not remember. He didn't remember who Ghirahim was, who he was. "Who am I?"

"I'll tell you when we get out of here. Can you pick up the sword over there? You may need to use your tunic to protect your hand in case the blade hurts you." Ghirahim softly spoke, reaching out in case the new spirit needed support and he slowly got to his feet.

"Not that dumb, thank you." Ghirahim frowned as the demon picked up the sword with no ill effect on his body and sheathed it like it was second nature. He debated on telling Link his actual name, or giving him a new one, like Demise did for him when he woke. He did regain his human memories after a while, no, Link was not going to experience what he did and pretty much forget who he was, and Ghirahim was going to tell him exactly who he was now.

He took a look around the area. This was where Demise had been sealed for all this time? It was such a beautiful place, and it seemed like a shame to place the brute of a King in this magical area that was so enrapturing to the eyes. But for Link to die in here? It was a fitting place if it cleared as it was the last thing he saw. Some kindness in an otherwise cruel and unfair death. He was just doing what the goddess had jerked him around on her strings of fate for. Poor child.

He cast a spell and created a portal out of the realm they were in. The former hero turned and Ghirahim stood in the portal, reaching out for the other demon. The other slowly walked over and slipped his hand into Ghirahim's. A bright flash of light covered his field of vision and when the stars in his eyes cleared, they were back in the Sealed Grounds.

"Okay, now that we're out of whatever that place was..." The young demon wobbled away like a new animal getting used to its legs, and he turned around and pointed at the other, and he was reminded of the way Demise cursed the former hero. "What the hell is your name? And who and what am I?" He moved his hand to his chest and he couldn't help but be reminded of himself and how fluidly he acted when they had first met.

"My name is Ghirahim." The demon strode towards the other, long legs quickly letting him catch up to the hero. "Your name is Link, and you are a Demon Sword's spirit, like myself. There, happy?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Not really. Where is this?"

"The goddess Hylia's realm, the surface, in the past where my former master had been defeated by you before you became what you are now." Purple eyes flashed in anger as the younger sword glared at him.

"The hell?" He snapped. "And I'm guessing the damned sword you had me pick up is some sort of anti-demon weapon that I shouldn't have been able to pick up?"

"Exactly, but it was blessed for you, or at least, human you." Ghirahim placed a hand on his hip, his eyes half lidded as he stared down at the shorter young man. He tried to remember how old he had been when he had been changed, and he eventually figured out that he wasn't much older than he was, he was nineteen and well out of any bodily changes that came with growing up, where as the hero had been frozen just as he was easing out of it. His voice was evident of that. It had been warm but rough at the same time, and now it was cold.

"Human... me?" He looked down and he looked lost. "So, my name is Link... right?"

Ghirahim nodded, not that the lost spirit could see. "Yes."

"I'm a demon, right?"

"Correct again, Skychild." Damn, there was the nickname he gave him.

"Why did you call me that?" Link looked up, his expression puzzled.

"I'll tell you some other time, sword." The demon's face screwed up and he stuck his tongue out in annoyance at the older demon.

"Don't call me that." He protested, his tone that of a spoiled child that wasn't getting his way. Link had suddenly become a brat, he had been so kind to others before, even if it wasn't specifically to him. They had been enemies after all.

"It is what you are." Ghirahim mused, a half-smile playing on his lips. The demon looked at the hilt of the Master Sword.

The bell-like chime of Fi getting her master's attention rung out in the silence. "Master, I predict with a 100% chance that your body's breakdown has become similar to Ghirahim's. My duty is also done. You need to place the Master Sword in its pedestal in Hylia's Temple."

"Who's that?" Link quietly asked, confusion lighting his eyes, and Ghirahim couldn't help but giggle slightly.

"The spirit of the Master Sword, Fi." Ghirahim simply stated. "Come on, lets go to the temple. You have friends there who you don't remember but they'll most likely attack me out of hostility for what I have done."

"What have you done? Why would they attack you, you look like a good guy." Link's eyebrows pinched together in worry and it was so adorable to see him like so, and he wanted to reach out and pull him close.

There was time for that, they were bound to one another now. Masters of each other.

"It's hard to explain. It was under the command of my former Master. I obeyed my orders, that is all." He felt self conscious about the gashes in his skin, healed up but leaving darker marks across his skin in burns and lacerations from his punishments from not properly carrying out an order given to him by his Master. "And you don't need to worry, he's gone, sealed within that sword of yours that you need to return to its resting place."

The young demon sighed before turning and starting up the spiral on foot, heading towards the Temple of Hylia on instinct it appeared. Ghirahim snapped and appeared at the top in his usual shower of diamonds, and it seemed to shock Link, as he jumped suddenly. Before he lost the memory of who he was, he had become used to the Demon Lord snapping his way around.

"Link, you could have just told me you wanted to get up here. I could have just teleported you up here." Ghirahim shrugged. Link glared daggers before he waltzed up to the heavy stone doors and pushed them open.

"Link!" A feminine voice rang out and the Spirit Maiden ran over and the demon visibly stiffened as she hugged him. "You won!"

"I would advise you step away from him. He doesn't remember anything, I told him his name and what he was. My former master, Demise, cursed him. He's like me now." Ghirahim spoke up and she stepped back and away, her blue eyes trained on him. He touched Link's shoulder and inwardly smiled at the trust that he had already been trusted with.

"Ghirahim!" The boy with the stupid pompadour growled and he walked over. The twig- Impa? Was that her name? Whatever, she was the goddess's dog.- stood over by the Gate of Time's large gear shape as it ground in its turn. The sound was foreign, and it was beautiful in it's own way, and Ghirahim could finally sit and respect the ancient relic. Well, as long as he wasn't run through by Dog or Idiot Hairstyle Boy with a blade or otherwise. "What the hell are you doing here?!"

"I'm simply guiding the wayward new demon here to place the Master Sword in her pedestal and we'll take our leave." Ghirahim gently took Link's hand and led him over to the pedestal, and nodded.

"Go ahead, Link." He waved his hand and the young demon unsheathed the sword, and readied it, placing it in the pedestal. He turned away and looked warily at Ghirahim.

"Can we please go now?" He softly asked, looking around, purple eyes untrusting of the humans at the moment. Ghirahim nodded and a soft smile graced the younger demon's lips. The feeling of safety washed down their bond from him, and Ghirahim pulled Link to him, running a hand soothingly over Link's back. The Goddess Incarnate looked disturbed and scared at the scene before the Skyloftian two and the dog of the goddess.

"Demon? Link's a human!" Stupid Hairstyle Skychild looked shocked, and just took things in, not quite adding two and two yet.

"Link was cursed by my master and he is now the same as I am. A Demon Sword and Demon Lord." Ghirahim tilted his head, tugging Link closer. Why did his body crave the closeness of the hero? All he wanted to do now was to drag the young demon off somewhere safe and hold him to him, so no one would touch his precious Skychild. His Skychild. Only his and no one else's.

Ghirahim tilted his head away from the stupid boy and led Link to the Gate of Time, and he heard Zelda ask Impa about what to do now. Link didn't look back, and as Ghirahim led the new Lord into his new life, Ghirahim felt the rush of relief.

Link didn't regret anything.

Link followed Ghirahim closely, if not right beside him. Everything rushed right by him after he had woken up and the older... demon was it?... had led him to place the weapon that had supposedly belonged to him.

He was escorted from the building they had entered from the large clock like face, the experience of travelling through it was strange. Everything was... foreign but the same. It was aged, and it didn't look like time had been very kind to the structure. He brushed off Ghirahim's arm off of him and when the demon looked at him strangely, Link intertwined his fingers with Ghirahim's.

With Ghirahim, he felt safe. He felt secure and unjudged, and he had kindly told him who and what he was back at... whatever that place had been. Link sighed. He felt like there were other emotions that were directed at Ghirahim, but he had forgotten them, and that scared him a little.

Why did he lose his memory and what was his... sword like? His own sword, the sword he apparently held within himself.

What was he like, truly? What was Ghirahim like?

He probably never knew what he was, and now, the older man was an enigma and a confusing one at that.

"Link?" Ghirahim asked as they set out into the forest. "Are you okay? I get the sense you're worried about something."

"'M just confused. Don't worry, Ghirahim." He turned and looked into the forest. "What is this place?"

"Faron Woods. We first met here." He told him, and he squeezed his hand reassuringly. "Well, in the temple a little ways away from here."

"Can we go there? I want to see it." Link blinked innocently up at Ghirahim, his thoughts humming. Maybe he'd remember something while they were there about his past and what he couldn't remember.

"It protects a holy spring. I'm not sure if the monsters still lurk in the temple itself, but I can teleport us to the room where you first met me." Ghirahim gave him a small smile and Link nodded.

"Then teleport us." Link murmured and Ghirahim snapped with a click of his fingers.

The sense of being torn apart violently and reconstructed harshly left a bitter-sour taste in his mouth and he felt like throwing up what was left in his stomach once he felt solid ground under his feet and he reeled forward. Ghirahim let out a cry and braced him, carefully allowing him to sit down. Link looked around the room. There were pots and remnants of some, evident they had been crushed in a fight. Thick dust on the ground had been disturbed by footsteps of two others.

"What happened here?" He thought he heard the sounds of a fight echoing in his mind, but he could be wrong.

"When we first met, we weren't exactly... Friends." Ghirahim murmured. "You were still new to sword fighting and you were chasing after the Goddess Incarnate, the girl we saw back in the Temple of Hylia in the past. She's probably back in this time now. I was after her too, following my former master's orders to revive him." He was open in his explanation. "Remember anything?"

He focused on the sounds of battle weakly resonating in his head and they intensified. He got the vision of a blue sword and a black one crashing against each other in the heat of battle. "Its just... battle cries and shouts of pain, and swords clashing, that's it."

Ghirahim looked like he was thinking about something intently. "Demonic sword spirits do not remember their human pasts if they were one right away. If they remember anything, its the heat of battle. I could remember only the fights I had gotten into when I had changed." He explained. Why was the demon being so open with him? He was technically a stranger, and Link wouldn't be this open to a stranger.

"Why are you so open?" Link voiced the five words that had been bugging him since he was first told the truth, something nagging him that he was just trying to fool him, and it felt strange.

"I'm not going to let you go through what the Demon King to me and kept my former identity so secret, I didn't find out for myself until after my human memories returned. I'm going to let you know things as early as possible, so you won't turn out like I did." Ghirahim murmured and settled down on the ground beside Link, his red cloak swishing as he moved. He undid the chain across his collarbone and draped the material over Link's shoulders, the collar nestling around his neck. It was soft and secure and smelt like Ghirahim.

Link looked at him confused and the demon leaned in and brushed a kiss to his lips. "We have to get you in better clothing, and you'll probably need a place to stay, now that you're no longer human, you can't quite live like one." The elder smiled.

Link glanced down, and took in the rips and tears of his clothing. Bloodied green cloth had dried to his body. He nodded. "New clothing would be a good idea." The kiss had felt perfect and he pressed a kiss that lingered a little longer on those soft white lips, again, it was perfect.

"Any preference?" Ghirahim asked. "Preference what you would like to wear? I have a full arsenal of outfits I can have modified, or modify myself, for you, that I have never worn, preferring my usual tight clothing and my cloak." He didn't seem phased by the kiss Link just gave him, and he tucked himself closer to Link instead, draping an arm around Link's waist.

"Nothing really, feel free to dress me how you like." Ghirahim smiled and kissed him again.

"Could I put makeup on you? You'd look good with a bit of eyeliner." He whispered, looking excited that Link was letting him dress him.

Link couldn't remember if a male wearing makeup was considered... strange in the culture of the area he came from. He nodded, figuring makeup wouldn't hurt. Ghirahim did look quite attractive with the makeup, but he was probably attractive without.

"Sure, why not?" He shrugged and looked up at the older demon, rubbing his hands together nervously.

"Link? Are you okay? You look... unsettled." Ghirahim murmured, looking at him from under silver eyelashes. Damn, he was gorgeous and all Link wanted to do was kiss him again. He felt something strange moving inside him.

"Something is moving inside me." He muttered.

"What does it feel like?" He was questioned and Link thought for a moment.

"It feels heavy, like something is weighing me down, but I am not heavier than usual." He described the strange phantom feeling.

"Ah," Ghirahim nodded and tugged him close. "That would be your sword. You can sense it at all times, and sometimes it does that. It takes some getting used to, but you have time now that you no longer age."

"Can we go now? Go back to your..." He drifted off.

"Mansion?" Ghirahim finished. Link drew the cloak the demon had placed over his shoulders closer around him, and Ghirahim reached over and did the chain off. "Yes we can, and you look quite attractive in my cloak. You can keep it." He smiled.

"But it's yours-" Link began and Ghirahim shook his head.

"Yours now. It suits you much better than it ever did me." Ghirahim smiled and kissed him again. "I can get a new cloak." He held onto Link and snapped again, and they teleported.

When the ground was solid again, Link was seated on a lush bed, Ghirahim standing in front of him, undoing the cloak and pushing it off his shoulders.

"Arms up." He instructed and Link did so, Ghirahim pulling the torn clothing and chainmail off of him, and looked at his skin. He sighed and snapped, a tweezer in his hand. He pulled at some rings of metal that had embedded into the scar tissue and Ghirahim pulled them free, Link crying out as the skin pulled and tore. He panted when Ghirahim was finished, healing up a few minutes later, as the wounds that were reopened were not that deep, thankfully.

Ghirahim slid Link's boots and pants off, sliding the underwear Link wore off his hips, and Link sat in the nude on the bed, a faint blush on his lips. Ghirahim made a sound of approval as he looked over his body.

"You do have a fine body, Link." He smiled and ran his hand down Link's chest, making him shiver.

"Did you have to strip me?" Link asked mid shiver, those long fingers drifting over his chest again, drifting a little too low for his comfort and he moaned lightly, his lip catching in his teeth.

"I had to see what your body looks like so I can get a good idea of what would look the best on you, little one." He smiled and leaned in for another kiss. Link sighed as he felt something else inside his chest, blooming. It felt wonderful and when he reached along it spiritually, he shivered and Ghirahim too. "Please... Don't do that." He whispered.

"What is that?" He asked him innocently, unsure of many things.

"Its a bond that connects us. I'm not sure why, but it's the same as a Master and Weapon bond. We're both swords, neither of us a demon who can be called master. It's strange." Ghirahim informed him quickly, hesitating.

The new sword blinked a few times. "Bond... What other types are there?"

"There are the typical ones that form between mates, easily broken, and then the Master and Weapon ones which can only break in certain situations, and then the bond between married couples, which is a permanent bond between demons. Breaking that bond results in the loss of life for both parties participating. Before initiating that bond, the demons must consider if they want to be permanently bound to the other for the rest of their existences." Ghirahim sat beside him. "And then there is the contracts between demons and humans, but as a sword, you do not need to worry about that type of bond. It's a servitude bond, much like a Master and Weapon bond. Also, there is the slave bonds. There are many of them out there. The easiest to break are the slave and mate ones. Slave ones can be made more permanent through charms and spells." He reached out and ran his fingers through Link's hair and smiled. "Your hair is quite soft."

Link didn't know what to make of the complement, so he just shrugged his thanks. Ghirahim snapped and a pile of dark material appeared next to them, and Ghirahim handed it to Link. He pulled them apart, a dark top and shorts. He slid them on, and the material gripped his body tightly. Ghirahim smiled his approval.

"That looks much better." He tugged the fabric of the cloak he gave Link back up around his shoulders and did it back up, fixing his hair quickly, and Link could feel his cheeks go a little warmer than they had been a second ago. "And now you look perfect."

The smile on Ghirahim's lips were odd, and Link attempted to dig past the mental barrier separating him from his memories in the search of something that Ghirahim was before. He said they weren't friends before, but he seemed to have changed? Was it their bond that had done so? Or was it something else?

He sighed and shook his head in brief frustration, and he saw Ghirahim's hands wrap around him and pull him close.

"Skychild, are you okay?" He softly asked, and the demon shrugged.

"Just trying to remember what you were like before I lost my memories." He sighed, and the sword spirit hugging him sighed and buried his nose into his hair. He heard him hum and the little tune sounded very familiar to him, but it was something from very fresh memories that had been thrown behind the memory block and all he got was Ghirahim in the cloak he had given Link humming and dancing around...

Dancing around... what?

"Don't worry, Link. You'll remember eventually. It takes time for these things to happen." Ghirahim smiled and kissed him. He looked over his shoulder at a window, the natural light fading.

"It's starting to become night time, and it has been a long day for the both of us. I think it is time for bed." Ghirahim smiled, undoing the cloak again and smiling. He pulled the covers on the bed back, and smiled up at Link. "Would you prefer to sleep in your new clothing, or would you like to sleep without it?"

Link looked down. He didn't feel that embarrassed about if someone saw his body or not, as he had no idea how he slept before and he peeled away the skin tight fabric before slipping between the sheets. Ghirahim smiled and undressed, slipping beside Link and snapping, the lanterns in the room going out and leaving them in almost darkness.

Link hadn't realized how heavy his eyes were until they drooped closed, and he pressed back into Ghirahim, smiling softly in happiness as the Lord's arms tightened around him.

Daylight was the first thing Link woke up to, and the soft breath of the demon sleeping pressed against him ghosting against his neck was the second, his bangs tickling Link's neck and he giggled, attempting to turn around in Ghirahim's arms and getting it on the third try and he kissed Ghirahim's nose. Being loved was something he really liked, even if it wasn't neglected before he lost his memories, but his body felt that he hadn't had this type of affection from anyone ever before.

Link smiled, bowing his head a little and he felt the other stirr.

"Good morning, how are you feeling today?" He heard Ghirahim's sleep roughened voice.

Link's stomach grumbled its needs and Ghirahim laughed. "I think that answers your question. I'm hungry."

"What would you like to have for breakfast?" Ghirahim asked him curiously. Link buried his face in his fellow sword's chest, his eyes squeezed shut.

"What do demons usually have?" He muttered, not wanting to get up, the bed was so comfortable, and he felt like he hadn't had any rest for decades. "I mean, our kind."

"Raw meat and blood." He felt lips graze along his neck, right over his pulse and he swallowed as his bond mate's tongue passed over the skin. "Blood is best fresh... Right from the source." He smirked, lips twitching against Link's neck.

A flash of pain rocked through his neck as Ghirahim bit down, and he let out a small cry of pain. Something was drawn from him, and his face scrunched up in pain. When the demon pulled back, his pale lips coated in a thin layer of crimson, and his tongue licked it off.

"Ow..." Link groaned.

"Sorry, the first time you're bitten hurts the most, but you get used to it." He craned his head, and there across his neck were faint white crescents that littered his grey skin. "It doesn't hurt as much anymore. My former master used to drink my blood quite often... and you're welcome to it." He whispered. Link nodded and reached up, placing his lips on Ghirahim's neck and biting down, breaking skin.

The resulting taste that filled his mouth was wonderful. It tasted a little bitter and sour, but only slightly. He sighed and moaned as he drank from Ghirahim, the blood sliding down his throat, and he pulled back, fulfilled for a little while longer.

Ghirahim fell back. "I don't want to get out of bed... yesterday tired me out to no return..." He gave a light laugh and smiled at Link. "Can we stay in bed?" He asked, a hand running over Link's back, feeling the muscle underneath the skin and rubbed his back. He pressed a lazy kiss to the sword's lips.

"Sure." Link smiled as he tucked himself close to Ghirahim's chest, his eyes closing again as he grinned. "I'm tired too."

"More so than me, as you fought my former Master and you went through the change all in one day. It hurts when the sword forms. It hurts worse when it reforms. You did a number on it and so did my master. It always puts a strain when my blade is fought with too often, the one Demise required of me, but now that I do not have a master anymore, my blade is reshaping to be a lighter one." He smiled and explained. "Well, the bond between us says otherwise, that you are my master and that you require a lighter and strong sword. Your portion probably says the same about me, that I am your master, and I have no idea what the bond requires of your blade to shape."

"How can we find out?" Link shifted back and looked up at dark brown, almost black eyes.

"I thought you didn't want to move." Ghirahim mused as he sat up.

"I want to know what my sword form is like." Link glared at Ghirahim. "Now that you've put the idea in my head, I would like to know!" He crossed his arms and pouted angrily at the older sword. Ghirahim chuckled.

"Well, we'll need to go down to the training room. You up for it? I'll need to perform magic on you and the sword being pulled from you is going to hurt. Your body doesn't want to let go of the blade. It'll be a better option as I can sketch out what your blade looks like and place it back into your body once I'm done."

"What are we waiting for? Lets go to the sparring room then!" Link gave the other a grin and got up. "I want to know what my blade looks like!"