Chapter Two

The two had quickly dressed, well, Ghirahim dressed himself and then pondered over what he should make Link wear, which made Link snicker as he sat naked and Ghirahim paced in thought.

He had finally settled on an outfit that was similar to his own, except the shirt he wore was two shouldered, and the gloves reached up to his wrists, and the spandex material was black. Ghirahim settled his old cloak over his shoulders and kissed his forehead.

"You look very gorgeous, my love." Ghirahim murmured against his brow. "Very gorgeous indeed." He pulled him close and smiled.

He smiled as he started to show Link the way around his new home, the younger demon in awe of the other Lord's abode. "You do realize being a Demon Sword means that you are the other master of this house and its servants, now that you live here." He kept his hand on Link's back, just beneath his shoulder blades.

Link looked up at him in a bit of curiosity and caution."Really?" He asked.

emWhat does that mean? Being a Demon Lord? I'm not sure of what Ghirahim even did before I woke up after my blade formed!/em Link sighed and hung his head slightly, looking at his feet, the spandex gripping his feet. It felt weird but it felt neat at the same time. He pointed out new places to the younger man, occasionally the two poking into the rooms.

Link learned that Ghirahim's favourite rooms were all in his personal quarters: the bathroom, the bedroom and the library.

In the library, name a book and Ghirahim would most likely have it, well, fiction usually. It turns out he was a fan of fantasy, as he mentioned as they continued down to the sparring room. Link smiled as Ghirahim rambled on about a book that was about a pair of sword fighters that fell in love and fought the world together. In the end, one of them died, and the other avenged him before dying himself. Link wondered if that was the type of utter love that Ghirahim wanted in his life, to be so committed for the other that death meant nothing to keep their loved one safe, and then he started to look worried. Ghirahim laughed before he placed a kiss on Link's cheek and murmured loving words about that would never happen, as demons couldn't die easily.

Finally, they arrived at the smaller sparring room, consisting of a rack of swords that Ghirahim noted to the other as ones he crafted, and that even though they weren't as perfect as his other ones, he still used them as practise swords, and he would reteach Link how to fight. He swept the red cloak off of Link's shoulders and dropped it to the clean floor, and pressed his hand to Link's chest and murmured a spell, and pain surged through his chest and he arched in pain, eyes fluttering shut.

When he opened them, he felt different, a little stronger.

"What did you do?" He spoke and the voice that sounded from him resonated as if he was speaking into a metal bowl and he looked at his hands and squeaked in surprise. His hands were black like night and he had white bands running up his arms like some sort of bracelet and he looked over his form, blushing as he realized he was naked, but his... ahem... wasn't out for the world to see, like something was supporting it, which was nice because the lack of support for his manbits was really uncomfortable. He looked over his body, seeing the white bands crossed quite a bit of his body.

"I just shifted you into your spirit form. I need to rip your sword out, and the first time you use your sword form, it needs to be ripped from you. I'm sorry, it's going to hurt." He reached out and brushed a silver diamond on his chest and Link pulled away from him.

"Give me... A minute. I want to look over my body." Ghirahim nodded and the demon stood up, twisting his body this way and that, running fingers over smooth skin, a muted sensation of feeling, he could sense that he was pressing down, but the skin didn't give. It was strange. "Why doesn't my skin dip when I press it?"

"Your skin is supposed to be diamond strong, the only weakness is that diamond on your chest, Link." Ghirahim explained. "It wouldn't bend outside of shifting over muscle and bone." He stood up. "Ready?"

Link took a deep breath before Ghirahim pressed his hand to the silver diamond and his vision went black.

Ghirahim felt bad for placing the spell on Link, but his sword did come free a lot easier than his body playing tug of war with him. He placed the unconscious demon on the floor and snapped, the sword on the ground beside him. He set to work looking over how beautiful the blade was and how he was honoured this one had chosen him.

Link was his servant and his master, and seeing how refined and gorgeous the blade he held was... Ghirahim accepted it.

The blade was thin, much like the Master Sword, the metal a pretty cerulean that faded to black at the hilt. The gem there was green. He set on sketching the blade and how it curved out slightly at the bottom in a small box around an inverted Triforce. There were leaves etched into the metal around it. Ghirahim smiled as he gently touched the leather bound grip of the hilt, the colour the same shade as his eyes had been and now were. The hilt's decoration was plain and simple, but also quite beautiful.

Link's sword was truly a work of art. He sketched out the ivy that wrapped around the wings he had on his blade and Ghirahim had to pull his glove off to run his fingers over the ivy design.

"I thought you being my Skychild... You would have more of a sky theme, but it seems like the forest is your soul's home." He chuckled as he raised the blade skyward, the light surrounding it was unlike Fi's production of blue-purple, or his bright orange. The aura his blade held when a Strike was held up; the spirit needing to be conscious and able to hold up, whereas Demise had been unable to perform the strikes during the final battle, as he had so foolishly sealed him away; was the same colour of green as the gem.

That was behind him now, luckily. He was in the hands of a new Master, and he was so lucky and so strangely bound to another Demon Weapon, but then again, one of them would remain living if their blade was ever destroyed, as they were both master and servant. They would become the master, and they would no longer have a weapon inside them.

For a moment, Ghirahim thought of destroying the beautiful weapon bound to his soul, but a quick glance at Link's form lying so patiently on the ground made him shake his head and stop that train of thought.

The ivy wrapped around the hilt was a soft silver, and it was so beautifully crafted, Ghirahim wanted to hide the blade from the world...

He got to his feet after he finished the sketch, Link's sword in hand. The Demon Lord raised the sword in both hands and stabbed the sword back into the silver diamond, the blade melting back away into Link and Ghirahim waited for Link to wake up so he could perform the spell to let him change back. The first change like this... it had to be done by someone who wasn't the sword. It was because of how the magic needed to grow, and a kind Master's hand was necessary for it.

It was several moments before Link was able to wake up, his blank eyes opening and he tilted his head in a way that his vision was locked on Ghirahim, even though he couldn't really tell, but the focus of those orbs... he knew.

"What does my sword look like?" He softly asked, and Ghirahim leaned over and gave him a kiss, a hand on his diamond, and he felt the diamond recede, flesh tone appearing in diamonds across his skin, and Link looked away, and when he looked back, purple irises had appeared back in his eyes, yet they were also way darker than they had been before, something Demon Weapons eyes did. They took the original colour and added a shit ton of black to it.

Pardon his Hylian.

Well, not that much, but enough to dim the brightness and darken it enough. They looked more like Ghirahim's, when he looked in a mirror, the lack of a prominent shine in his eye. White hair changed back to light brown and softened up the rigid shape it had taken.

Link smiled, and he was taken.

Link sat up and Ghirahim flashed a drawing in front of his face. It wasn't coloured, but it was so well drawn and he covered his mouth with his hands as he gasped.

The drawing of his sword was so damn pretty, and he ran his finger along the hilt.

"What colour is the blade?" He asked Ghirahim, and the other demon filled in all of the wonderful details about the sword he held in his body, and several times he blushed and gasped at the description and comparing it to Ghirahim's wonderful drawing of his blade.

"It's gorgeous..." He looked up and gave Ghirahim a hug. "Thank you."

"I will do anything for you. I love you." Ghirahim stroked down his back. "I promise to keep you safe until I can teach you magic and sword fighting and all sorts of skills you will need because of your status. People human and demonic alike will be out to get your head. And demons will not hesitate to force you to your knees and reform that pretty blade of yours and seal you inside that weapon, or use you as a toy." His voice became dark and dangerous. Link flinched at the warning, and his hands went up to grip at Ghirahim's arms, his face stretched in a worried expression. He was terrified of the unknown with what he was now, and what he once was.

Those memories were buried, and he so desperately wanted to taste what he had once been. He wanted to know, he wanted to know everything about his past.

Why was all he knew so painful and lonely? Like he didn't have a single person beside him, and why was that past he knew bloody and violent? What was he before? Would he ever know what he was, other than the obvious?

Ghirahim must have sensed his thoughts- thank a higher figure if there was one for that wonderful golden bond they now shared- and his grip around him shifted, lips going right for his neck. "You'll know in time." He murmured. "You were alone before, you poor thing, but you won't be anymore. I will be at your side as your Master and Weapon." Ghirahim smiled kindly.

"Thank you." Link whispered.

Ghirahim sat on the chair in the dining room, his plate full of delicious slices of meat that had been sliced up, and he carefully cut his serving into bites and chewed, looking over at Link

"What's wrong?" He softly asked and his bondmate looked up in surprise.

"I don't... what is this stuff?" Dark violet eyes looked down, pretty purple studying the dark wood of the long table.

"Meat." Ghirahim simply answered as he placed another mouthful on his tongue.

"I know that much." Link glared, crossing his arms, the smaller demon appearing smaller in the cloak. "What emtype/em is the meat?" He seemed extremely annoyed. Ghirahim giggled.

"Beef and some human." He pushed his plate away when Ghirahim said human and shook his head.

"I'm not eating that stuff. Not human, no!" He protested and Ghirahim walked over, cutting a piece of lighter meat up and placing it in front of Link's lips. He glared and Link opened his mouth tentatively, letting Ghirahim place the meat in his mouth.

"See? Not that bad." He smiled after the young demon had chewed and swallowed. "How does it taste?"

"..." He hesitated at first. "It's a little... strange."

"Human flesh does do that at first." He stabbed another piece and offered it to Link. The demon seemed like he was quicker to accept the meat than before and his eyes flicked closed as the demon savoured the taste.

"It's... good... I can't get the feeling of cannibalism out of my head though." Link admitted and Ghirahim sat down.

"Cannibalism only applies to members of the same species, say if you ate a servant -which I very much advise not to, we are a little short staffed from my temper tantrums- that would be cannibalism." He gave Link a small smile. "The feeling will go away in a couple of weeks while you adjust to the culture and diet of a demon." His lips stretched in a kind smile as he continued to eat his own food.

Link nodded and started to eat on his own, and sooner or later, both of the demons finished their lunch, as after Link could move around again, Ghirahim had taught Link a basic offensive skill and the two spent a bit of time crafting knife after knife. Link had managed to create a couple of ones that Ghirahim launched to test, and they stuck well into the target. He had given Link a sloppy kiss, and they stopped there.

Now that they had finished, Ghirahim was trying to figure out what to do next, and he sat there, looking at Link's eyes as the other glanced around the room.

"It's really pretty here." He smiled.

"It's your home now." Ghirahim reminded him and the smile seemed to grow.

"I know! Thank you for letting me stay here with you." Link smiled and got up. "What now?"

The young demon seemed to have a lot of energy and Ghirahim chuckled briefly. "I have no idea, Link."

"Any way to unseal my memories? I want to know... I want to know what I was once... Please?" Link admitted and walked to his bondmate. "Ghirahim, please! I want to know... I crave it!" His tone had gotten desperate, along with the light in his eyes. He wasn't exactly sane at the moment, and Ghirahim could understand the desperation of finding something and he placed a hand on Link's shoulder. The younger sword froze up and stared down at the seated Demon Lord.

"I do not know how to lift the mental barrier shrouding you from your memories, Link, but I do know that they will come back within the next two or three years. Maybe even one year if you're lucky." Ghirahim pulled the smaller man into his lap and gave him a slightly sloppy kiss on the cheek. Link squirmed and giggled, but Ghirahim wouldn't let him go, chuckling to himself.

"How long was it for you?" Link looked up, kissing Ghirahim softly on the lips.

"Two years. You may be different. You are the only other Demon Sword in existence." He stroked Link's face tenderly. "I've promised before, and I'm promising again. I'm never going to let anyone hurt you again, not if I can help it. If one of our blades have to be destroyed... I'd rather it be yours. That gorgeous work is mine and mine alone to wield. No one will have you but me."

"Assertive, are we?" Link grinned and clung to Ghirahim, and the way one hand drifted down to clutch at sensitive skin made the elder shiver.

"Sensitive there. Stop unless you want me to pull every bit of spandex off you and do you over the table." Ghirahim growled and playfully bit at Link's neck. His breath hitched and the reaction was beautiful. He continued to nip up that column of pale flesh, Link's breath catching in his throat every few breaths, and a low moan and a whine of pleasure sounded from his beautiful lips.

"That sounds like a great idea, don't make me pursue it, you attractive fool." Link laughed cooly as Ghirahim seductively moved his lips over the skin that was revealed to him.

Ghirahim smirked as Link squeezed his rear again and he stood up and carried Link off to their bedroom, humming to himself as he kissed Link, gloves coming off first, and it left a slow trail into the room.

Needless to say, both of them were only in their underwear by the time that they got to bed.

Link woke up, sated and happy. He lay beside Ghirahim, snuggling into his bare warmth, and the stirring that Link was causing had alerted Ghirahim to his wakefulness.

"Morning, how you feel?" His voice was rough, and his sentence was that of someone who had had sex until some early hour of the morning and fell asleep soon after and was just waking up. Which he was.

"I feel great. A little sore." He chuckled as he pressed his face closer to the demon's chest.

"First time I take it?" Ghirahim asked, tiredly chuckling, Link looked up to see that his beautiful dark eyes were closed, the purple shadows under his eyes smudged. It was a shame to see the pretty colour all smeared out of location. Link shrugged.

"The first time I remember, that's for certain." He sprawled against the other Demon Lord and grinned. "But I think it's my first time at all."

Ghirahim smiled and opened his eyes, pressing a kiss to Link's lips. Link giggled. "Well, that's good. I got to take it."

Link wound a hand into his bangs, kissing him on the diamond on his cheek. Ghirahim smiled and stretched up a bit, pressing one to his own. Ghirahim hugged him. "Who knew in a few days, the two of us could go from not really knowing each other, well at least you not really knowing me, to being this close and open."

"It's the bond." Link blamed it with a smile on his lips, and the demon under him laughed again.

"I guess you're just that loveable." Ghirahim smiled and kissed him.

Dark bands wrapped around him, pinning him down, a great scaled hand reaching down and drawing a diamond out from his chest, pain welling through his body as he wished that it wouldn't betray him and change, but he did.

Dark laughter filled his ears and Ghirahim flinched as that hand massaged the diamond, before they smashed their fist in. A gasp tore itself from his mouth and his body arched up, arched away, writhing, wanting that hand out. The hand felt around and grasped something within him.

Link's sword! That was his!

He looked up into the face of Demise, that smashed in face of his he wore after he had been unsealed was twisted in a sick grin and morphed with the more handsome and humanoid face he had before Hylia sealed him. His mouth ran dry as the thick blade was pulled from his chest, and he couldn't help but scream in fear.

With failing attempts, he flailed his hands with no success and his conscious faded as Demise wielded that sword and turned on a green figure on the edge of his vision.

"Link... Run!" Ghirahim whispered. He clutched a precious blade, his own beautiful one, and Demise laughed as the sword shattered and Link collapsed.

"Die, both you and your pathetic little lover of an excuse for a demon sword!" Demise laughed as Ghirahim's vision faded to black.

He sat upright, hand flying around the sheets of the bed and not feeling Link at all. He looked down, the covers flung back and the sheets rumpled. Panic filled his body.

"Ghirahim? What's wrong?" Link's soft and beautiful voice filled his ears, and he was overtaken by relief as he looked up.

"Where did you go?" He looked wound up from his nightmare. His voice was strained with worry. His lover's eyes softened and he gave him a kiss.

"Bathroom. Why are you so freaked out?" Link rubbed his cheek soothingly and Ghirahim shook, pulling him onto the bed and wrapping his arms around the younger. He felt like the only way to keep him safe was to let Link never leave his side.

"Nightmare. You died in it, your blade shattered and Demise was back and he pulled my blade out and I died and then I woke up..." Ghirahim sniffed as he buried his face into Link's soft hair, shaking. "I'm so scared of loosing you, please don't leave me..." Tears gathered in his eyes, and he felt Link push him down and cover him up with blankets, snuggling close to reassure him.

"I won't leave you. I promise you that. If I die, I'll wait for you in the afterlife, no matter how long it is to wait for you." Link assured him, his hand stroking down Ghirahim's chest reassuringly, and he rested his head over his heart. Ghirahim soon fell asleep, pulling Link closer, arms tight around him in his sleep.

The next time he woke up, Link was already up, violet eyes looking up into his own. "How did you sleep this time? Did you have another dream?" It was the younger sword's turn to be worried.

"I had none, it's nothing to fret about, Link." Ghirahim smiled as he pressed a kiss to his forehead. The younger demon sighed as he relaxed into the grasp of the millennia old demon.

"How old are you? I don't think I ever knew that about you." Link's inquiry was out of the blue.

"Three thousand and nineteen years." Ghirahim murmured to the former hero.

Link glared. "Physically." He smacked his hand playfully, joyful light in his eyes. Ghirahim rolled his eyes and gave Link a look, earning a second smack on the hand for his troubles.

"I'm eighteen physically." To that, Link tilted his head. He looked like he was trying to sift through his memories to find out what his age was, but the barrier on his memories, the far kinder ones, didn't let them through, just the ones that called to the weapon, the dark thoughts of spilling blood and other... darker desires that demons indulged in. It was always cruel to remember nothing of the life you once led and only knowing the fights you had, even only a few without bloodshed, it was natural for a newly formed Demon Weapon's mind to conjure the illusion that they had drawn blood to kick start the natural bloodlust.

"I can't remember my age." Link looked down, an upset expression etched into his pretty face. He looked almost about to cry because of it, and Ghirahim tilted his head up, smoothing down soft hair with his bare hand.

"You look a little younger than me, if not the same age. I've always looked a little older than my actual age." Ghirahim murmured as he kissed Link softly. "So you're probably around eighteen."

Link nodded. "I'll go with that then..." He sniffed and buried his head in Ghirahim's chest, shaking.

Moodswing. Ouch.

Ghirahim sighed as he rubbed his hands down Link's back. "It's okay, love, it's fine, calm down..." He pressed a kiss to the crown of his head again, soothingly and reassuringly.

There was a loud noise coming from the entrance hall of the mansion and Link's eyes shot wide and away from Ghirahim, a blade appearing instinctually in his hands and his form was that of a wounded animal, hunched over itself for protection. Ghirahim got up and snapped, clothing appearing on both of them and down to where the noise originated from.

A tall woman stood with a displeased expression on her face. Ghirahim lifted a black blade and pointed it at her.

"Who are you?" Ghirahim demanded in a stern tone. She held her hands up, expression cold under long blue hair, her eyes blank.

"I mean you no harm, Ghirahim. I am Fi. Fioran to be exact, the demon separated from the Fi you know as the spirit of the Master Sword. Her Grace intended the Master Sword to be more human and be able to sympathize with her Chosen Hero, but when she saw that the humanity of her and all the little flaws made the metal of her sword weaker, she cast those flaws away and left me behind. Fira was the one who was left perfect and flawless, while I became the demon opposite of her, even though you as the spirit of the Hellbound Sword was truly her opposite."

Ghirahim's teeth ground against each other as he sharply glared at the woman. "I am no longer the Hellbound Sword. That blade was broken and I'm under new management."

"You do realize since he defeated your master, he's King." Fioran looked over at Link and tutted to herself quietly. "His eyes are darker, what happened to him?" She asked.

"Demise cursed him. He's a Demon Sword now, and we've got some strange emhe's my master and I'm his/em thing going on." Ghirahim growled and moved towards Link to protect him if need-be.

"He is still the King, no matter what you say." The demon turned, her hands at her sides. "But heed my warning, there is a greater force than either of you can imagine, and his life will be at stake unless both of you get stronger. You're going to have to destroy his capability of being a sword spirit, Ghirahim."

Ghirahim's eyes widened as Fioran jumped and landed where she had barged into the mansion in the first place, the trees visible from outside. "Will we see you again?"

"I've allied myself with you. I'll be seeing you now and then, my Lord and my King." She glanced at both of them before launching off the sill into the daylight.

Ghirahim wondered why Link felt so familiar to him when he woke up with the former hero in his arms, he knew Hylia had a hero before him, but he couldn't remember much and the first hero was something that left gaping holes in his memory.

What was Link to him, and did he know him from before?

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